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Executive Order-Amending the Civil Service Rules-17/01/2017


Minimum standards of fitness based on character and conduct for appointment in any other position in the excepted service of the executive branch, except for (A) positions in any element of the intelligence community as defined in the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, to the extent they are not otherwise subject to OPM appointing authorities, and (B) positions where OPM is statutorily precluded from prescribing such standards.

Guidelines for Promotion of Indian Administrative Service to Senior Scale and Supertime Scale-2000

The Government and Security

It is requested that in the interest of uniformity and objectivity, these instructions may be followed strictly, while granting promotion to the members of the Indian Administrative Service in different grades. Members of the DPCs may also be suitably briefed on these instructions at the time their meetings are held. Should any deviation from any of these guidelines is required to be made in exceptional circumstances, prior approval of the Central Government must be sought.