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Vasudevan Committee report


Vasudevan Committee report discusses the need for rigorous training of manpower employed in the bottling plants in operating procedure as well emergency situations. Para 4.6.4 recommends the need for important operating instructions to be suitably displayed in all operating areas. Similarly, Para 4.6.9 discusses the need to provide distinctive uniforms and safety gear to the bottling plant personnel as well as security staff in the bottling plants. Para 4.5.17 discusses the need for maintenance of a systematic record of all safety checks carried out on the equipment.

 The Vasudevan Committee report in para 4.6.5 recommended prohibition of employment of contract manpower within 15 meters of the bottling and filling shed. It is submitted that the aforesaid recommendation for prohibition of contract labour within 15 metres of the filing shed was made with a view to enhance safety mechanisms. It is further submitted that substituting contract labour with regular manpower is in the interest of safety, as regular manpower can be equipped with the requisite training. Vasudevan committee report further observed that each oil company has individually adopted the plant designs and operating practices for their units. The report suggested that it would be desirable for all companies to develop common standard procedures and each plant must be subjected to periodic safety audits.

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