Burma-by F. W. R. Fryer-1905

Burma is the easternmost province of British India. It is also the most recently acquired province of that empire. It is bounded on the east and north-east by China. The eastern boundary touches, besides China, the French province of Indo-China, the Siamese Shan States, and Siam proper, and finally runs down to the Bay of Bengal On the north-west it is bounded by Bengal, Assam, and the feudatory State of Manipur, and on the west and south by the sea.

History of Brahmadesh(Burma)-by Herbert Thirkell White-1923

egends and myths, unprofitable to relate, fill the early chronicles of Burma. In times of which there are no authentic records, the Burmese, issuing from the highlands of central Asia, drove into Lower Burma the Talaings, the first inhabitants of whom we have any knowledge, and occupied Upper Burma. They are said to have established a kingdom with its capital at Tagaung in the 9th century, B.C

Constitution of the Union of Burma-1948

WE, THE PEOPLE OF BURMA including the Frontier Areas and the Karenni States, Determined to establish in strength and unity a SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENT STATE, To maintain social order on the basis of the eternal principles of JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND EQUALITY and To guarantee and secure to all citizens JUSTICE social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship, vocation, association and action; EQUALITY of status, of opportunity and before the law, IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this Tenth day of Thadingyut waxing, 1309 B.E. (Twenty-fourth day of September, 1947 A.D.), DO HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION.

Burma in 1982

Previously Burma was part of greater India. Various ethnic Burman and ethnic minority city-states or kingdoms occupied the present borders through the 19th century, and several minority ethnic groups continue to maintain independent armies and control territory within the country…