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SnoTitleAuthorPublisherYear of PublicationPlace of PublicationEditionISBN
1W N Hibbert
2AbortionD Callahan1970
3American Judicial ProcessC H Sheldon1974New York
4American Revolution in the LawS C StimsonMacmillan Press1990London
5An Introduction to Jurisprudence.Gokulesh SharmaDeep & Deep Publications2008New Delhi978-81-8450-044-8
6Analytical and historical jurisprudenceG C Venkata Subbarao1956Guntur003
7Analytical and practical jurisprudenceJ P Singhal1958Allahabad
8Anthropology of lawL Pospisil1971
9Aspects of justiceC K Allen1958London
10Attorney’s Dictionary of Medicine and Word Finder IllustratedJ E Schmidt1982New York
11Austinian theory of lawW J Brown1906London
12Austinian theory of lawW J Brown1912
13Authoritative and the AuthoritarianJ Vining1986Chicago
14Authority of LawJ Raz1979Oxford
15Basic RightsH Shue1980New Jersey
16Beyond JusticeA Heller1987Oxford
17Bibliography of jurisprudenceR W M Dias1964London002
18British medical dictionaryA S Macnalty1963
19Butterworths Medico Legal EncyclopediaJ K MasonButterworths1987London
20Butterworths Medico Legal EncyclopediaR A Mccall SmithButterworths1987London
21Cardozo and frontiers of legal thinking with selected opinions.B H Levy1969London
22Cases and materials and an introduction to law and the judicial processB C Gavit1952Chicago002
23Cases and materials on jurisprudenceJ C H Wu1958St. Paul/Minn
24Cases and materials on the legal process.F K H Maher1971Melbourne002
25Causation in the LawH L A Hart1985Oxford
26Causation in the LawT Honore1985Oxford
27Causation in the lawH L A Hart1959Oxford
28Causation in the lawA M Honore1959Oxford
29Central Issues in JurisprudenceN E SimmondsSweet and Maxwell2002London0020-421-74120-1
30Changing LawA Denning1986London
31Collected papers ofP Vinogradoff1928Oxford
32Collected papers of Poul VinogradoffH A L Fisher1928Oxford
33Comparative law and social theory.J Hall1963New York
34Comparative Legal philosophyL Miraglia1912Boston
35Complexity of Legal and Ethical ExperienceF S C Northrop1978Connecticut
36Concept of a Legal SystemJ Raz1980Oxford002
37Concept of a legal systemJ Raz1970Oxford
38Concept of justiceN M L Nathan1971
39Concept of LawH L A Hart1961London
40Concept of lawH L A Hart1961Oxford
41Conception of law and the unity of Peirces PhilosophyW P Haas1964Switzerland
42Conflicts of Law and MoralityK Greenawalt1987
43Contribution of Hindu Law to world jurisprudence.A S P Ayyar1943Madras002
44Courts and the DoctorD J Gee1990Oxford
45Courts and the DoctorJ K Mason1990Oxford
46Critical Legal StudiesA AltmanPrinceton University Press1990New Jersey
47Data of jurisprudenceW G Miller1903London
48De officio Hominis et ciris juxta, legem naturalem libri DuoS V Pufenondorf1927New York
49Debate Over RightsMatthew KramerOxford University Press2003New Delhi0-19-566645-3
50Debate Over RightsN E SimmondsOxford University Press2003New Delhi0-19-566645-3
51Debate Over RightsHillel SteinerOxford University Press2003New Delhi0-19-566645-3
52Decision Theory and the Legal ProcessS S Nagel1979Toronto
53Decision Theory and the Legal ProcessM G Neef1979Toronto
54Definition and theory in JurisprudenceH L A Hart1953Oxford
55Demise of the Reasonable ManM SaltmanTransaction Publications1991London
56Development of Naturalist Legal TheoryH McCoubrey1987London
57Dimensions of Social JusticeO P Gauba1983New Delhi
58Disorder of LawC Sampford1989Oxford
59Elementary principles of jurisprudenceG W Keeton1930London
