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Muslim Law Concepts

 Islamic jurisprudence-Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) has developed from four roots (usul al-fiqh):- (1) The Quran; (2) the hadis3 or sunna; (3) Ijma4;; and (iv) Qiyas5. Employing these usul al-fiqh, the ulema (the learned) conducted a scientific and systematic inquiry. This is known as the process of ijtihad.


The marriage under Muhammadan law is in the nature of a contract and as such requires the free and unfettered consent of the parties to it. Normally speaking, a man and a woman should conclude the contract between themselves but in the case of minors i.e., who have not attained the age of puberty as recognised by Muhammadan law, the contract might be entered into by their respective guardians

Union cabinet approved Triple Talaq Ordinance-makes it punishable offence

September 19, 2018 :- In a News brief the law minister said :

Ravi Shankar Prasad:

‘We have approved the ordinance on Triple Talaq’

‘We came to know about 430 Triple Talaq cases, 239 before the judgement and 201 after the judgement’

‘We always tried to have a word with Congress on this issue. I tried to have a word with Ghulam Nabi Azad five times but he refused to take any decision on this’

‘Sonia Ji being distinguished women leader did not take any action on this issue and she never supported us due to vote bank politics. I approached them 5-6 times’

‘Women of the Muslim community are helpless in our country. We came to know that major cases are coming from Uttar Pradesh. There was an urgency to bring this ordinance’

‘Under this ordinance, only the woman (victim) or her blood relatives can register a case’

‘Magistrate can appoint a bail but after consultations of the victim’

‘Mothers are entitled for maintenance of herself as well as her children from the accused with consultation of the magistrate’

‘Appeal to Sonia Ji, Mamata Ji, Mayawati Ji that you should think about humanity and not about vote bank politics’

Muslim Means

‘Muslim’ means a person who believes in the Unity and oneness of Almighty Allah, His angels, the Books of Allah, the Holy Quran being the last of them, His prophets, the absolute finality of […]