Lord Mountbatten’s radio broadcast transfer of power to Indian hands-04/06/1947

The solution to this dilemma, which I put forward, is that his Majesty’s Government should transfer power now to one or two governments of British India each having Dominion status as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made. This I hope will be within the next few months. I am glad to announce that his Majesty’s Government have accepted this proposal and are already having legislation prepared for introduction in Parliament this session. As a result of these decisions the special function of the India Office will no longer have to be carried out, and some other machinery will be set up to conduct future relations between his Majesty’s Government and India.


The Reserve Bank of India and the Bank of England shall consult together at agreed intervals in order to establish by reference to the best statistical data available to them the net capital movement from India to the other countries of the sterling area, or vice versa as the case may be, resulting from the agreed transfers of capital.

U.S. Recognition of Indian Independence- 1947

The formal process that led to Indian independence began with a report that the British government issued on May 16, 1946, which recommended the formation of an interim government in India to devise a constitution as part of a process by which India would achieve independence from Great Britain. An Interim Government of India was formed on September 2, 1946, and this is the government with which the United States established diplomatic relations prior to formal Indian independence

Israel between 1947-1974

HIGHLIGHTS OF MAIN EVENTS, 1947-1974 1947 2 April Britain requests special session of the General Assembly to consider future government of Palestine. 28 April General Assembly meets in special session. 15 May General Assembly establishes a Special Committee on Palestine…

Pakistan and Afghanistan two sister nations-Speech of Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 03/12/1947

PAKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN TWO SISTER NATIONS Reply to the Speech made by Sardar Najibullah Khan, Special Representative of H.M. the King of Afghanistan in Pakistan at the time of Presenting Credentials to the Quaid-i-Azam on 3rd December, 1947 Your Excellency,…

Constitution of Republic of China (Taiwan)-1947

The Republic of China, founded on the Three Principles of the People, shall be a democratic republic of the people, to be governed by the people and for the people.The sovereignty of the Republic of China shall reside in the whole body of citizens.


The Prime Minister (Mr. Attlee) I desire to make an important statement on Indian policy. A similar statement is being made at the same time in another place, and by the Viceroy in New Delhi. The statement, in the form of a White Paper, will be available this afternoon.