Current Affairs & Pakistan Affairs

Q.1 The US relations with China on several counts are on the downhill and may slide further. How would this impact Pakistan-US relations? Discuss with arguments.

Q.2 China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a strategic partnership between the two countries. What benefits would accrue to both countries?

Q.3 The relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are deteriorating. How Pakistan can play an important role to reduce this tension

Q.4 Implementation of Pakistan Counter-Terrorism Policy is mostly based on the National Action Plan (NAP). Analyse implementation of this plan comprehensively with your recommendations.

Q.5 Aligarh movement played a pivotal role in awakening Muslims of India. What role it played in the creation of Pakistan.

Q.6 What are the major problems being faced by GB in sectors of education and health. Give your recommendations to mitigate the obstacles.

Q.7 What are key security challenges being faced by Pakistan ? Give your recommendations to overcome the constraints.

Q.8 Unemployment or underemployment is a major problem being faced by the young population of Pakistan. What steps the government is taking to address this challenge. Discuss comprehensively.