Medical Practice and Law

Assisted Reproduction

Attending a patient in Emergency 

Biomedical waste

Circumcision of man

Complaint against a Doctor 


Contraception and Pregnancy

Cosmetic Enhancement and Magic Remedies

DNA testing and Evidence

Doctor as an expert before Court

Duty of Disclosure

Dying and Death

Embryo and stem cell Research

Fees of a Private Practioner   

Hospice and palliative care 

Hospital administration

Human Body and parts

 Informed Consent of Patient

International Code of Medical Ethics

Junior Doctors

Medical examination of Accused

Medical Malpractices 

Medical Record  

Medical Research and Patent issues

Medical use of Prohibited Drugs and Marijuana

Mental Health

National Health Policy

Organ Transplant 

Practice entitlement

Practicing Occupational Medicine 

Prison Doctor

Product Liability

Professional accountability

Public Health Issues

Road accident, Sudden death and Information to Police

Sex-changing surgery 

Sex Selection and Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Sperm Donation



The Gallic case

Unborn Person

Using of Antibiotic Medicine  

Writing Death Certificate

Writing Medical Report 

Writing prescription 

Recent Updates

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