60Elementary principles of jurisprudenceG W Keeton1949London002
61Elements of jurisprudenceT E Holland1895London007
62Elements of jurisprudenceT E Holland1924London013
63Elements of LawW Markby1874Oxford002
64Elements of lawW Markby1889Oxford004
65Elements of universal jurisprudenceS Pufendorf1931London
66End of LawT O’Hagan1984Oxford
67Enforcement of moralsP Devlin1965London
68Equal JusticeE RokowskiClarendon Press1991Oxford
69Essays in Indian JurisprudenceG S Sharma1964Lucknow
70Essays in Jurisprudence and PhilosophyH L A Hart1983Oxford
71Essays in Jurisprudence in Honour of Roscoe PoundR A Newman1977Connecticut
72Essays in law and historyW S Holdsworth1946Oxford
73Essays in the lawF Pollock1922London
74Essays on BenthamH L A Hart1982Oxford
75Essays on the law of natureJ Locke1954Oxford
76Essential of Forenisc MedicineD J Gee1973Oxford003
77Essential of Forenisc MedicineC J Polson1973Oxford003
78Essentials of Forensic MedicineC J Polson1955London
79Ethical systems and legal ideals.F S Cohen1959New York
80Ethics and social justice (Contemporary philosophic thought)H E Kiefer1970
81Ethics and social justice (Contemporary philosophic thought)M Munitz1970
82Evolution of law and orderA S DiamondLondon
83Evolution of the judicial processJ C Mcruerer1957Canada
84Failures of the Legal ImaginationA Watson1988Edinburgh
85First ThingsH Arkesh1986New Jersy
86Forensic chemistry a scientific criminal investigationA Lucas1948London
87Forensic MedicineD J A Kerr1954London005
88Forensic medicineK Simpson1958London003
89Forensic medicineK Simpson1969006
90Forensic Medicine and ToxicologyJ B Mukherjee1985New Delhi
91Forensic Medicine for LawyersJ K Mason1986London002
92Forensic scienceH J Walls1968
93Forensic SciencesP M Kamath1981New York
94Forensic SciencesC H Wecht1981New York
95Forensic, medicine and toxicologyJ D Mann1898London002
96Form and Substance in Anglo American LawP S Atiyah1987Oxford
97Form and Substance in Anglo American LawR S Summers1987Oxford
98Formal bases of lawG Del Vecchio1914Boston
99Foundations of JurisprudenceJ Hall1973Indianapolis
100Fundamental Change in Law and SocietyW L MC Bride1970Hague
101Fundamental legal conceptionsW N Hohfeld1923New Haven
102Gandhi’s Philosophy of LawV S Hegde1983New Delhi
103General Jurisprudence : Understanding law from a Global PerspectiveWilliam TwiningCambridge University Press2009Cambridge
104General theory of lawN M Korkunow1909Boston
105General theory of law and stateH Kelsen1946Cambridge
106General Theory of NormsH KelsenClarendon Press1991Oxford
107Genetics Law and Social PolicyP Reilly1977Cambridge
108Great legal philosophersC Morris1959
109Greek Concept of JusticeE A Havelock1978Cambridge
110Grounds of LiabilityA R White1985Oxford
111Growth of lawBenjamin N Cardozo1924
112Growth of the LawBenjamin N CardozoUniversal Law Publishing Company2002Delhi81-7534-289-3
113Hand-book of legal medicine.A R Moritz1956St Louis
114Hand-book of legal medicine.L J Regan1956St Louis
115Hindu jurisprudenceK R R Sastry1961Calcutta
116Historical introduction to the theory of lawJ W Jones1940Oxford
117Historical jurisprudenceG C Lee1911London
118History and Theory of Informed ConsentT L Beauchamp1986New York
119History and Theory of Informed ConsentR R Faden1986New York
120Human law and human justiceJ Stone1965Bombay
121Hume’s Theory of JusticeJ Harrison1981Oxford
122Idea of JusticeO A Bird1967
123In Search of LawV Aubert1983Oxford
124In the Interest of the GovernedS Lyons1973Oxford
