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CBSE (UGC) NET June-December 2017 Syllabus for Law

CBSE (UGC) NET Law Syllabus 2012 Code No. 58 Subject:

  •  There will be two questions papers, CBSE (UGC) NET Law Paper II and Paper III.
  • Paper II will consist of 50 questions worth 2 mark each.
  • Paper III will consist of 75 questions worth 2 mark each.



Constitutional Law of India:

  1. Preamble
  2. Fundamental Rights and Duties.
  3. Directive Principles of State Policy.
  4. Judiciary Executive Union State Legislative Relations.
  5. Emergency Provisions
  6. Amendment of the Constitution.
  7. Writ Jurisdiction

Legal Theory:

  1. Nature and Sources of Law.
  2. Positivism, Natural. Law Theory, Sociological Jurisprudence.
  3. Theories of Punishment.
  4. Rights and Duties.
  5. Concepts of Possession and Ownership.



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