Bible New Testament -words

1. Abase1. Abase2. Abba3. Abhor4. Abide, Abode5. Ability, Able6. Aboard7. Abolish8. Abominable, Abomination9. Abound10. About11. Above12. Abroad13. Absence, Absent14. Abstain, Abstinence15. Abundance, Abundant, Abundantly, Abound16. Abuse, Abusers17. Abyss18. Accept, Accepted, Acceptable19. Access20. Accompany21. Accomplish, Accomplishment22. Accord23. According as24. According to25. Account (-ed) (Verbs and Noun)26. Accurately27. Accursed28. Accusation, Accuse29. Accuser30. Acknowledge (-ment)31. Acquaintance32. Across33. Act34. Active35. Actually36. Add37. Addicted38. Adjure39. Administer, Administration (AV)40. Admiration, Admire (AV)41. Admonition, Admonish42. Ado43. Adoption44. Adorn, Adorning45. Adulterer (-ess), Adulterous, Adultery46. Advance47. Advantage48. Adventure49. Adversary50. Adversity51. Advice, Advise52. Advocate53. Afar54. Affair (-s)55. Affect56. Affection (-s), Affected57. Affirm58. Afflict (-ed), Affliction59. Affrighted60. Afoot61. Afore, Aforehand62. Aforepromised63. Aforetime64. Afraid65. Afresh66. After, Afterward (-s)67. Again68. Against69. Age70. Aged71. Ago72. Agony73. Agree, Agreement74. Aground75. Ah!76. Aim77. Air78. Alabaster79. Alas!80. Albeit81. Alien82. Alienate83. Alike84. Alive85. All86. Allege87. Allegory88. Alleluia89. Alloted90. Allow91. Allure92. Almighty93. Almost94. Alms, Almsdeeds95. Aloes96. Alone (Let Alone)97. Along98. Aloud99. Already100. Also101. Altar102. Altered103. Although104. Altogether105. Alway, Always106. Amaze, Amazement107. Ambassador, Ambassage108. Amen109. Amend110. Amethyst111. Amidst112. Amiss113. Among114. Anathema115. Anchor116. Anew117. Angel118. Anger, Angry (to be)119. Anguish120. Animals121. Anise122. Ankle-bones123. Announce124. Anoint, Anointing125. Anon126. Another127. Answer128. Antichrist129. Anxiety and Anxious130. Any131. Anything132. Apart133. Apiece134. Apostle, Apostleship135. Apparel, Apparelled136. Apparition137. Appeal138. Appearance139. Appear, Appearing140. Appease141. Appoint, Appointed142. Apportioned143. Apprehend144. Approach145. Approve, Approved146. Apron147. Apt148. Archangel149. Aright150. Arise, Arose, Arouse, Raise, Rise, Rouse151. Ark152. Arm (physical)153. Arms (weapons), Armor, to Arm154. Army155. Around156. Array157. Arrive158. Art, Arts159. As160. Ascend161. Ashamed (to be), Shame162. Ashes163. Ashore164. Aside165. Ask166. Asleep, Sleep167. Asp168. Ass169. Assassin170. Assault171. Assay172. Assemble173. Assembly174. Assent175. Assist176. Assurance, Assure, Assuredly177. Astonish, Astonishment178. Astray179. Asunder180. At181. Athirst182. Atonement183. Attain184. Attend, Attendance, Attendant185. Attentive186. Audience187. Aught188. Austere189. Author190. Authority191. Autumn192. Avail193. Avenge, Avenger194. Avoid195. Await196. Awake197. Aware198. Away199. Awe200. Axe201. Babbler, Babblings202. Babe203. Back (Adverb), Backside, Backward204. Backbiter, Backbiting205. Back (Noun)206. Bad207. Bade208. Bag209. Baggage210. Balance211. Band212. Banded213. Bank, Bankers214. Banqueting215. Baptism, Baptist, Baptize216. Barbarian, Barbarous217. Bare (Adjective)218. Bare (Verb)219. Barley220. Barn221. Barren222. Base, Baser223. Basket, Basketful224. Bason225. Bastard226. Bathed227. Battle228. Bay229. Be230. Beach231. Beam232. Bear233. Bear (animal)234. Beast235. Beat236. Beautiful237. Became238. Because239. Beckon240. Become (to be