125Interpretations of legal historyR Pound1946Cambridge
126Introduction of Platos LawsR F Stalley1983England
127Introduction of the Philosophy of LawRoscoe PoundUniversal Book Traders1995Delhi81-7494-000-6
128Introduction to JurisprudenceDennis Lloyd1985London005
129Introduction to JurisprudenceDennis LloydSweet and Maxwell2001London0070-421-75330-7
130Introduction to JurisprudenceL Lloyd1979London004
131Introduction to jurisprudenceD Lloyd1959London
132Introduction to JurisprudenceM D A FreemanSweet & Maxwell2008London008978-0-421-90790-4
133Introduction to JurisprudenceLloydSweet & Maxwell2008London008978-0-421-90790-4
134Introduction to Law and the Legal ProcessB F Cataldo1973New York002
135Introduction to Law and the Legal ProcessB F Cataldo1980New York003
136Introduction to law and the legal processB F Cataldo1956New York
137Introduction to legal ReasoningE H Levi1959Chicago
138Introduction to legal reasoningE H Levi1959Chicago
139Introduction to Legal TheoryJ Finch1974London002
140Introduction to the philosophy of lawR Pound1946New Haven
141Introduction to the philosphy of lawR Pound1922Oxford
142Introduction to the principles of morals and legislation.J Bentham1948New York
143Introduction to the Science of LawK GareisBoston
144Introduction to the Sociology of LawN S Timesheff1970Connecticut
145Introduction to the study of lawF M Goadby1921London
146Issues in Medical Law and EthicsDerek MorganCavendish Publishing2001London1-85941-591-1
147Jeremy Bentham and the LawG W Keeton1970Connecticut
148Jeremy Bentham and the LawGeorge Schwarzenberger1970Connecticut
149Judging MedicineG J Annes1988New Jersey
150Judicial decisionR A Wasserstrom1961London
151JurisprudenceWayne MorrisonLawman India1997New Delhi81-7504-012-2
152JurisprudenceR W M Dias1985London005
153JurisprudenceA D’Amato1984Netherlands
154JurisprudenceR W M Dias1985London005
155JurisprudenceE Bodenheimer1978London
156JurisprudenceB Edelman1976London004
157JurisprudenceJohn SalmondUniversal Law Publishing Company2004Delhi1281-7534-263-3
158JurisprudenceE Bodenheimer1962Camb/Mass
159JurisprudenceR W M Dias1957London
160JurisprudenceG B J Hughes1957London
161JurisprudenceR W M Dias1970London003
162JurisprudenceG B J Hughes1955London
163JurisprudenceE B Kinkead1905New York
164JurisprudenceK N Llewellyn1962Chicago
165JurisprudenceE W Patterson1953Brooklyn
166JurisprudenceJ W Salmond006
167JurisprudenceJ W Salmond1937London009
168JurisprudenceJ W Salmond1945London010
169JurisprudenceJ W Salmond1966London012
170JurisprudenceG C Venkata Subbarao1964Madras005
171JurisprudenceB A Wortley1967New York
172JurisprudenceR W M Dias1964London002
173Jurisprudence a study of Indian legal theoryS N Dhyani1972
174Jurisprudence and Jurisconscience ALA GandhiV R Krishna Iyer1976New Delhi
175Jurisprudence and legal essaysF Pollock1961London
176Jurisprudence and Legal TheoryV D Mahajan1987Lucknow005
177Jurisprudence and legal theoryGupta Datta1972013
178Jurisprudence for a Free Society Studies in Law Science and PolicyH D LasswellNew Haven Press1992New Haven
179Jurisprudence for a Free Society Studies in Law Science and PolicyM S McdougalNew Haven Press1992New Haven
180Jurisprudence in action.J B Ames1953New York
181Jurisprudence its American ProphetsH G Reuschlein1971Connecticut
182Jurisprudence of John MarshallR K Faulkner1968New Jersey
183Jurisprudence of my timeU Huber1939Durban005
184JusticeR G Chaturvedi1990Allahabad003
185JusticeE Kamenka1979London
