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Whether an application for substitution of a respondent who was dead when the Special Leave Petition was filed was maintainable, and if not, the remedy of the petitioner when he comes to learn that the respondent was actually dead when he filed the Special Leave Petition.

The remedy of an appellant, who has unknowingly filed an appeal against a dead person, is to file an application for presentation of the appeal against the heirs of the dead person afresh. If the time for filing the appeal was in the meantime over, he is to present an application, under Section 5 of the Limitation Act, therein explaining the delay in presenting the appeal afresh against the heirs of the dead person.

Whether there is any limitation for recovering the sum due as arrears of land revenue under the U.P. Public Moneys (Recovery of Dues) Act, 1972, and if there is none, whether recovery can be made within reasonable time or it is open to recover at any point of time?

The law of limitation makes available a right of defence with the debtor to claim that after the expiry of period of limitation the remedy to recover the amount by the creditor from him had become time barred.