About the year 1929 this group had begun to attract a lot of young men to its ranks, chiefly students to whom this new gospel of Lenin and Marx made a quick appeal. The British-controlled government of India, realizing that this growing trend of thought should be nipped in the bud, effected an all-India round up of these extreme leftists, the majority of whom were Communists. They were charged
with sedition. There followed the famous Meerut trial, where crystallization took place for the first time and the vague term “leftist” gave place to the more definite designation of “Communist

Ever since the signing of the U.S.-Pakistan Military Aid Agreement, our Government has, to all intents and purposes, abandoned its policy of neutrality and entered on a phase of enthusiastic friendship with the Soviet Union and its satellite, Red China. Whether there was a predisposition for this change, and the U.S.-Pak Agreement provided merely a handy excuse, is a larger question which I do not want to discuss here.

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