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Subjective Category

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  1. Acoustics sound vibration
  2. Agriculture Indian Perspective
  3. Agricultural Economics and Policy
  4. Agricultural Engineering
  5. Agricultural Sciences
  6. Agriculture Dairy and Animal Science
  7. Agriculture Multidisciplinary
  8. Agronomy
  9. Allergy
  10. Anatomy and Morphology
  11. Andrology
  12. Anesthesiology
  13. Anthropology human history
  14. Archaeology
  15. Architecture
  16. Area Studies
  17. Art
  18. Astronomy and Astrophysics space science
  19. Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
  20. Automation and Control Systems
  21. Behavioral Sciences
  22. Biochemical Research Methods
  23. Biodiversity Conservation
  24. Biology 
  25. Biochemistry
  26. Biophysics
  27. Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology
  28. Business
  29. Business Finance
  30. Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
  31. Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
  32. Chemistry Analytical
  33. Chemistry Applied
  34. Chemistry Inorganic and Nuclear
  35. Chemistry Medicinal
  36. Chemistry Multidisciplinary
  37. Chemistry Organic
  38. Chemistry Physical
  39. Classics
  40. Clinical Medicine
  41. Clinical Neurology
  42. Clinical Pre Clinical and Health
  43. Communication
  44. Computer Science
  45. Computer Science Artificial Intelligence
  46. Computer Science Cybernetics
  47. Computer Science Hardware and Architecture
  48. Computer Science Information Systems
  49. Computer Science Interdisciplinary Applications
  50. Computer Science Software Engineering
  51. Computer Science Theory and Methods
  52. Construction and Building Technology
  53. Criminology and Penology
  54. Critical Care Medicine
  55. Crystallography
  56. Cultural Studies
  57. Dance
  58. Demography
  59. Dentistry Oral Surgery and Medicine
  60. Dermatology skin
  61. Ecology
  62. Ecology and Environment
  63. Economics
  64. Economics and Business
  65. Education and Educational Research
  66. Education Scientific Disciplines
  67. Education Special
  68. Electrochemistry
  69. Emergency Medicine
  70. Endocrinology and Metabolism tissue
  71. Endocrinology and Metabolism tissue
  72. Energy and Fuels
  73. Engineering
  74. Engineering Aerospace
  75. Engineering and Technology
  76. Engineering Biomedical
  77. Engineering Chemical
  78. Engineering Civil
  79. Engineering Electrical and Electronic
  80. Engineering Environmental
  81. Engineering Geological
  82. Engineering Industrial
  83. Engineering Manufacturing
  84. Engineering Marine
  85. Engineering Mechanical
  86. Engineering Multidisciplinary
  87. Engineering Ocean
  88. Engineering Petroleum
  89. Entomology insects
  90. Environmental Sciences
  91. Environmental Studies
  92. Ergonomics efficiency
  93. Ethics and Morality
  94. Ethnic Studies race racism
  95. expand category Chemistry
  96. expand category Geosciences
  97. expand category Immunology
  98. expand category Material Science
  99. expand category Multidisciplinary
  100. expand category Philosophy and Psychology
  101. expand category Physical Sciences
  102. expand category Physics
  103. expand category Psychiatry and Psychology
  104. expand category Space Sciences
  105. Family Studies
  106. Film Radio Television
  107. Fisheries
  108. Folklore
  109. Food Science and Technology
  110. Forestry
  111. Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  112. Gastroenterology and Hepatology gas liver
  113. Genetics and Heredity
  114. Geochemistry and Geophysics
  115. Geography
  116. Geography Physical
  117. Geology
  118. Geosciences Multidisciplinary
  119. Geriatrics and Gerontology old
  120. Gerontology aging
  121. Health Care Sciences and Services
  122. Health Policy and Services
  123. Hematology blood
  124. History
  125. History and geography
  126. History of Social Sciences
  127. Homeopathy
  128. Horticulture
  129. Hospitality Leisure Sport and Tourism
  130. Humanities Multidisciplinary
  131. Imaging Science and Photographic Technology
  132. Immunology
  133. Industrial Relations and Labor
  134. Infectious Diseases
  135. Instruments and Instrumentation
  136. Integrative and Complementary Medicine
  137. International Relations
  138. Knowledge System
