President Biden on the End of the War in Afghanistan-31/08/2021

Taken with a night vision device from a side window of the C-17 transport plane, the ghostly green and black image of the general striding toward the aircraft waiting on the tarmac at Kabul's Hamid Karzai Airport was released by the Pentagon hours after the United States ended its 20-year military presence in Afghanistan

Indian External Affairs Minister at UNSC Briefing on ‘Threats to International Peace and Security caused by Terrorist Acts’

Events unfolding in Afghanistan have naturally enhanced global concerns about their implications for both regional and international security. The heightened activities of the proscribed Haqqani Network justifies this growing anxiety. Whether it is in Afghanistan or against India, groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed continue to operate with both impunity and encouragement.

Text of PM’s address from Red Fort on 75th Independence Day

वोकल फॉर लोकल - सरकार E-Commerce Platform तैयार करेगी। आज जब देशवोकल फॉर लोकलके मंत्र के साथ आगे बढ़ा रहा है तो यह Digital Platform महिला selfhelp group के उत्‍पादों को देश के दूर-दराज के क्षेत्रों में और विदेशों में भी लोगों से जोड़ेगा और उनका फलक बहुत विस्‍तृत होगा।

Parliament passed Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (Amendment) Bill, 2021

The bill allows tariff determination of a 'group of airports' by way of amending the definition of 'major airport.' The bill amends the provisions of the law in relation to tariffs for single airports. The intention of the government is to develop not only the high traffic volume & profitable airports but also the low traffic volume of non-profitable airports.