State Laws

Punjab State Acts

Armed Forces (Punjab and Chandigarh) Special Powers Act,1983
Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (Second Amendment) Act, 2006
Capital of Punjab (Development and Regolation) Act, 1952
Colonization of Government Lands (Punjab) Act, 1912
East Punjab (Exchange of Prisoners) Act, 1948
East Punjab (Removal of Religious and Social Disabilities) Act, 1948
East Punjab Agricoltural Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds) Act, 1949
East Punjab Armed Bands (Arrest and Detention) Act, 1947
East Punjab Children Act, 1949
East Punjab Conservation of Firewood Supplies Act, 1949
East Punjab Conservation of Manure Act, 1949
East Punjab Control of Bricks Supplies Act,1949
East Punjab Cotton (Statistics) Act, 1948
East Punjab Damaged Areas Act, 1949
East Punjab Displaced Persons (Land Resettlement) Act, 1949
East Punjab Drugs (Control) Act, 1949
East Punjab Enumeration of Dwelling Act, 1948
East Punjab Essential Services (Maintenance) Act, 1947
East Punjab Extension of Limitation Act, 1947
East Punjab Factories (Control of Dismantling) Act, 1948
East Punjab Holding (Consolidation and Prevention of Fragmentation) Act 1948
East Punjab Improved Seeds and Seedlings Act, 1949
East Punjab Minister’s Salaries Act, 1947
East Punjab Molasses (Control) Act, 1948
East Punjab Movable Property (Requisitioning) Act, 1947
East Punjab Police (Protection of Railways) Act, 1947
East Punjab Refugees (Registration of Claims) Act, 1948
East Punjab Refugees (Registration of Land Claims) Act, 1948
East Punjab Refugees Rehabilitation (Building and Building Sites) Act, 1948
East Punjab Refugees Rehabilitation (House-Building Loans) Act, 1948
East Punjab Refugees Rehabilitation (Loans and Grants) Act, 1948
East Punjab Special Tribunal (Continuance) Act, 1948
East Punjab Tractor Coltivation (Recovery of Charges) Act, 1949
East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949
East Punjab Utilization of Lands Act, 1949
East Punjab Volunteers Corps Act, 1947
East Punjab War Awards Act,1948
Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948
Essential Commodities Act, 1955
Evacuee Interest (Separation) Act, 1951
Evacuee Interest (Separation) Supplementary Act, 1953
Good Conduct Prisoners’ Probational Release Act, 1926
Guru Nanak University Amritsar Act, 1969
Haryana and Punjab Agricoltural Universities Act, 1970
Indian Easements (Punjab Extension) Act, 1961
Land Acquisition (East Punjab Amendment) Act,1948
Land Acquisition (Punjab Amendment) Act,1953
Land Acquisition (Punjab Amendment) Act,1962
Land Acquisition (Punjab Amendment) Act,1969
Land Acquisition (Punjab Second Amendment) Act,1956
Land Improvement Loans Act, 1883
Local Authorities Loans Act, 1914
Lovely Professional University Act, 2005
Nangal Township (Periphery) Control Act, 1958
Payment of Wages Act, 1936
Pepsu Abolition of Ala Malikiyat Rights Act, 1954
Pepsu General Clauses Act, 1954
Pepsu Occupancy Tenants (Vesting of Proprietary Rights) Act, 1954
Pepsu Tenancy and Agricoltural Land Act, 1955
Pepsu Townships Development Board Act, 1954
Provincial Insolvency Act, 1920
Punjab (Institutions and Other Buildings) Tax Act, 2011
Punjab Abolition of Ala Malikiyat and Talukadari Right Act, 1952
Punjab Abolition of Village Cess (Kuri Kamini) Act, 1950
Punjab Abolition of Village Cess (Malba) Act, 1961
Punjab Abolition of Whipping Act, 1957
Punjab Acreage Rates Act, 1952
Punjab Aerial Ropeways Act, 1926
Punjab Affiliated Colleges (Security of Service) Amendment Act, 2007
punjab agricoltural credit operations and miscellaneous provisions (banks) act 1978
Punjab Agricoltural Produce Markets (Validation) Act, 1953
Punjab Agricoltural Produce Markets (Validation) Act, 1955
