Summary of Judicial Activity of Constitutional Court of Romania in 2021

The Court’s power with regard to the resolution of constitutional legal conflicts between public authorities also shows a major decrease in referrals, i.e. from 6 applications in 2020 to only 2 in 2021. In this situation too, due to the quality of the legal subjects lodging these types of referrals to the Court pursuant to Articles 146 a) and Article 146 e) respectively, a return to standards of normality can be noted, reflecting an active but balanced political scene in the process of appealing to the mechanism for triggering constitutionality review.

Romanian National Defence Strategy (2020-2024)

The Black Sea region is of strategic interest for Romania and it must be a safe and predictable area – these are vital aspects for the national security, as well as for the European and transatlantic security. Therefore, I will continue my endeavours for the development of the national defence posture and for the increase of the Allies’ presence in NATO structures on Romanian territory, in addition to an enhanced efficiency of the efforts made by the Romanian State in support of consolidating national security.