Tag: Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates

Summons case

Sections 251 to 257 of that chapter deal with the steps to he adopted from the commencement up to culmination of the proceedings in summons cases. One of the normal rules in summons cases is that once trial started, it should reach its normal culmination. But S.258 is included in that chapter in the form of an exception to the aforesaid normal progress chart of the trial in summons case.

Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates

Punishment up to Two years 
The Summons / Warrants to be executed by Police. The copy of the Complaint along with all the documents relied upon by the Complainant must be furnished to the accused
Dismissal of Complaint for default – section 256
Examination of accused u/s 313
Section 353: Judgment
Section 360: Order to release on probation of good conduct or after admonition:
Section 309: Adjournments
Sections 406 to 412: Transfer of cases