Legal Tender – by James Bradley Thayer

The questions present themselves, Can Congress emit bills? Can it make them a legal tender? Can it make anything else a legal tender? In answer to the last of these questions, all agree that Congress can make coin a legal tender,—any coin. It is not restricted to its own coin; and it is not restricted to gold and silver. The power to do this is fairly, although not necessarily, implied in that of coining and regulating the value of coin.

15th Finance Commission of India submitted its report with 117 core recommendations

The Report of the Fifteenth Finance Commission DATED: 01 FEB 2021 Finance Commission The Fifteenth Finance Commission (XVFC)’s ToR was unique and wide-ranging in many ways. The Commission was asked to recommend performance incentives for States in many areas like…

15th Finance Commission submitted its report to President Kovind

This Report has been organised in four volumes. Volume I and II, as in the past, contain the main report and the accompanying annexes. Volume III is devoted to the Union Government and examines key departments in greater depth, with the medium-term challenges and the roadmap ahead. Volume IV is entirely devoted to the States. The Commission has analysed the finances of each State in great depth and has come up with State-specific considerations to address the key challenges that individual States face.

Dept of Expenditure(FM) permitted 20 States to raise of Rs.68,825 Cr through open market borrowings 

Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance Date: 13 OCT 2020 The Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, has today granted permission to 20 States to raise an additional amount of Rs.68,825 crore through open market borrowings. Additional borrowing permission has…

Legal tender in USA

United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues.

Standard weight in USA

The standard troy pound of the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the Department of Commerce shall be the standard used to ensure that the weight of United States coins conforms to specifications

Decimal system: U.S Money

United States money is expressed in dollars, dimes or tenths, cents or hundreths, and mills or thousandths. A dime is a tenth of a dollar, a cent is a hundredth of a dollar, and a mill is a thousandth of a dollar.