Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine is an attempt to unilaterally change status quo by force – Japan Prime Minister Kishida (03/03/2022)  

Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine is an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo by force. It is an act that undermines the very foundation of not Europe alone, but rather the entire international order, including Asia. It is an outrage that blatantly violates international law and I once again condemn it in the strongest terms.

Press Conference by Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida on the Situation in Ukraine-27/02/2022

We have decided to impose the sanction of freezing the assets of persons involved in the Russian government besides President Putin -- naturally, this will include persons involved in the Russian government beyond President Putin. As for specifics regarding which Russian persons or entities will be subject to this sanction, or what sort of Russian person and entity related to the Government will be subject to this sanction, we are currently working urgently to confirm what is appropriate to do regarding the targets of the sanction.

Japan’s legal position on the development of natural resources in the East China Sea-06/08/2015

Both Japan and China are entitled to Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and continental shelf up to 200 nautical miles (nm) from their respective territorial sea baseline(note: the baseline from the breadth of which the territorial sea is measured) in accordance with relevant provisions of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Japan-North Korea Pyongyang Declaration-2002

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Chairman Kim Jong-Il of the DPRK National Defense Commission met and had talks in Pyongyang on September 17, 2002. Both leaders confirmed the shared recognition that establishing a fruitful political, economic and cultural relationship between Japan and the DPRK through the settlement of unfortunate past between them and the outstanding issues of concern would be consistent with the fundamental interests of both sides, and would greatly contribute to the peace and stability of the region.

Japan gifted to Taiwan 1.24 million doses of AstraZeneca covid vaccine for free-China said OK

Epidemic prevention and control is the most important task and people's lives should be given top priority. I would like to advise the Taiwan authorities to focus on scientific epidemic prevention and control, remove man-made political obstacles, and ensure that the lives, health, interests and well-being of our Taiwan compatriots are effectively protected.

Summary of US initial post-defeat policy to Japan-1945

Immediately upon the unconditional surrender or total defeat of Japan, the supreme allied commander will exercise supreme authority over the domestic and foreign affairs of the Japanese Empire. Simultaneously, the constitutional powers of the Emperor shall be suspended. All instrumentalities which participate in the formulation or consideration of national policies shall be suspended, pending the achievement of the objectives of military government, and their functions shall be assumed by military government.

USA policies relating to Japan after surrender-1945

This document is intended as a statement of general initial policies relating to Japan after surrender. Following Presidential approval, it will be distributed to appropriate United States departments and agencies for their guidance. It is recognized that this document does not deal with all matters relating to the occupation of Japan requiring policy determinations. Policies upon such matters as are not included or not fully covered herein will be dealt with in subsequent papers.

Anglo-Japanese Alliance 1902

The High Contracting parties, having mutually recognized the independence of China and Korea, declare themselves to be entirely uninfluenced by aggressive tendencies in either country, having in view, however, their special interests, of which those of Great Britain relate principally to China, whilst Japan, in addition to the interests which she possesses in China, is interested in a peculiar degree, politically as well as commercially and industrially in Korea, the High Contracting parties recognize that it will be admissible for either of them to take such measures as may be indispensable in order to safeguard those interests if threatened either by the aggressive action of any other Power, or by disturbances arising in China or Korea, and necessitating the intervention of either of the High Contracting parties for the protection of the lives and properties of its subjects.


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