Employment Law in India

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Development of Employment Law in India
Chapter 2 Institutions of Employment Law
Chapter 3 Human Rights in Employment Law
Chapter 4  Employment Contract
Chapter 5 Legal Rights of  Workers in India
Chapter 6 Continuity of Employment and Transfer of Undertakings
Chapter 7 Termination of the Contract
Chapter 8 Equality Law
Chapter 9 Disability Discrimination
Chapter 10 Family-Friendly Rights
Chapter 11 Minimum  Wages  and Remuneration
Chapter 12 Statutory Regulation of Working Time and Rights to Time Off Work
Chapter 13 Health and Safety of Employer
Chapter 14 Health and Safety – Statutory Duty
Chapter 15 Trade Union Law
Chapter 16 Trade Union Law and Industrial Action
Chapter 17 Immigration and Employment Law
Chapter 18 Dispute Resolution  Mechanism