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Official witnesses before Australian Parliamentary Committees-Govt Guidelines 1915

The Guidelines are designed to assist departmental and agency officials, statutory office holders and the staff of statutory authorities in their dealings with the parliament. The term ‘official’ is used throughout the Guidelines; it includes all persons employed by the Commonwealth who are undertaking duties within a Commonwealth department or agency (whether employed under the Public Service Act 1999 or other legislation) and those in government business enterprises, corporations and companies.

Parliamentary privilege: immunities and powers of the House

The term “privilege”, in relation to parliamentary privilege, refers to an immunity from the ordinary law which is recognised by the law as a right of the Houses and their members. Privilege in this restricted and special sense is often confused with privilege in the colloquial sense of a special benefit or special arrangement which gives some advantage to either House or its members. Privileges in the colloquial sense, however useful or well-established they might be, have nothing to do with immunities under the law. The word “immunity” is best used in relation to privilege in the sense of immunity under the law, and is used here.

Australian Federal Police Act 1979

The Commissioner and any Deputy Commissioner are members of the Australian Federal Police. Under Division 2 of Part IV, the Commissioner may declare AFP employees to be members and certain members may be declared to be commissioned police officers. Under Division 1 of Part II, members provide police services and that Division also deals with powers of members.

Death Penalty Abolition Act 1973 -Australia

Whereby any law referred to in subsection 3(2) (including a provision that would, but for this Act, have effect by virtue of such a law) it is provided that a person is liable to the punishment of death, the reference to the punishment of death shall be read, construed and applied as if the penalty of imprisonment for life were substituted for that punishment.