accounting of value of the earth as bases of life and activities of the person according to whom regulation of the relations on use and protection of the earth is performed proceeding from ideas of the earth as about the natural object protected as the most important component of the nature, the natural resource used as means of production in agricultural industry and forestry and bases of implementation of economic and other activity in the territory of the Russian Federation, and at the same time as about real estate, about object of the property right and other land right

The purpose of this Act is to provide suitable conditions to ensure that the land areas in the country including forests and mountains and everything pertaining thereto (land resources) may be used in the manner that is most beneficial to society and to those working in the agricultural sector.

For the sake of economic development, promoting land utilization, and enhance social welfare, land used for national defense, government administration, public facilities, passages under balconies or hallways, academic research, education, transportation, irrigation, water supply, salt mining, religious purpose, health care, sanitation, public or private cemetery, charity or public interest enterprises, and reasonable self-use residence, as well as reconsolidated, reclaimed and ameliorated land may receive appropriate reduction or exemption; the relevant reduction and exemption criteria and procedures shall be prescribed by the Executive Yuan.

Kerala Land Tax Act 1961 (Kerala Act 13 of 1961) Ed: 2020 An Act to provide for the levy of a basic tax on lands in the State of Kerala Preamble. – Whereas it is deemed necessary to provide for the levy of a basic tax on lands in the State of Kerala; Be it enacted in the Twelfth Year […]

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