  139. Language
  140. Law and Jurisprudence
  141. Library Information and Science
  142. Life Sciences
  143. Limnology
  144. Linguistics
  145. Literary Reviews
  146. Literary Theory and Criticism
  147. Literature
  148. Literature African Australian Canadian
  149. Literature American
  150. Literature German-Dutch Scandanavian
  151. Literature Romance
  152. Literature Slavic
  153. Logic
  154. Management
  155. Marine and Freshwater Biology
  156. Materials Science Biomaterials
  157. Materials Science Ceramics
  158. Materials Science Characterization and Testing
  159. Materials Science Coatings and Films
  160. Materials Science Composites
  161. Materials Science Multidisciplinary
  162. Materials Science Paper and Wood
  163. Materials Science Textiles
  164. Mathematical and Computational Biology
  165. Mathematics Applied
  166. Mathemetics Arithmetics
  167. Mathemetics-Bijganitam(Alzebra)
  168. Mathematics Hindu Vedic
  169. Mathematics Interdisciplinary Applications
  170. Mechanics
  171. Medical Ethics
  172. Medical Informatics
  173. Medical Laboratory Technology
  174. Medicine General and Internal
  175. Medicine Legal
  176. Medicine Research and Experimental
  177. Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  178. Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering
  179. Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
  180. Microscopy
  181. Mineralogy
  182. Mining and Mineral Processing
  183. Multidisciplinary Sciences
  184. Multidisciplinary Sciences
  185. Mycology
  186. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  187. Neuroimaging
  188. Neuroscience and Behaviour
  189. Neurosciences
  190. Nuclear Science and Technology
  191. Nursing
  192. Nutrition and Dietetics
  193. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  194. Oceanography
  195. Oncology tumor
  196. Oncology tumors
  197. Operations Research and Management Science
  198. Ophthalmology eyes
  199. Optics
  200. Ornithology birds
  201. Orthopedics bones
  202. Otorhinolaryngology ear throat
  203. Paleontology fossils
  204. Parasitology organisms
  205. Pathology
  206. Pathology cause of disease
  207. Pediatrics child
  208. Peripheral Vascular Disease
  209. Peripheral Vascular Disease
  210. Pharmacology and Pharmacy
  211. Pharmacology and Pharmacy
  212. Pharmacology and Toxicology
  213. Philosophy of Science
  214. Physics Applied
  215. Physics Atomic Molecular and Chemical
  216. Physics Condensed Matter
  217. Physics Fluids and Plasmas
  218. Physics Mathematical
  219. Physics Multidisciplinary
  220. Physics Nuclear
  221. Physics Particles and Fields
  222. Physiology living organisms
  223. Planning and Development
  224. Plant and animal science
  225. Plant Sciences
  226. Poetry
  227. Political Science
  228. Polymer Science
  229. Primary Health Care
  230. Psychiatry
  231. Psychology
  232. Psychology Applied
  233. Psychology Biological
  234. Psychology Clinical
  235. Psychology Developmental
  236. Psychology Educational
  237. Psychology Experimental
  238. Psychology Mathematical
  239. Psychology Multidisciplinary
  240. Psychology Psychoanalysis
  241. Psychology Social
  242. Public Administration
  243. Public Environmental and Occupational Health
  244. Radiology Nuclear Medicine Medical Imaging
  245. Rehabilitation
  246. Religion
  247. Remote Sensing
  248. Respiratory System
  249. Rheumatology joints muscles and ligaments
  250. Robotics
  251. Sexology
  252. Slavery
  253. Social Issues
  254. Social Sciences
  255. Social Sciences Biomedical
  256. Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
  257. Social Sciences Mathematical Methods
  258. Social Work
  259. Sociology
  260. Sociology Foundation
  261. Soil Science
  262. Spectroscopy
  263. Sport Sciences
  264. Statistics and Probability
  265. Substance Abuse drugs
  266. Surgery
  267. Telecommunications
  268. Theater
  269. Thermodynamics
  270. Toxicology poison
  271. Transplantation
  272. Transplantation
  273. Transportation
  274. Transportation Science and Technology
  275. Tropical Medicine
  276. Urban Studies
  277. Urology and Nephrology kidney
  278. Veterinary Sciences disease in animals
  279. Virology virus
  280. Water Resources
  281. Women’s Studies
  282. Zoology


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