An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Use Means for Conversion of Heathens-by William Carey

But now popery, especially the compulsive part of it, was risen to such an height, that the usual method of propagating the gospel, or rather what was so called, was to conquer pagan nations by force of arms, and then oblige them to submit to Christianity, after which bishopricks were erected, and persons then sent to instruct the people.

The Orissa Freedom of Religion Rules 1989

Each District Magistrate shall maintain a list of religious institutions or organisations propagating religious faith in his district and that of persons directly or indirectly engaged for propagation of religious faith in the district.

The Orissa Freedom of Religion Act 1967

No person shall convert or attempt to convert, either directly or otherwise, any person form one religious faith to another by the use of force or by inducement or by any fraudulent means nor shall any person abet any such conversion.

Christians adopted five deceptions to convert Pagans

In order to achieve this purpose, it is hardly sufficient for new Christian communities to convert men to the Catholic religion and, after purifying them with the water of Baptism, to number them among the members of the Church; it is altogether necessary, after giving the individual a Christian education suitable to his circumstances and times, to make him capable of promoting, as much as he can, the present and future good and growth of the Church.

Love Jihad is not ‘love’ but prominently religious and under the pretext of love, there are deceitful conversion: Kerala High Court

SHAHAN SHA. A. AND ANOTHER Vs. STATE OF KERALA-Inter-religious marriages, arising out of love affairs or otherwise, are to be recognized and promoted. To solemnize such marriages, there need not necessarily be any conversion of one party to the marriage from one religion to another. If a boy or girl believes that a marital union is not possible without the other party to love converting to his or her religion, it is his or her faith.