Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS)

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) is the prime official agency of Pakistan, responsible for collection, compilation and dissemination of reliable and timely statistical information to the policy makers, planners and researchers. It publishes a variety of reports, based on primary and secondary data, especially on economics and social aspects of the country. After independence of Pakistan, Central Statistical Office (CSO) was setup by the Government of Pakistan in 1950 as an attached department of Economic Affairs Division. Since then statistical system was reviewed from time to time by both local and foreign consultants. In 1972, on the recommendation of IBRD Mission, Central Statistical Office (CSO) was upgraded to a full-fledged Statistics Division.

The General Statistics Act of 1975 governs the collection, compilation, and dissemination of statistics. The Act authorizes the Statistical Authorities and the National Statistical Council to ensure smooth statistical operations in the country. The Statistical Authority’s functions include: implementation of the Statistics Act; drawing-up specific statistical programs; ensuring quality and timeliness of data; standardization of concepts and definitions; and, removal of hurdles, if any, in the way of efficient statistical operations in the country.

The Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) is one of three departments of the Statistics Division. The Head of the Statistics Division is the Secretary who is also Federal Statistics Authority under the Statistics Act. As such, operations of FBS are governed under 5the Act and under the guidance/supervision of Federal Statistics Authority, i.e., Secretary, Statistics Division.

National accounts

The General Statistics (Reorganization) Act, 2011 governs the collection, compilation, and dissemination of statistics. The Act authorizes the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) to collect, compile, analyze, abstract, publish, market and disseminate statistical information relating to the commerce and trade, industrial, financial, social, economic, demographic, agriculture and any other area to be specified by the Federal Government and conditions of the people of Pakistan and to foster the evolution of product lines in response to pressing needs of society. Government of Pakistan has established Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, by merging Federal Bureau of Statistics, the Population Census Organization, The Agriculture Census Organization and the Technical wing of Statistics Division. [IMF]

Establishment of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

General Statistics (Reorganization) Act, 2011

(1) There shall be established a bureau to be called the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics to carry out the purpose of this Act.

(2) On the establishment of the Bureau, all assets, rights, powers, authorities and privileges and all movable and immovable property, cash and bank balances, investments and all other interests and rights in or arising out of, such property and all debts liabilities and obligations of the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the Agricultural Census Organization and Population Census Organization shall vest in the Bureau.

(3) The head office of the Bureau shall be at Islamabad and the Bureau may establish regional and field offices at such other places and in such numbers as the Governing Council may, from time to time, deem fit.

(4) The Federal Government shall provide grant in aid (annual or supplementary) for pay, allowances, pension and other employees-related expenses, etc., as admissible to the civil servants, from time to time, for the staff of Bureau including that of Federal Bureau of Statistics, Population Census Organization, Agricultural Census Organization and Technical Wing of Statistics Division and operation of the Bureau including funds needed for conduct of different departmental censuses, surveys, studies, development projects, training of staff, purchase of durable goods, construction of office buildings and operating expenses etc.

(5) The design of all censuses, surveys or statistical studies proposed to be undertaken by the Federal Government or any organization of Federal Government shall be finalized in consultation with the Bureau.

The Chief Statistician

(1) There shall be a Chief Statistician of the Bureau who shall be appointed by the Federal Government on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Federal Government and to be notified in the official Gazette.

The Chief Statistician shall be an ex-officio Secretary to the Federal Government.

(2) The Chief Statistician, before entering upon office, shall make, before the President of Pakistan an oath of office and non disclosure.

(3) The Chief Statistician, unless he resigns or is removed from office earlier, shall hold office for a period of five years and shall be eligible for reappointment for such term or terms as the Federal Government may determine, provided that the Chief Statistician shall cease to hold office on attaining the age of sixty-five years or expiry of the tenure whichever is earlier.

Functions of PBS

  • Collection, compilation and analysis of statistical data relating to various sectors of economy
  • Publication of statistical data
  • Supply of statistical information to Federal Ministries, Provincial Governments and other organizations
  • Research with a view of improving statistics
  • Exchange of statistical information with foreign countries
  • Technical advice and statistical coordination with other departments
  • Evaluation and introduction of standard concepts, definition and classifications pertaining to national statistical series
  • Clearance of statistical projects undertaken by different organizations
  • Evaluation of efficient computation methods for statistical estimation
  • Implementation of policy laid down by the Ministry / Division by suitably adopting the Statistical System of Pakistan to conform with the policy
  • Undertaking the National censuses and surveys


Main Activities of PBS

Collection and compilation of statistical data relating to various socio-economic sectors through primary, secondary sources and administrative records of the government:


  1. Price Statistics
  2. Labour Force Statistics
  3. Demographic Statistics
  4. Household Income & Expenditure Statistics
  5. Statistics on Social & Economic status of household
  6. Private Building Construction Statistics
  7.  Population & Housing Census
  8. Agriculture & Livestock Census


  1. Statistics of Manufacturing Industries
  2. Social Statistics like Education, Health, Sports and Culture
  3.  Mining and Electricity Undertakings Statistics
  4. Business and Communication


  1. Foreign Trade Statistics
  2. Public Finance Statistics
  3. Publication of Statistical data.
  4. Supply of Statistical information to Federal Ministries, Provincial Governments and other National & International Organizations.
  5. To provide advice in technical matters like sample designing and preparation of questionnaires to other agencies/departments
  6. Evaluation and introduction of standard concepts, definitions and classifications pertaining to national statistical series.
  7. Evaluation of statistical methods for estimation.
  8. On job training to the working statisticians of various Federal/Provincial organizations.
  9. Preparation of National Accounts.

Statistical Acts

  • The General Statistics (Reorganization) Act, 2011
  • Draft Report on Service Structure and Service Rules
  • Addendum to the Draft Report on Service Structure and Service Rules

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