Karl Marx : The Man and His Work-The Constructive Elements of Socialism by Karl Dannenberg- 1918

When Marx went to eternal rest in 1883, already more than the proverbial baker's dozen had declared their allegiance to Socialism: it was the period when hundreds and thousands followed the standard of working-class emancipation—the dawn of modern capitalism, and the embryonic stage in the development of the modern labor movement. Today millions of disinherited all over the globe gather around the banner dedicated to the proletariat by Marx: a banner truly expressive of the demands of economic and social necessity, and symbolizing the ideals and historic mission of the working-class—the destruction of the political class state and the inauguration of the Industrial Republic.

The Socialist Party and the Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan is a secret organization which assumes that the American Republic is in danger and unable to defend itself by its own legal agencies. The Klan therefore appoints itself as the Republic's defender—particularly against Roman Catholics, Jews, Negroes, foreigners and radicals.

Character Of Nehruvian Secularism

India had never known a theocratic state till the advent of Islam in this country in the first quarter of the eighth century AD. Hindu Dharma has always been a pluralistic religion. Hindu culture and society too have been pluralistic throughout their hoary history. It was, therefore, impossible for the Hindus to erect an established church or to proclaim a state religion and call upon the State to impose it by force.

Why I Am a Socialist-Annie Besant (1886)

A Socialist! you don't mean to say you are a Socialist!" Such is the exclamation with which anyone who adopts the much-hated name of Socialist is sure to be greeted in "polite society". A Socialist is supposed to go about with his pocket full of bombs and his mind full of assassinations; he is a kind of wild beast, to be hunted down with soldiers if he lives under Bismarck, with sneers, abuse, and petty persecutions if he lives under Victoria