The Rules of the High Court at Calcutta, Original Side 1914

Chapter I Persons Entitled to Appear and Plead on the Original Side
Chapter II Attorneys
Chapter III Holdings of Courts, Vacations, Holidays
Chapter IV the Officers: Records and Certified Copies: Communications: the Registrar: the Seal: Oaths: Register of Work: Translations
Chapter V Exercise of Original Jurisdiction: Composition of Courts : Exercise of Disciplinary Jurisdiction
Chapter VI Chamber Business
Chapter VII Institution of Suit
Chapter VIII Writ, Summons, Process
Chapter IX Written Statement and Set-Off
Chapter X Lists of Suits, Etc
Chapter XI Discovery: Inspection: Interrogatories
Chapter XII Commercial Suits, Summary Suits, Pauper Suits
Chapter XIII Originating summons

Chapter XIII Summary Procedure  in suit to recover Debts or liquidated demands or Immovable property
Chapter XIV Proceedings at the Hearing of Suits
Chapter XV Affidavits
Chapter XVI Judgments, Decrees and Orders
Chapter XVII Execution of Decrees and Orders
Chapter XVIII Garnishee Proceedings
Chapter XIX Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind
Chapter XX Motions and Rules Nisi
Chapter XXI Receivers
Chapter XXII Commissions to Examine Witnesses
Chapter XXIII Arbitration
Chapter XXIV Money Rules
Chapter XXV the Sheriff
Chapter XXVI Reference
Chapter XXVII Sales by the Registrar
Chapter XXVIII Rules Under Section 104 of the Transfer of Property Act (IV of 1882) and With Reference to Order XXXIV of the Code
Chapter XXIX Rules Under Section 51 of the Specific Relief Act (1 of 1877)
Chapter XXX Rules Under Section 50 of the Guardians and Wards Act (VIII of 1890)
Chapter XXXI Appeals to a Division Bench

Chapter XXXIA Reference to a Full Bench
Chapter XXXII -XXXIII [Del]
Chapter XXXIV References from the Calcutta Court of Small Causes and Revision
Chapter XXXV Testamentary and Intestate Jurisdiction
Chapter XXXVI Taxation
Chapter XXVIII Miscellaneous Matters
Chapter XXXIX Assessors in Suits of Salvage, Towage or Collision
Chapter XL General Rules
Appendices (Part I) Forms and Certain miscellaneous Matters


BULLET 2Letters Patent of 1865

BULLET 2Writ Rules u/a 226

BULLET 2Contempt Rule 1975

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