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Kali Shankar Ganguly vs Lalit Kumar Agarwala & Ors-20/04/2017

Therefore, in view of the result of the examination of the entire materials on record since the L.C.R. is made available before this Court, it is held that in the decision making process both the courts respectively in Misc. Appeal and Misc. Case did not commit any jurisdictional error, illegality or perversity in declining the right of pre-emption sought for by the petitioner on the ground of adjoining land owner, and in such loosely conducted game the petitioner cannot expect any success, when the law in the field demands its requirements in some other way, which are absent with the petitioner.

Classes of tenants

There shall be, for the purpose of this Act, the following classes of tenants, (namely) :— (1) tenure-holders, including under-tenure-holders, (2)raiyats, and (3) under-raiyats, that is to say, tenants holding whether immediately […]