Govt asked Private Hospitals to ensure National Clinical Treatment Protocols and Best Practices

The best practices included discussion of the tele-consultation sessions conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi through the e-ICU, Centers of Excellence (CoE) and Clinical Grand Rounds to enhance the clinical management capacities of the ICU doctors in various States/UTs. This, supplemented by various other focussed strategies of containment, prevention, early identification, has resulted in higher recoveries and steadily declining mortality.


“Injured person” means a person injured due to traffic accident, assault or any other cause who is in need of an immediate treatment-Where an injured person is brought to a hospital, he shall be provided medical aid without delay on priority basis over all other medico-legal formalities-No police official or officer shall interrupt or interfere during the period an injured person is under treatment in a hospital except with the written permission of the Incharge of the hospital.