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Distinction between cruelty u/s 498-A of IPC and that u/s 13(1)(i-a) of HMA 1955

Shobha Rani Versus Madhukar -Reddy12/11/1987-We are, however, not concerned with criminal offence either under the Dowry Prohibition Act or under the Indian Penal Code. We are concerned with a matrimonial conduct which constitutes cruelty as a ground for dissolution of marriage. Such cruelty if not admitted requires to be proved on the preponderance of propabilities as in civil cases and not beyond a reasonable doubt as in criminal cases.

Dr. Jaishri Laxmanrao Patil vs The State of Maharashtra & Ors-05/04/2021

Sachin Vaze case-A writ petition would be the appropriate remedy, should the police fail or omit to register an FIR despite receiving a complaint disclosing commission of cognizable offence.-Thus, there cannot be any two opinions that the police by not registering an FIR on receipt of Dr. Patil’s complaint, and then again by not notifying her that the complaint would not be investigated, have not acted in accordance with law.

Origins of SARS-CoV-2 virus-WHO report denied Wuhan laboratory origin of the pandemic

The international team recognized the impact of the epidemic on Wuhan, from affected individuals and communities to government officials, scientists and health workers. The team commended the engagement of all the professionals who had spent long hours analysing very large quantities of data to support its work. In conclusion, the team called for a continued scientific and collaborative approach to be taken towards tracing the origins of COVID-19.

Hitler’s Directive for the occupation of Denmark and Norway – 01/03/1940

The development of the Situation in Scandinavia required the making of all preparations for the occupation of Denmark and Norway by a part of the German Armed Forces (“Fall Weseruebung”). This operation should prevent British encroachment on Scandinavia and the Baltic; further it should guarantee our ore base in Sweden and give our Navy and Air Force a wider start line against Britain. The part which the Navy and the Air Force will nave to play, within the limits of their capabilities, is to protect the operation against the interference of British naval and air striking forces.

State thr. P.G, Sindh v. Ahmed Omer Shaikh-28/01/2021-Daniel Pearl Case

Keeping the prosecution evidence in its true and correct perspective, it is established beyond any reasonable doubt that: the identity of accused Ahmed Omar Sheikh, and him being part of the conspiratorial agreement with Arif alias Hashim and Fahad Naseem has been duly established; Ahmed Omar Sheikh was the person who met Daniel Pearl in Room No. 411 Akbar International Hotel, and was also ‘last seen’ with Daniel Pearl on 23.01.2002; the email dated 30.01.2002 at 14:19:43 PST was sent from the Hotmail account of accused Fahad Naseem on the directions of Ahmad Omar Sheikh.

What are the guiding factors for exercising the power to granting bail

The considerations being: (a) While granting bail the court has to keep in mind not only the nature of the accusations, but the severity of the punishment, if the accusation entails a conviction and the nature of evidence in support of the accusations. (b) Reasonable apprehensions of the witnesses being tampered with or the apprehension of there being a threat for the complainant should also weigh with the court in the matter of grant of bail.

Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan: reducing the level of mortality and injury of large whales

The Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team (ALWTRT or Team) was established in 1996 and is made up of 60 members, including about 22 trap/pot and gillnet fishermen or fishery representatives. Because both right whales and fin whales are listed as endangered, they are considered strategic stocks under the MMPA. Due to population growth, in 2016 certain stocks of humpback whales, which are taken in the Atlantic Category I and II fisheries regulated under the ALWTRP, are no longer listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act

Reputation of the spouse if sullied amongst his colleagues amounts to mental cruelty-SC-26/02/21

whether the conduct of the respondent would fall within the realm of mental cruelty. Here the allegations are levelled by a highly educated spouse and they do have the propensity to irreparably damage the character and reputation of the appellant. When the reputation of the spouse is sullied amongst his colleagues, his superiors and the society at large, it would be difficult to expect condonation of such conduct by the affected party.

Begum vs Secretary of State- UK SC held Jihadi bride Shamima Begam cannot enter UK

United Kingdom

The Supreme Court unanimously allows the Secretary of State’s appeals and dismisses Ms Begum’s cross-appeal. The result is that Ms Begum’s appeal against the LTE decision is dismissed, her application for judicial review of the LTE decision is dismissed, and her application for judicial review of SIAC’s preliminary determination in her appeal against the deprivation decision is dismissed.