Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership – Vladimir Putin (03/02/2022)

Russia and China are actively cooperating on the broadest agenda within BRICS, RIC, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as other associations. Within the G20, we are committed to taking national specifics into account when formulating our recommendations, be it the fight against pandemics or the implementation of the climate agenda. Thanks to a large extent to our countries' shared solidarity, following the 2021 G20 Summit in Rome informed decisions were made on international cooperation to restore economic growth, recognize vaccines and vaccine certificates, optimize energy transitions, and reduce digitalization risks.

Roadmap for High-quality Development of Sino-Russian Trade in Goods and Services-Press conference of Chinese Ministry of Commerce-10/02/2022 

On February 4, President Xi Jinping held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two heads of state planned the blueprint and guided the direction of China-Russia relations under the new historical conditions. The talks achieved fruitful results. During the talks, the Ministry of Commerce and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development signed two cooperation documents.