BE it enacted that such parts of any of the Regulations in force, as authorize the District Munsiffs within the Presidency of Fort St. George to receive any Fee or Commission for duties performed by them, are hereby rescinded; and District Munsiffs within that Presidency, shall not be entitled to receive any emolument whatever, beyond their fixed monthly allowances.

BENGAL DISTRICTS ACT 1836 THE BENGAL DISTRICTS ACT, 1836 ACT NO. 21 OF 1836 [11th September, 1836.] Power to create new zilas. It shall be lawful for the State Government, by notification in the Official Gazette to create new zilas in any part of West Bengal. 1. Short title given by the Amending Act, 1903 (1 of 1903), Sch. I. […]

It is hereby enacted, that from the first January, 1838, the Calcutta Sicca Rupee shall cease to be a legal tender in discharge of any debt, but shall be received by the Collectors of Land Revenue, and at all other Public Treasuries by weight, and subject to a charge of 1 per cent for re-coinage.

every Chaprass or Badge worn by any person, not being a Servant of the Government, shall bear the name the party by whom the wearer is employed, and whoever shall wear a Chaprass or Badge, or be accessary to the wearing such Chaprass or Badge, otherwise than in conformity to this rule, shall be punishable by fine and imprisonment on conviction, before a Magistrate, as for a misdemeanor.

Status-Repealed JUSTICES OF THE PEACE, CALCUTTA ACT NO. IV OF 1835 (Rep, by Act 8 of 1868) 13th March, 1835 Passed by the Right Honorable the Governor General of India in Council on the 13th March 1835. BE it enacted that from the 14th day of March 1835, all powers whatever in Criminal Cases which by virtue of any law […]

Status Repealed GOVERNOR GENERAL ACT 1834 ACT NO. I. OF 1834 (Rep., by Act 8 of 1868) [20th November, 1834.] Passed by the Right Hon’ble the Governor General of India in Council on the 20th November 1834. BE it enacted that all Acts done by the Governor General of India in Council, or by the Vice President of Fort William […]

Status- Repealed Sessions Judges 1835 ACT NO. VII. OF 1835 (Rep., by Act 8 of 1868) [8th June, 1835.] Passed by the Hon’ble the Governor General of India in Council on the 8th June 1835. BE it enacted, that it shall be competent to the Governors of the Presidencies of Fort William in Bengal and of Agra respectively, by an […]

It is hereby enacted, that in all the Presidencies so much of all Decrees as consists of the points to be decided, the decision thereon and the reasons for the decision, and all injunctions for the revision of Decrees in regular Suits, and all orders for Reviews of Judgment, which shall be passed by Judges of the Sudder Courts, or by Judges of Zillah and City Courts, or by Subordinate or Assistant Judges of Zillahs, shall be written originally in English, and signed by the Judge or Judges at the time of pronouncing such decision and orders; and shall be translated into the vernacular language, commonly used in the Court wherein the Suit to which the Decree or Order relates, shall have been instituted; and the translation shall be incorporated in the Decree.

Indian Bar Councils Act, 1926 (Act No. 38 of 1926) Dated 09.09.1926 An Act to provide for the constitution of Bar Councils and for other purposes. Whereas it is expedient to provide for the constitution and incorporation of Bar Councils for certain Courts to confer powers and impose duties on such Bar Councils, and to consolidate and amend the law […]

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