SC dismisses Rafale review petitions said perception of individuals cannot be basis of a fishing and roving enquiry- 14/11/2019

Yashwant Sinha & Ors. Vs Central Bureau Of Investigation through its Director & Anr-We find no reason for any intervention by this Court on the sensitive issue of purchase of 36 defence aircrafts by the Indian Government. Perception of individuals cannot be the basis of a fishing and roving enquiry by this Court, especially in such matters. We, thus, dismiss all the writ petitions.


In S. Nagaraj and others vs. State of Karnataka and another (1993) 4 Suppl. SCC 595 seems to be rather apposite. Supreme Court in paragraph 19 of the report, upon relying on […]

Only National Commission(Consumer)has power to review its ex-prate orders.

The legislature chose to give the National Commission power to review its ex prate orders. Before amendment, against dismissal of any case by the Commission, the consumer had to rush to this Court. The amendment in Section 22 and introduction of Section 22A were done for the convenience of the consumers. We have carefully ascertained the legislative intention and interpreted the law accordingly.