A court should not enlarge the scope of the legislation

it is not the duty of the court either to enlarge the scope of the legislation or the intention of the legislature when the language of the provision is plain and unambiguous. The court cannot rewrite, recast or reframe the legislation for the very good reason that it has no power to legislate. The power to legislate has not been conferred on the courts. The court cannot add words to a statute or read words into it which are not there.

Judges (Sub-ordinate) Rating System in West Bengal

The rating system refers to the evaluation parameters in relation to the quantitative workload of judicial officers. The rating system prevalent in a State prescribes the quantitative benchmark that is expected of judicial officers and how they are rated for the workload achieved by them.

Judges (Protection) Act 1985

Nothing in sub-section (1) shall debar or affect in any manner the power of the Central Government or the State Government or the Supreme Court of India or any High Court or any other authority under any law for the time being in force to take such action (whether by way of civil, criminal, or departmental proceedings or otherwise) against any person who is or was a Judge.

How do judges decide disputes?

The judge oversees the proceedings, keeping order in the courtroom and ensuring the case runs smoothly. Sometimes the judge takes on the role of an umpire, resolving disputes that arise over the law and how a case should proceed. The judge decides whether evidence is relevant to the issues before the court and, if it is not, will prevent it from being used.