186JusticeA Erh Soon Tay1979London
187Justice and the Political Order in IndiaS D Gupta1979Calcutta
188Justice and the social orderE Brunner1945New York
189Justice as FairnessJohn RawlsUniversal Law Publishing2004Delhi
190Justice Human Nature and Political ObligationM A Kaplan1976New York
191Justice in RobesRonald DworkinUniversal Law Publishing Compan2007Delhi81-7534-568-3
192Justice Law and CultureJ K Feibleman1985Dordrecht
193Justice Legal Systems and Social StructureH R Hartzler1976New York
194Language of the LawD Mellinkoff1963Toronto
195LawJ Waldron1990London
196Law and ethics for doctorsS H Hadfields1958London
197Law and JusticeA Ross1958London
198Law and Legal ScienceJ W Harris1979Oxford
199Law and Medical EthicsJ K MasonButterworths1994London004
200Law and Medical EthicsR A Mccall SmithButterworths1994London004
201Law and medicineW J Curran1960
202Law and MoralityL Blomcopper1976London
203Law and moralityL Petrzycki1955Cambridge
204Law and MoralsS Lee1986Oxford
205Law and moralsR Pound1924London
206Law and moralsR Pound1926Chapal Hill002
207Law and philosophyS Hook1964New York
208Law and philosophyE A Kent1970
209Law and SocietyA Podgorecki1974London
210Law and SocietyE M Schur1968New York
211Law and the modern mindJ Frank1949London
212Law and the Moral OrderW D Lamont1981Britain
213Law and the social sciences in the second half centuryJ Stone1966Minneapolis
214Law as a means to an endR V Ihering1913Boston
215Law as a Moral JudgmentD Beyleveld1986London
216Law as a Moral JudgmentR Brownsword1986London
217Law as factx Oliveerona1971002
218Law as ProcessSally Falk Moore1978London
219Law as Rule and PrincipleT M Bendit1978California
220Law Ethics and MedicineP D G Skegg1984Oxford
221Law finding through experience and reasonR Pound1960Athens
222Law in ContextWilliam TwiningClarendon Press1997Oxford0-19-826483-6
223Law in economy and societyM Weber1966Cambridge
224Law in the makingC K Allen1927Oxford
225Law in the makingC K Allen1939003
226Law in the makingC K Allen1946004
227Law in the makingC K Allen1951Oxford005
228Law in the makingC K Allen1958006
229Law in the makingC K Allen1964007
230Law in the Scientific EraMarkanday KatjuUniversal Law Publishing Company2000Delhi81-7534-169-6
231Law its origin, growth & functionJ C Carter1907New York
232Law Justice and Social PolicyR Brooke1979London
233Law Justice and the DisabledV R Krishna Iyer1982New Delhi
234Law Medicine RelationS F Spicker1981
235Law Morality and PoliticsG Lodha1981Jaipur
236Law Norms and AuthorityG C Christie1982London
237Law Relating to Medical PracticeC R A Martin1979Kent002
238Law restatedW T Hughes1925Washington
239Law’s EmpireR Dworkin1986London
240Law, morality and religion in a secular society.B Mitchell1967New York
241Law, State and international legal orderS.Edu Engel1964Knoxville
242Laws & Jurisprudence of England and America being a series of Lectures delivered before Yale University.J F Dillon1894Boston
243Lectures on JurisprudenceAdam Smith1978Oxford
244Lectures on jurisprudenceJ Austin1911London005
245Lectures on jurisprudenceR K Gupta1941Allahabad
246Lectures on jurisprudenceK R R Sastry1941Allahabad
247Legacy of Holmes and BrandeisS J Konefsky1956New York
248Legal FictionsL L Fuller1967California
249Legal Fictions in Practice and Legal ScienceP J J Olivier1975Netherlands
250Legal MaximsH Broom1969London010
251Legal maximsH Broom1924London009
252Legal maximsH Broom1939London010
253Legal maximsU G Mitter1914Madras
254Legal maximsT V Sanjiva Row1914Madras
