Biographical information on Muhammad – Vincenzo Calza (1847)

Muhammad , or Mohammed (according to the spelling and pronunciation of the Orientals) was born on 1 April 569 1 of GC in Mecca city of Hedjaz ; province of Arabia; he had for father Abdallah son of Abdhal Mottalib ; and for mother Amina daughter of Wahib ; he thus belonged doubly to the tribe of the Choreicites (QURESH), a tribe of great population and power

References in Wasim Rizvi’s Book Muhammad 

This shows that prior to the conquest of Mecca, emigration from that town was one of the requisites for Muslims. This is additional evidence of the fact that Muslims were coerced by Muhammad to abandon their homes, while their families did everything they could to keep their loved ones from following this man.

Biographers of Prophet Muhammad

The first who attempted to compile an account of Muḥammad in the form of a history, was az-Zuhrī, who died a.h. 124, and whose work, no longer extant, is mentioned by Ibn K͟hallikān.