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Indian PM Modi’s opening remarks at 12th BRICS Summit-17/11/2020


Both credibility and effectiveness of global governance institutions are being questioned. The main reason for this is that these did not change with time. These are still rooted in the thinking and reality of a world which was seen 75 years ago. India believes that reforms are a must in the UN Security Council. We expect support from our BRICS partners in this matter. Apart from the UN, many other international institutions are also not functioning according to current realities. Institutions like WTO, IMF, WHO must also reform.

Remarks by President of China at Shanghai Cooperation Summit Organization 2020

The SCO needs to expand its network of partnerships and conduct extensive cooperation with observers, dialogue partners, the UN and other international organizations. It should play a more active role in international and regional affairs, and stay committed to building an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security and common prosperity.

Indian PM Modi`s speech at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit 2020


SCO में भारत के लिए यह एक महत्वपूर्ण वर्ष है। हम पहली बार एक Summit स्तर की बैठक SCO Council of Heads of Government का आयोजन करने जा रहे हैं। इस बैठक के लिए एक व्यापक एजेंडा तैयार किया गया है, जिसमें आर्थिक सहयोग के मुद्दों पर विशेष ध्यान दिया गया है। हमने स्टार्टअप इकोसिस्टम में अपने समृद्ध अनुभव को साझा करने के लिए Innovation and Startups पर Special Working Group की स्थापना का प्रस्ताव रखा है। हमने Traditional Medicine पर Working Group का भी प्रस्ताव रखा है, ताकि SCO देशों में पारंपरिक और प्राचीन चिकित्सा के ज्ञान और समकालीन चिकित्सा में हो रही प्रगति एक दूसरे के पूरक बन सकें।