255Legal medical dictionaryE R Clutterbuck1935London
256Legal medical dictionaryE K Pollock1935London
257Legal Medicinex Gradwhol1976Bristol003
258Legal medicineT A Gonzales1954New York002
259Legal medicine and toxicologyCollis Barry1902Bombay002
260Legal medicine annualP M Kamath1969
261Legal medicine annualC H Wecht1969
262Legal Norms and Legal ScienceR Moore1978University Press of Hawali
263Legal ObligationJ C Smith1976London
264Legal PhilosophiesJ W Harris1980London
265Legal Philosophy from Plato to HegalH Cairns1949Baltimore
266Legal Reasoning and Legal TheoryN Mac Cormick1978Oxford
267Legal systems and lawyers reasoningJ Stone1964Bombay
268Legal theoryW Friedmann1947London
269Legal theoryW Friedmann1953London003
270Legal theoryW Friedmann1960London004
271Legal theoryW Friedmann1967London005
272Legal Theory Political Theory and DeconstructionM KramerIndiana University1991Bloomington
273Legal Thinking revisedA V Lundstedt1956Stockholm
274Legal Values in Western SocietyJ Shand1974Edinburgh
275Legal Values in Western SocietyP Stein1974Edinburgh
276LegalismJ N Shklar1964Cambridge
277Legislation and Society in AustraliaR Tomasic1983England
278Liberal Theory of JusticeB Barry1975Oxford
279Liberty Equality and Social JusticeR SushilaAjanta Publications1990Delhi
280Life and Death Decision MakingB BrodyOxford University Press1988New York
281Limits of Jurisprudence DefinedJ Bentham1970Connecticut
282Limits of LawA Allott1980London
283Living law of democratic societyJ Hall1949Indianapolis
284Logic in LawA SoetemanKluwer Academic Publications1989Dordrecht
285Manual of medical jurisprudence for IndiaNorman Chevers1870Calcutta
286Markets Morals and the LawJ L Cole Man1988Cambridge
287Matter of PrincipleR Dworkin1985Cambridge
288Matter of PrincipleR Dworkin1985Camb Mass
289Matters of JusticeM W Jackson1986
290Max WeberA T Kronman1983London
291Medical Assessment of Injuries for Legal PurposesA Mann1985Sydney004
292Medical DictionaryWebster1983Delhi
293Medical dictionaryM S Stedman1966Baltimore021
294Medical Ethics and the Law Implications for Public PolicyM D Hiller1981Cambridge
295Medical JurisprudenceV B RajuEastern Book Company1997Lucknow00681-7012-597-9
296Medical JurisprudenceF E Inban1971New York
297Medical JurisprudenceJ R Waltz1971New York
298medical jurisprudenceJohn Glaister1962London011
299Medical jurisprudenceI Turner Gordon1953London003
300Medical jurisprudenceT W R & Price1953London003
301Medical jurisprudenceR M Jhala1969003
302Medical jurisprudenceV B Raju1969003
303Medical JurisprudenceM A Kamath1948Madras005
304Medical Jurisprudencex Stills1905New York005
305Medical Jurisprudencex Wharton1905New York005
306Medical JurisprudenceI B Lyon1953Calcutta010
307Medical Jurisprudence and ToxicologyJaising P ModiButterworths1999New Delhi02281-87162-07-4
308Medical Jurisprudence and ToxicologyH W V Cox1987Allahabad005
309Medical Jurisprudence and ToxicologyJaising P Modi1977Bombay020
310Medical Jurisprudence and ToxicologyH W V CoxButterworths2002New Delhi00781-87162-59-7
311Medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJohn Glaister1950Edinburgh009
312Medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJohn Glaister1966London012
313Medical jurisprudence and toxicologyE Rentoul1966London012
314Medical jurisprudence and toxicologyM A Kamath1960Madras006
315Medical Jurisprudence and ToxicologyJaising P ModiLexis Nexis Butterworths Wadhwa Nagpur2009Haryana Gurgoan023
