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Dependant means

Definition of ‘dependant’ as provided in Section 2(1)(d) of Act, 1923, which is reproduced herein below:- (d) “dependant” means any of the following relatives of a deceased (employee), namely- (1) a widow, […]


Article 31, like Art, 19 (1) (f), is concerned with “property.” Both the Articles are in the same chapter and deal with fundamental rights. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the […]

Police power

We are familiar with the expression “police power” which is in vogue in the United States of America. ‘This expression simply denotes that in special cases the State can step in where […]

Right to sue means

The statute of Limitation was intended to provide a time limit for all suits conceivable. Section 3 of the Limitation Act provides that a suit, appeal or application instituted after the prescribed […]


The term `employment’ used in Article 319 of the Constitution fell for consideration before the Hon’ble Full Bench of Rajasthan High Court in Har Govind Pant’s case (supra). The observations made in […]

Acquaintance rape 

Rape is a violent act and may be committed by a stranger, friend or an acquaintance. Rape causes extreme emotional and personal injuries as well as physical injuries which are often quite […]

Minor Offences

The Rajasthan High Court in Anil Kumar and Another Vs. State of Rajasthan, (1992) CriLJ 3637 , while dealing with an identical issue, in Paragraph No. 13 held as follows:– “13. The […]