Framing of issues under CPC

i. Whether plaintiffs are owner and in the possession of the suit property? ii. Whether suit has been undervalued? iii. Whether court fees paid is insufficient? iv. Whether plaintiff ’s suit is barred by estoppel and acquiescence?

Suit for Land

If the plaint relates to agricultural land and the plaintiff is illiterate, if should be scrutinised with special care according to the following directions: (i) The Presiding Officer shall ascertain by careful examination of the plaintiff or his agent, whether…

Pleadings under CPC

Pleadings The provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, with regard to the pleadings (which term includes the plaint and written statements of parties) should be carefully studied. The principal rules of pleadings may be briefly stated as follows: (a)…


In any suit the plaintiff or defendant by leave of the Court may deliver interrogatories in writing for the examination of the opposite parties or any one or more of such parties and such interrogatories when delivered shall have a note at the foot thereof stating which of such interrogatories each of such persons is required to answer