316Medical jurisprudence for IndiaI B Lyon1928Calcutta008
317Medical jurisprudence for India with illustrative casesI B Iyer1953Calcutta010
318Medical jurisprudeneR M Jhala1966002
319Medical jurisprudeneV B Raju1966002
320Medical LawAndrew GrubbButterworths1994London0020-406-00623-7
321Medical LawIan KennedyButterworths1994London0020-406-00623-7
322Medical law and ethics in IndiaH S Mehta1963Bombay
323Medical Malpractice LawB Werthmann1984Toronto
324Medico legal aspects of moral offencesL Thoinot1916Philadelphia002
325Medico legal aspects of moral offencesA W Wcysse1916Philadelphia002
326Medico Legal Aspects of Sexual OffencesR L Gupta1979Lucknow002
327Medico legal aspects of sexual offencesR L Gupta1964Lucknow
328Medico Legal Guide and Medical JurisprudenceM D Ewell1988Allahabad
329Medico Legal Guide and Medical JurisprudenceG W Field1988Allahabad
330Medico-legal aspects of sexual offencesR L Gupta1970
331Medico-legal court-companionH W V Cox1950Calcutta004
332Meeting of extremes in Indian legal philosophyR R Prasad1971
333Memorial Lectures delivered before the Association of the Bar of the City of New York 1941 – 1970Benjamin N Cardozo
334Modern French legal philosophyA Fouillee1916Boston
335Modern theories of jurisprudenceKarunamay Basu1925Calcutta
336Modern theories of LawA L Goodhart1933London
337Modern trends in forensic medicineK Simpson1967
338Modern trends in forensic medicineK Simpson1967London
339Moral and Legal ReasoningS Stoljar1980London
340Moral decisionE Cahn1956
341Moral lawH J Paton1961London
342Moral LegislationC D JohnsonCambridge University Press1991New York
343Moral Reasoning and TruthT D Perry1976Oxford
344Morality and ConflictS Hampshire1983Oxford
345Morality of FreedomJ RazClarendon Press1986Oxford
346Morality of LawL N FullerUniversal Book Traders1995Delhi81-85200-99-8
347Morality of lawL L Fuller1964New Haven
348More essays in legal philosophyR S Summers1971
349Murder, suicide or accidentB PictonLondon
350National JurisprudenceB A Masodkar1974Nagpur
351Natural and Social JusticeR G Chaturvedi1975Allahabad002
352Natural and social justiceR C Chaturvedi1970Allahabad
353Natural JusticeN KumarKanuni Salah Kendra1997Delhi81-900822-0-5
354Natural JusticeH H MarshallUniversal Book Traders1995Delhi
355Natural JusticeP Jackson1979London
356Natural JusticeG A Flick1979Sydney
357Natural JusticeD J Hewitt1972Sydney
358Natural JusticeP Jackson1979London002
359Natural justiceSuranjan Chakraverti1961Lucknow
360Natural justiceSuranjan Chakraverti1967Lucknow002
361Natural justiceH H Marshall1959London
362Natural lawA P D Entreves1951New York
363Natural Law and Natural RightsJ Finnis1980Oxford
364Natural Law and Natural RightsJ Finnis1980New York
365Natural law and natural rightsAlbert C Outler1955Dallas
366Natural Law and the Theory of PropertyS BuckleClarendon Press1991Oxford
367Natural law and the theory of society 1500 to 1800O Gierke1934Cambridge
368Natural law in political thoughtP E Sigmund1971
369Nature and sources of the lawJ O Gray1948002
370Nature and sources of the law.J O Gray1920New York
371Nature of LawA Watson1970Edinburgh
372Nature of the Judicial ProcessBenjamin N CardozoUniversal Book Traders1995Delhi81-7494-001-4
373Nature of the judicial process.Benjamin N Cardozo1957London
374New Concise Medical DictionaryL C GuptaAITBS Publishers2002Delhi81-7473-178-4
375New jurisprudenceE Jenks1933London
376On jurisprudenceJ W Salmond1957London011
377On jurisprudence and the conflict of lawsF Harrison1919Oxford