Punjab Agricoltural Produce Markets Act, 1961
Punjab Aided Schools (Security of Service) Act, 1969
Punjab Anatomy Act, 1963
Punjab ancient and historical monuments and archaeological sites and remains act 1964
Punjab Apartment Ownership Act, 1995
Punjab Ayurvedic and Unani Practitioners Act, 1963
Punjab Backward Class (Grant of Loans) Act, 1957
Punjab Bhudan Yagna Act, 1955
Punjab Borstal Act, 1926
Punjab Cattle Fairs (Regolation) Act, 1967
Punjab Cinemas (Regolation) Act, 1952
Punjab Cinemas (Regolation) Act,1952
Punjab Co-operative Societies Act, 1961
Punjab Co-operative Sugar Mills (Further Extension of Tenure of Boards) Act,1959
Punjab Colonization of Government Lands (Punjab) Act,1912
Punjab Commercial Crops Cess Act, 1963
Punjab Commission for Schedoled Castes Act, 2004
Punjab Community Participation in Municipalities Act, 2013
Punjab Compolsory Service Act, 1961
Punjab Consolidation of Land Proceeding (Validation) Act, 1957
Punjab Contingency Fund Act, 1950
Punjab Cooperative Land Mortgage Bank Act, 1957
Punjab Copying Fees Act, 1936
Punjab Corneal Grafting Act, 1963
Punjab Cotton Ginning and Pressing Factories Act, 1953
Punjab Court of Wards (Validation of Exercise of Powers) Act, 1957
Punjab Courts (Supplementing) Act, 1918
Punjab Courts Act, 1918
Punjab Custom (Power to Contest) Act, 1920
Punjab Debtors’ Protection Act, 1936
Punjab Departmental Enquiries (Powers) Act, 1955
Punjab Development of Damaged Areas (Validation) Act, 1963
Punjab Development of Damaged Areas Act, 1951
Punjab Distressed Person (Facilities for Loans) Act, 1958
Punjab District Board (Tax Validating) Act, 1955
Punjab District Boards (Tax Validating) Act, 1927
Punjab Disturbed Areas Act,1983
Punjab Dramatic Performances Act, 1964
Punjab Electricity (Duty) Act, 1958
Punjab Electricity (Emergency Powers) Act, 1941
Punjab Entertainment Duty Act, 1955
Punjab Entertainment Tax (Cinematograph Show) Act, 1954
Punjab Excise Act, 1914
Punjab Excise Act,1914
Punjab Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Act, 2004
Punjab Fisheries Act, 1914
Punjab Forest (Sale of Timber) Act, 1913
Punjab Forward Contracts Tax Act, 1951
Punjab Fruit Nurseries Act, 1961
Punjab General Clauses Act, 1898
Punjab General Sales Tax (Amendment and Validation) Act, 2005
Punjab General Sales Tax Act, 1948
Punjab Gifts Goods (Unlawfol Possession) Act, 1963
Punjab Good Conduct Prisoners (Temporary Release) Act, 1962
Punjab Gram Panchayat Act, 1952
Punjab Gram Panchayat, Samities and Zilla Parishad (Chandigarh Repeal) Act,1994
Punjab Habitual Offenders (Control of Reform) Act, 1952
Punjab Herd Registration Act, 2006
Punjab Home Guards Act, 1947
Punjab Homoeopathic Practitioners Act, 1965
Punjab Housing Development Board Act, 1972
Punjab Ice Price Control Act,1968
punjab industrial establishments (national and festival holidays and casual and sick leave) act 1965
Punjab Industrial Housing Act, 1956
Punjab Infrastructure Development Act, 1998
Punjab Instrument (Control of Noises) Act, 1956
Punjab Jagirs Act, 1941
Punjab Juvenile Smoking Act, 1918
Punjab Khadi and Village Industries Board Act, 1955
Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1965
Punjab Land Improvement Schemes Act,1963
Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900
Punjab Land Reforms Act,1972
Punjab Land Revenue (Additional Surcharge) Act, 1960
Punjab Land Revenue (Special Assessments) Act, 1955
Punjab Land Revenue (Special Charges) Act, 1958
Punjab Land Revenue (Surcharge) Act, 1954
Punjab Land Revenue Act, 1887
Punjab Land Revenue Special Assessment (Exemption) Act, 1962
Punjab Laws (Application) Act, 1957
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 11) Act, 1962
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 3) Act, 1957
