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Origin of Cinema(κίνημα)-1895

CINEMATOGRAPH, kĭn-ẹ-măt′ō-grăf (Gr. κίνημα ‘movement,’ from κινεῖν, ‘to move’), an ingenious instrument introduced about 1895 by two brothers Lumière of Lyons, and founded on the same principle as Edison’s kinetoscope—the persistence of […]

Government by the Majority- Essay by Ross Winn-1895

We have had coercion enough. For ages man has ruled with sword and bayonet, with bars and chains. For many centuries the strong hand of power has crushed the liberties of the people, has soaked the soil with human blood, has cast the sable shadow of oppression over the earth, and now are we not civilized enough to dispense with it forever? What blessings does government confer?