THE SUITS VALUATION ACT, 1887 [PAKISTAN] (Act VII of 1887) C O N T E N T S SECTIONS 1. Title. 2. Extent and commencement of Part I. 3. Power of Provincial Government to make rules determining value of land for jurisdictional purposes. 4. Valuation of relief in certain suits relating to land not to exceed the value of the […]

a) The valuation of a suit for purpose of jurisdiction as well as for purpose of fixation of court-fees may be identical in many cases, and, many a time can be different for the two purposes. b) The value of a suit for the purpose of jurisdiction cannot be less than the value of the suit for the purpose of court fees. […]

Suit for the purposes of the Court-fees Act, 1870, and its value for the purposes of jurisdiction are not necessarily identical and are frequently very different. A suit to be valued for following two purposes: (1) for determining the pecuniary jurisdiction of the court in which the Suit shall be filed, and (2) for fixation of court fee to be paid. Valuation for […]

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