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 4) Act, 1958
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 5) Act, 1958
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 6) Act, 1959
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 7) Act, 1960
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 8) Act, 1960
Punjab Laws (Extension No. 9) Act, 1960
Punjab Laws (Extension No.1) Act, 1957
Punjab Laws (Extension No.2) Act, 1957
Punjab Laws (Extension) Act, 1957
Punjab Legislative Assembly (Allowances of Members) Act, 1942
Punjab Legislative Assembly (Offices) Act, 1939
Punjab Legislative Assembly Speaker’s and Deputy Speaker’s Salaries Act, 1937
Punjab Legislative Council (Abolition) Act,1969
Punjab Legislature (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 1952
Punjab Limitation (Custom) Act, 1920
Punjab Livestock and Birds Diseases Act, 1948
Punjab Livestock Improvement Act, 1953
Punjab Local Authorities (Aided Schools) Act, 1959
Punjab Local Authorities Census Expenses Contribution Act, 1950
Punjab Local Authorities Laws (Exercise of Powers) Act, 1953
Punjab Local Option Act, 1923
Punjab Mechanical Vehicles (Bridge and Road Tolls) Amendment Act, 2005
Punjab Mechanical Vehicles (Bridge Tolls) Act, 1957
Punjab Medical Registration Act, 1916
Punjab Military Transport Act, 1916
Punjab Ministers and Deputy Minister’s Salaries and Allowances (Validation) Act, 1965
Punjab Minor Canals Act, 1905
Punjab Minor Canals Act, 1905
Punjab Motor Spirit (Taxation of Sales) Act, 1939
Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1924
Punjab Municipal (Executive Officer) Act, 1931
Punjab Municipal (Tax-Validating) Act, 1934
Punjab Municipal Act, 1911
Punjab Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Act, 2006
Punjab Municipal Fund Act, 2006
Punjab New Capital (Periphery) Control Act, 1952
Punjab New Mandi Townships (Development and Regolation) Act, 1960
Punjab New Townships (Street Lighting and Water Supply) Fee Act, 1950
Punjab Non Trading Companies Act, 1960
Punjab Nurses Registration Act, 1932
Punjab Occupancy Tenants (Vesting of Proprietary Rights) Act, 1953
Punjab Occupancy Tenants (Vesting of Proprietary Rights) Act,1952
Punjab Official Language Act, 1967
Punjab Package Deal Properties (Disposal) Amendment Act,2009
Punjab Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads Act, 1961
Punjab Panchayati Raj Act, 1994
Punjab Passenger and Goods Taxation Act,1952
Punjab Pay Scales of Teachers Act, 2004
Punjab Plastic Carry Bags (Manufacture, Usage and Disposal) Control (Amendment ) Act,2006
Punjab Plastic Carry Bags (Manufacture, Usage and Disposal) Control Act,2005
Punjab Police Act, 2007
Punjab Pre-Emption (Chandigarh and Delhi Repeal) Act,1989
Punjab Pre-Emption Act, 1913
Punjab Prevention of Beggary Act, 1971
Punjab Prevention of Human Smuggling Act, 2012
Punjab Prevention of Human Trafficking Act, 2008
Punjab Primary Education Act, 1960
Punjab Private Health Sciences Educational Institutions (Regolation of Admission, Fixation of Fee and Making of Reservation) Act, 2006
Punjab Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act, 1956
Punjab Prohibition of Smoking (Cinema and Theatre Halls) Act, 1951
Punjab Public Moneys (Recovery of Dues) Act, 1983
Punjab Public Premises and Land (Eviction and Rent Recovery) Act, 1973
Punjab Public Premises and Land (Eviction and Rent Recovery) Act,1973
Punjab Public Service Commission (Additional Functions) Act, 1955
Punjab Reclamation of Land Act,1959
Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995
Punjab Registration of Money Lenders’ Act, 1938
Punjab Registration Validating Act, 1930
Punjab Registration Validating Act, 1955
