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Seema Sarkar Vs. Executive Officer and Ors.


May 01, 2019 – The Member of Parliament cannot be treated at par with an elected member of the Panchayat Samity for the purpose of removal of Pramukh and Uppramukh. In the relevant Rules and Regulations in relation to a motion of no confidence wherever the word ‘member’ is used, it would only mean elected members and not nominated members even though such nominated member may have a right to vote in other proceedings [SC]

Without proof of customary right, Panchayat has no title to property or income administered for benefit of villagers in common

What is required by S. 58 for the purpose of vesting is the proof of custom by which the villagers in common acquire title to any property or income. Vesting of rights takes place under S. 58 if there is proof of customary right of administration of any property or income for the benefit of the villagers in common. Unless therefore there is proof of customary right, the Panchayat cannot claim title to the property or income administered for the benefit of the villagers in common

Powers, functions and duties of Zilla Parishad [West Bengal]

A Zilla Parishad shall function as a unit of self-government and, in order to achieve economic development and secure social justice for all, shall prepare –

(i) a development plan for the five-year term of the office of the members, and
(ii) an annual plan for each year by the month of January of the preceding year,
in furtherance of its objective of development of the community as a whole and socio-economic upliftment of the individual members of the community and, without prejudice to the generality of the above provisions