378On justice in societyM Ginsberg1965London
379On law and justiceP A Freund1968Camb/Mass
380On the duty of man & citizen according to the natural lawPufendrof Von1927New York
381On the new jurisprudenceP B Mukharjee1970Calcutta
382Outlines of historical jurisprudenceP Vinogradoff1920London
383Outlines of jurisprudenceB R Wise1948Oxford006
384Outlines of lectures on jurisprudenceR Pound1953Cambridge005
385Outlines of the science of jurisprudenceW Hastie1887Edinbergh
386Overcoming LawRichard A PosnerUniversal Law Publishing Company1995Delhi978-81-7534-636-9
387Oxford Essays in JurisprudenceA W D Simpson1973Oxford
388Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of LawJules ColemanOxford University Press2002Oxford0-19-829824-2
389Paradoxes of legal scienceBenjamin N Cardozo1945New York
390Patient ‘s Right to KnowS A M MccleanDartmouth1989England
391Philosophy in the development of lawP D Tourtoulon1922New York
392Philosophy of LawJ L Coleman1984
393Philosophy of LawT Morawetz1980London
394Philosophy of lawJ Kohler1914Boston
395Philosophy of lawx Spinnoza1971
396Philosophy of law in historical perspectivesC J Friedrich1958Chicago
397Pocket Medical DictionaryNancy RoperLivingstone010
398Political ThoughtJ Bentham1973London
399Politics of JurisprudenceR CotterrellButterworths1989London
400Popular Guide to Modern Legal PrinciplesFrancis Marshall1953New York
401Power of poisonJohn Glaister1954London
402Practical forensic MedicineF E Camps1956London
403Practical forensic MedicineW B Purchase1956London
404Practical forensic medicineF E Camps1971
405Practical JurisprudenceE C Clark1883London
406Principles and Practice of Medical JurisprudenceAlfred Swaine TaylorB I Churchill Livingstone1984New Delhi013
407Principles and Practice of Medical JurisprudenceAlfred Swaine Taylor1984Edinburgh013
408Principles and practice of medical jurisprudenceAlfred Swaine Taylor1934London009
409Principles and practice of medical jurisprudenceAlfred Swaine Taylor1948London010
410Principles and practice of medical jurisprudenceAlfred Swaine Taylor1965London012
411Principles and practice of medical jurisprudenceAlfred Swaine Taylor1956011
412Principles of EquityEdmund Henry Turner Snell1973London027
413Principles of jurisprudence in a co-operative commonwealthM D Vidwans1966Poona
414Principles of LawN D Kapoor1984New Delhi004
415Principles of morals and legislation.J Bentham1948New York
416Problems in social and political thought.W T Deininger1965New York
417Problems of JurisprudenceRichard A PosnerUniversal Law Pub. Co.1990Delhi978-81-7534-963-6
418Problems of legal philosophyF Castberg1957Oslo
419Problems of legal philosophyH F Jolowicz1957Oslo
420Promises Morals and LawP S Atiyah1981
421Promises Morals and LawP S Atiyah1981Oxford
422Province & function of lawJ Stone1947London
423Province of Jurisprudence determined and the uses of the study of JurisprudenceJ Austin1954London
424Punishment and responsibilityH L A Hart1968Oxford
425Punishment and ResponsibilityH L A HartOxford University Press2008Oxford002
426Pure theory of lawH Kelsen1967Berkeley
427Quest for moral lawLouisese Sexe Eby1950New York
428Quest of JusticeHarold Potter1951London
429Rational basis of legal institutionsx Cohen1969
430Rational basis of legal institutions by various authorsM R Cohen1969New York
431RawlsC Kukathas1990Cambridge
432RawlsP Pettit1990Cambridge
433Readings in jurisprudenceJ Hall1938Indianapolis
434Readings in jurisprudence and legal PhilosophyF S Cohen1951New York
