The Socialist Party and the Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan is a secret organization which assumes that the American Republic is in danger and unable to defend itself by its own legal agencies. The Klan therefore appoints itself as the Republic's defender—particularly against Roman Catholics, Jews, Negroes, foreigners and radicals.

Catholic Church is a political organization to establish “supremacy of Pope over all persons”

The papal monarchy was neither designed nor calculated to foster the growth of either truth, reason or virtue. The policy and measures which it adopted were never intended to correct vice, but to make it administer to the importance of its power, and the wealth of its coffers. Its design has always been to reign supreme; and in conformity with a policy dictated by this design, it has destroyed every virtue that obtruded an obstacle to the accomplishment of its purposes, and protected every vice that appeared to favor their success.

Constitution of All India Trinamool Congress-1998

The name of the Party shall be the ALL INDIA TRINAMOOL CONGRESS. The Party shall have its own flag, logo, symbol and its National Headquarters at such place as the Party shall deem fit and proper. The Pradesh Trinamool Congress Committee shall ordinarily be constituted in the Pradeshes named below with the headquarters mentioned against each.