Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The people of Uzbekistan, solemnly declaring their adherence to human rights and principles of state sovereignty, being aware of their ultimate responsibility to the present and the future generations, relying on historical experience in the development of the Uzbek statehood, affirming their commitment to the ideals of democracy and social justice, recognizing priority of the generally accepted norms of the international law, aspiring to a worthy life for the citizens of the Republic, setting forth the task of creating a humane and democratic law-governed state, aiming to ensure civil peace and national accord, adopt in the person of their plenipotentiary representatives the present Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Constitution of Texas

Humbly invoking the blessings of Almighty God, the people of the State of Texas, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

Constitution of El Salvador-1983 [ Spanish]

We, representatives of the Salvadoran people gathered in a Constituent Assembly, our trust in God, our will in the high destinations of the country and in the exercise of sovereign power that the people of El Salvador have conferred on us, encouraged by the fervent desire to establish the foundations of national coexistence based on respect for the dignity of the human person, in the construction of a more just society, the essence of democracy and the spirit of freedom and justice, values ​​of our humanist heritage. We decree, sanction and proclaim the following Constitution:

Basic Law of the Vatican City, June 7, 1929

The Supreme Pontiff, Sovereign of the Vatican City State, has full legislative, executive and judicial powers. During the vacant See, the same powers belong to the Sacred College, which may issue legislative provisions only in cases of urgency and to take effect no later than the duration of the vacancy, unless they are confirmed by the Supreme Pontiff subsequently elected according to the norms of the sacred constitutions.

Barbados Constitution-1966

Barbados is a leading parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, recognising Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. She is represented by the Governor-General, His Excellency Sir Clifford Husbands, G.C.M.G., K.A., The country has a bicameral legislature and a mature social democratic party system, based on universal adult suffrage and total purity in elections.

Outline of a New Constitution by B.N. Rau-1946 

Each of the Federations shall be an independent sovereign State whose boundaries and whose relations with the other members of the Commonwealth in regard to matters of mutual interest such as defence, external affairs, communications and customs shall have been previously defined by agreement or with the aid of agreed machinery as hereinafter provided.

Constitution of the Republic of India drafted by Socialist Party of India-1948

We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to form a Sovereign Democratic Republic and to establish Democratic Socialist Order, wherein social justice willprevail and all citizens will lead comfortable, free and cultured life, and enjoy equality of status and opportunity and liberty of thought, expression, faith and worship, do hereby, through our chosen representatives assembled in the Constituent Assembly, adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution.

Constitution of the Portugal Republic

The Constituent Assembly affirms the Portuguese people’s decision to defend national independence, guarantee citizens’ fundamental rights, establish the basic principles of democracy, ensure the primacy of a democratic state based on the rule of law and open up a path towards a socialist society, with respect for the will of the Portuguese people and with a view to the construction of a country that is freer, more just and more fraternal.

Constitution of Denmark-1953

The Constitutional Act applies to Denmark, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Special home rule arrangements for the Faeroe Islands and special self-government arrangements for Greenland have been passed by law. These arrangements give the Faeroese and Greenlanders far-reaching autonomy in respect of their own affairs

Constitution of Argentina

We, the representatives of the people of the Argentine Nation, gathered in General Constituent Assembly by the will and election of the Provinces which compose it, in fulfillment of pre-existing pacts, in order to form a national union, guarantee justice, preserve domestic peace, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, to our posterity, and to all men of the world who wish to dwell on Argentine soil: invoking the protection of God, source of all reason and justice:

Constitution of Vietnam- 2001

In the light of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's thought, carrying into effect the Programme of national construction in the period of transition to socialism, the Vietnamese people vow to unite millions as one, uphold the spirit of self-reliance in building the country