435Readings in jurisprudence and legal PhilosophyM R Cohen1951New York
436Reason and lawM R Cohen1950Chicago
437Reason in LawL H Carter1988London003
438Republic of ChoiceL M FriedmanHarvard University Press1990London
439Responsibility in law and MoralityPeter CaneHart Publishing2002Oxford1-84113-321-3
440RightsA R White1984Oxford
441Scholars of the LawR A CosgroveUniversal Law Publishing Co.1996Delhi81-7534-562-4
442Science of a LegislatorK Haakonssen1981Cambridge
443Science of legal methodsGeny Francios1917Boston
444Seeds of Modern Public Law in Ancient Indian JurisprudenceRama Jois1990Lucknow
445Selection of legal maxims.H Broom1882Philadelphia008
446Semiotics and Legal TheoryB S Jackson1985England
447Sense of InjusticeE Cahn1964Bloomington
448Short encyclopaedia of medicine for lawyersW M Levitt1966London
449Simplified medical dictionary for lawyersB S Maloy1951Chicago002
450Simplified text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyC K Parikh1970
451Sir Henry MaineR C J Cocks1988New Delhi
452Sloane Dorland Annotated Medical Legal DictionaryR SloaneWest Publications1987New York
453Social Control through lawR Pound1942
454Social Dimension of Law and Justice in Contemporary IndiaV R Krishna Iyer1979Nagpur
455Social dimensions of law and justiceJ Stone1966Bombay
456Social JusticeDavid Miller1976Oxford
457Social JusticeK Brandt1962New Jersey
458Society and the lawF H Davis1962New York
459Society law and moralityF A Olafson1961New Jersey
460Socio Legal Problems and Developing SocietyN Sanajaoba1986New Delhi
461Sociological Evaluation of the Development of Sociology of LawM J Irwin1986Chicago
462Sociological Theory of LawM Albrow1985London
463Sociological Theory of LawN Luhmann1985London
464Sociology of LawR Tomasic1985London
465Sociology of lawG Gurvitch1947London
466Some Half Hidden Aspects of Indian Social JusticeV R Krishna Iyer1980Lucknow
467Some potentialities of experimental jurisprudenceF K Beutel1957Lincoln
468Some reflections on jurisprudenceW W Buckland1949Cambridge
469Structure of LibertyRandy E BarnettClarendon Press1998Oxford0-19-829324-0
470Studies in history and jurisprudenceJ Bryce1901New York
471Summa TheologiesT Aquinas1975London
472Text book of forensic medicine and toxicologyx Buchanan1925Edinburgh009
473Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1965015
474Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1963Bombay014
475Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1959Bombay013
476Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1957Bombay012
477Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1949Bombay010
478Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1947Bombay009
479Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1943Bombay007
480Text book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1936Bombay005
481Text Books of Medical Jurisprudence and ToxicologyC K Parikh1985Bombay004
482Text-book of jurisprudenceG W Paton1951Oxford002
483Text-book of jurisprudenceG W Paton1964London003
484Text-book of medical jurisprudence & toxicologyJaising P Modi1967016
485Text-book of medical jurisprudence and toxicologyJaising P Modi1969017
486Textbook of JurisprudenceG W Paton1972London004
487Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence and ToxicologyJaising P Modi1977Bombay019
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489Theories of JusticeB Barry1989London
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