European Public Prosecutor’s Office Implementation Act-2021

When performing its duties, the European Public Prosecutor's Office must, unless otherwise stated in the EPPO or the provisions of this Federal Act, proceed in accordance with the general provisions on criminal proceedings and in the cases of Art. 30 Paragraphs 2 and 3 EUStA-VO to observe the prerequisites and conditions for the ordering and implementation of investigative measures and for taking evidence according to national regulations.

The Judiciary of Austria

Jurisdiction Under 1945 Constitution Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people. Austria is a federal state.  It is up to the Constitutional Court to monitor compliance with the constitution. Due to its task as a “constitutional…

Basic Law on General Rights of Nationals in Kingdoms and Länder- 1867- Austria

Basic Law of 1867 Date: 22.12.1867   taatsgrundgesetz vom 21. December 1867, über die allgemeinen Rechte der Staatsbürger für die im Reichsrathe vertretenen Königreiche und Länder – StGG Basic Law of 21 December 1867 on the General Rights of Nationals…

Our enemy Islamic extremism targets our values and constitution -Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’

Our enemy, Islamic extremism, that targets all our values and our constitution, does not only intend to cause death and pain – it also intends to divide our society. And this, we will not allow. We will not give room for their hatred. Our enemies never are the members of an entire religion. Our enemies never are all people coming from one certain country. No, our enemies are extremists and terrorists. There is definitely no place for them in our society. Because in our free society, there is no tolerance for intolerance.