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Ground Water Pollution in India-2021

Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) generates ground water quality data on a regional scale through ground water quality monitoring throughout the country. This monitoring indicates the occurrence of Fluoride, Arsenic, Nitrate, Iron and Heavy Metals beyond the BIS permissible limits for human consumption in isolated pockets in various parts of the country.

Indian National Baseline Geoscience Data Generation Programmes (2020-2024)

To expedite exploration activities in the country, Geological Survey of India (GSI), has embarked upon an ambitious scheme to complete some major National level surveys by 2024: National Geochemical Mapping (NGCM), National Geophysical Mapping (NGPM), National Aero Geophysical Mapping Program (NAGMP). GSI is also going to adopt sophisticated deep penetration geophysical techniques such as Magneto-Telluric Surveys and Deep Seismic Reflection Surveys (DSRS) in order to define the crustal architecture for deep-seated mineral targeting.

U.S.-India bilateral partnership


The United States seeks an expanded trade relationship with India that is reciprocal and fair. In 2019, overall U.S.-India bilateral trade in goods and services reached $149 billion. U.S. energy exports are an important area of growth in the trade relationship. In 2018 India purchased 48.2 million barrels of U.S. crude oil, a significant increase from 9.6 million in 2017. Last year, Indian students enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities contributed over $8 billion to the U.S. economy.

Review of Climate of India during 2020

The annual mean land surface air temperature averaged over India during 2020 was above normal. During the year, annual mean land surface air temperature averaged over the country was+0.290C above normal (based on the data of 1981-2010). The year 2020 was the eighth warmest year on record since nation-wide records commenced in 1901.

Govt of India is implementing Venture Capital Fund for Powerloom and Allied Products and Services

The Government of India is implementing the Venture Capital Fund for Powerloom and Allied Products and Services (TEX-Fund), as a component under PowerTex India scheme w.e.f. 01.04.2017. The TEX Fund has a minimum corpus of Rs.35 crores with Government of India’s contribution of Rs.24.50 crores and the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has a minimum contribution of Rs.10.50 crores.

Evaluation of Indian Agriculture-General Studies

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