Advocacy and Handling of Trials

Aspects of Criminal Trial-

Defending a Criminal Trial-

Prosecuting a Criminal Trial-

Malicious Prosecution-

Handling a Murder Case-

Handling a Rape Case-

Prosecution of Economic Offences-

The burden of Proof in Criminal Trial-

Establishing or Demolishing Means Rea-

Prosecution of Defamation Case-  

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Of Attempts to Commit Offences

Mon Oct 16 , 2017
Chapter XXIII  511. Punishment for attempting to commit offences punishable with imprisonment for life or other imprisonment.— Whoever attempts to commit an offence punishable by this Code with imprisonment for life or imprisonment, or to cause such an offence to be committed, and in such attempt does any act towards the commission of the offence, shall, where no express provision […]

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