Political Situation in India as on 21 July 1922- M.N. Roy

by the Working Committee of the Congress in its session held at Badoli, a district in Guzrat winch had been chosen by Gandhi as the first place where civil disobedience should be started under his personal supervision. The Bardoli Resolution, which suspended all revolutionary activities, included the following clauses which left no doubt whatsoever as to the social affiliation of the Congress leadership.

On the Gaya Congress-MN Roy-15/02/1923

You have only to remember the choice remarks of St. Rajagopal in opposing the “Independence Resolution” to understand the real character of this crowd. When we read that the defeat of this resolution was hailed with shouts of “Gandhi Maharaj ki jai!” we can only congratulate ourselves upon having found a philosophy which enables us to untangle so easily every complicated social and historical phenomenon.

Legal Murder in India-M.N. Roy-23/01/1923

Out of 228 men put on trial for “rioting and arson” at Chauri Chaura, 172 have been sentenced to death, and six men have practically suffered the same penally, because they died in jail of maltreatment during the trial, which lasted almost a full year. Even the records of the British government in India cannot produce an instance of imperialist “justice” which surpasses this one in its majestic vindictiveness and brutality.