Punjab Registration Validating Act, 1960
Punjab Regolation of Accounts Act, 1930
Punjab Regolation of Accounts Act,1930
Punjab Relief of Indebtedness Act, 1934
Punjab Rent (Amendment) Act, 2013
Punjab Reorganisation Act, 1966
Punjab Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act,1953
Punjab Restitution of Mortgaged Lands Act,1938
Punjab Resumption of Jagirs Act,1957
Punjab Revenue Appeals and Proceedings (Disposal and Restoration) Act, 1956
Punjab Revenue Appeals and Proceedings (Disposal and Restoration) Act,1956
Punjab Right to Service Act, 2011
Punjab Riverain Boundaries Act, 1899
Punjab Roads and Bridges Development Board Act, 1998
Punjab Salaries and Allowances (Validation) Act, 1966
Punjab Schedoled Castes and Backward Classes (Reservation in Services) Act,2006
Punjab Schedoled Castes Land Development and Finance Corporation Act,1970
Punjab schedoled roads and controlled areas restriction of unregolated development roles 1965
Punjab School Teachers’ Re-employment Act, 2006
Punjab Schools Education Board Act, 1969
Punjab Security of Land Tenures Act, 1953
Punjab Security of the State Act, 1953
Punjab Separation of Judicial and Executive Functions Act, 1964
Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958
Punjab Silkworm Seed Control Act, 1953
Punjab Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act, 1961
Punjab Special Powers (Press) Act, 1956
Punjab Special Tribunal (Change of Composition) Act, 1950
Punjab State Aid to Industries Act, 1935
Punjab State Cancer and Drug Addiction Treatment Infrastructure Fund Act, 2013
Punjab State Commission for Non-Resident Indians Act, 2011
Punjab State Commission for Women Act, 2001
Punjab State Facolty of Ayurvedic and Unani Systems of Medicine Act, 1963
Punjab State Legislature (Delegation of Powers) Act,1987
Punjab State Legislature Members (Pension and Medical Facilities Regolation) Act, 1977
Punjab State Legislature Officers Ministers and Members (Medical Facilities) Act, 1965
Punjab State Tube-well Act, 1954
Punjab State Vigilance Commission Act, 2006
Punjab Sugarcane (Regolation of Purchase and Supply) Act, 1953
Punjab Suppression of Indecent Advertisements Act, 1941
Punjab Technical University Act, 1996
Punjab Temporary Taxation Act, 1962
Punjab Tenancy (East Punjab Validation of Orders, Proceeding and Acts) Act, 1948
Punjab Tenancy Act, 1887
Punjab Textiles and Sugar (Existing Stocks) Purchase Tax and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1958
Punjab Thur and Sem Lands (Reclamation) Act, 1963
Punjab Tobacco Vend Fees (Repealing) Act, 1953
Punjab Town Improvement Act, 1922
Punjab University Act, 1947
Punjab Urban Estates (Development and Regolation) Act, 1964
Punjab Urban Immovable Property Tax (Validation of Lists) Act, 1943
Punjab Urban Immovable Property Tax Act, 1940
Punjab Utilization of Lands Act,1949
Punjab Vaccination Act, 1953
Punjab Value Added Tax Act, 2005
Punjab Village and Small Towns Patrol Act, 1918
Punjab Village Common Lands Regolation Act,1961
Punjab Warehouses Act, 1957
Punjab Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1958
Punjab Wild Life Preservation Act, 1959
Punjabi University Act, 1961
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab Act, 2006
Redemption of Mortgages (Punjab) Act, 1913
Redemption of Mortgages (Punjab) Act,1913
Repealing (Punjab Loans Limitation) Act, 1923
Restriction of Habitual Offenders (Punjab) Act, 1918
Salaries and Allowances of Deputy Minister, Punjab Act, 1956
Sikh Gurdwaras (Supplementary) Act, 1925
Sikh Gurdwaras Act, 1925
Sikh Gurdwaras Committees Election (Validation) Act, 1954
Talwara Township (Periphery Control) Act, 1961
Usurious Loans Act, 1918


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