Uber Creates Taxonomy of sexual assaults in vehicles

Uber Technologies Inc. in a  53-page report released on November 12, 2018, written by experts at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Urban Institute, offers 21 distinct categories, from “staring or leering” to “non-consensual penetration.”

Sexual misconduct

Staring or leering
Comments or gestures: asking personal questions
Comments or gestures: comments about appearance
Comments or gestures: flirting
Comments or gestures: explicit gestures
Comments or gestures: explicit comments
Displaying indecent material
Indecent photography without consent
Soliciting sexual content
Masturbation / indecent exposure
Verbal threat of sexual assault

Sexual assault

Attempted touching: non-sexual body part
Attempted kissing: non-sexual body part
Attempted touching: sexual body part
Attempted kissing: sexual body part
Non-consensual touching: non-sexual body part
Non-consensual kissing: non-sexual body part
Attempted non-consensual sexual penetration
Non-consensual touching: sexual body part
Non-consensual kissing: sexual body part
Non-consensual sexual penetration