fitting)241. Bed242. Befall243. Befit, Befitting244. Before, Beforetime245. Began246. Beg, Beggar, Beggarly247. Beget, Bear (of begetting), Born248. Beggar249. Begin, Beginning, Beginner250. Begotten251. Beguile252. Behalf253. Behave, Behavior254. Behead255. Behind, come Behind256. Behold, Beheld257. Behove258. Being259. Belial260. Belief, Believe, Believers261. Belly262. Belong263. Beloved264. Beneath265. Benefit, Benefactor266. Benevolence267. Bereaved, Bereft268. Beryl269. Beseech270. Beset271. Beside, Besides272. Beside oneself (to be)273. Best274. Bestow275. Betray, Betrayer276. Betroth277. Better278. Better (be)279. Bettered (to be)280. Between281. Bewail282. Beware283. Bewitch284. Bewray285. Beyond286. Bid, Bidden, Bade, Bid again287. Bid Farewell288. Bier289. Bill290. Billows291. Bind, Binding (see also Bound)292. Bird (fowl)293. Birth294. Birthday295. Birthright296. Bishop (overseer)297. Bit298. Bite299. Bitter, Bitterly, Bitterness300. Black, Blackness301. Blade302. Blame, Blameless303. Blaspheme, Blasphemy, Blasphemer, Blasphemous304. Blaze abroad305. Blemish306. Bless, Blessed, Blessedness, Blessing307. Blew308. Blind, Blindness309. Blindfold310. Blood311. Blot out312. Blow (Noun)313. Blow (Verb)314. Board315. Boast, Boaster, Boastful316. Boat317. Body, Bodily318. Boisterous319. Bold, Boldness, Boldly320. Bond321. Bondage322. Bondman, Bondmaid323. Bondservant324. Bone325. Book326. Boon327. Border328. Born329. Borne330. Borrow331. Bosom332. Both333. Bottle334. Bottom, Bottomless335. Bought336. Bound (Noun)337. Bound (to be)338. Bounty, Bountifully339. Bow, Bowed (Verb)340. Bowels341. Bowl342. Bow (Noun)343. Box344. Boy345. Braided (AV, Broided)346. Brake347. Bramble bush348. Branch349. Branded350. Brass, Brazen351. Brawler352. Bread (loaf)353. Breadth354. Break, Breaker, Breaking, Brake355. Breast356. Breastplate357. Breath, Breathe358. Bride, Bridechamber, Bridegroom359. Bridle360. Briefly361. Brier362. Bright, Brightness363. Brim364. Brimstone365. Bring, Bringing, Brought366. Broad, Breadth367. Broided368. Broiled369. Broken370. Brokenhearted371. Brood372. Brook373. Brother, Brethren, Brotherhood, Brotherly374. Brought375. Brow376. Bruise377. Brute378. Bud379. Buffet380. Build, Builder, Building381. Bull382. Bundle383. Burden, Burdened, Burdensome384. Burial, Bury, Burying385. Burn, Burning386. Burnished387. Burnt (offering)388. Burst (asunder)389. Bury390. Bush391. Bushel392. Business393. Busybody394. Buy, Bought395. By396. Cage397. Calf398. Call, Called, Calling399. Calm400. Calvary401. Came402. Camel403. Camp404. Can (Canst, Could, Cannot)405. Candle and Candlestick406. Canker407. Captain408. Captive, Captivity409. Carcase410. Care (Noun and Verb), Careful, Carefully, Carefulness411. Carnal, Carnally412. Carousings413. Carpenter414. Carriage415. Carry416. Carrying away417. Case418. Cast419. Castle420. Catch421. Cattle422. Cause (Noun and Verb)423. Cave424. Cease425. Celestial426. Cell427. Cellar428. Censer429. Centurion430. Certain, Certainty, Certainly, Certify431. Chaff432. Chain433. Chalcedony434. Chambering435. Chamberlain436. Chamber (Store-chamber)437. Chance438. Change (Noun and Verb)439. Changer (Money-changer)440. Charge (Nouns, Adjective and Verbs), Chargeable441. Charger442. Chariot443. Charity444. Chaste445. Chasten, Chastening, Chastise, Chastisement446. Cheek447. Cheer, Cheerful, Cheerfully, Cheerfulness448. Cherish449. Cherubim450. Chicken451. Chief, Chiefest, Chiefly452. Child, Children, Childbearing, Childish, Childless453. Choice, Choose, Chosen454. Choke455. Christ456. Christian457. Christs (false)458. Chrysolite459. Chrysoprasus460. Church461. Cinnamon462. Circuit463. Circumcision, Uncircumcision, Circumcise464. Circumspectly465. Citizen, Citizenship466. City467. Clamor468. Clanging469. Clay470. Clean, Cleanness, Cleanse, Cleansing471. Clear, Clearing, Clearly472. Cleave, Clave473. Clemency474. Clerk475. Climb up476. Cloke (garment)477. Cloke (pretense)478. Close (Adverb)479. Closet480. Close (Verb)481. Cloth482. Clothe483. Clothing, Cloths, Clothes, Cloke, Coat484. Cloud485. Cloven486. Cluster487. Coals488. Coast, Coasting489. Coat490. Cock, Cock-crowing491. Cold492. Collection493. Colony494. Color495. Colt496. Come Behind497. Come, Came (see also Coming)498. Comeliness, Comely499. Comfort, Comforter, Comfortless500. Coming (Noun)501. Commandment502. Command (Verbs)503. Commend, Commendation504. Commit, Commission505. Commodius (not)506. Common, Commonly507. Commonwealth508. Commotion509. Commune510. Communicate, Communication511. Communion512. Compacted513. Companion514. Company (Noun and Verb)515. Compare, Comparison516. Compass517. Compassion, Compassionate518. Compel519. Complainer, Complaint520. Complete, Completion, Completely521. Comprehend522. Conceal523. Conceits524. Conceive525. Concern (-eth)526. Concerning527. Concision528. Conclude529. Concord530. Concourse531. Concupiscence532. Condemn, Condemnation533. Condescend534. Conditions535. Conduct536. Confer, Conference537. Confess, Confession538. Confidence (Noun, or Verb with have”), Confident (-ly)”539. Confirm, Confirmation540. Conflict (Noun)541. Conformed, Conformable542. Confound, Confuse, Confusion543. Confute544. Congregation545. Conquer, Conqueror546. Conscience547. Consecrate548. Consent549. Consider550. Consist551. Consolation, Console552. Consort (with)553. Conspiracy554. Constantly555. Constrain, Constraint556. Consult, Consultation557. Consume558. Contain559. Contemptible560. Contend (-ing)561. Contention, Contentious562. Content (to be), Contentment563. Continency564. Continual, Continually (see also Continue)565. Continue, Continuance566. Contradict, Contradiction567. Contrariwise568. Contrary569. Contribution570. Controversy (without)571. Convenient, Conveniently572. Conversation573. Convert, Conversion574. Convey575. Convict (including the AV, Convince)576. Cool577. Coppersmith578. Copy579. Corban580. Cord581. Corn, Cornfield582. Corner, Cornerstone583. Corpse584. Correct, Correction, Corrector, Correcting585. Corrupt, Verb and Adjective. Corruption, Corruptible, Incorruption, Incorruptible586. Cost, Costliness, Costly587. Couch588. Could589. Council, Councillor590. Counsel591. Count592. Countenance593. Country594. Countrymen595. Coupled596. Courage597. Course598. Court599. Courteous, Courteously600. Cousin601. Covenant-breakers602. Covenant (Noun and Verb)603. Cover, Covering604. Covet, Covetous, Covetousness605. Craft, Craftsman606. Craftiness, Crafty607. Crave608. Create, Creation, Creator, Creature609. Creditor610. Creek611. Creep, Creeping, Crept612. Crime613. Cripple614. Crooked615. Cross, Crucify616. Cross (Verb)617. Crow (Crew)618. Crowd619. Crown (Noun and Verb)620. Crucify621. Crumb622. Cruse623. Crush624. Cry (Noun and Verb), Crying625. Crystal626. Cubit627. Cumber628. Cummin629. Cunning (AV)630. Cup631. Cure (Noun and Verb)632. Curious633. Curse, Cursing (Noun and Verb), Cursed, Accursed634. Cushion635. Custom (toll)636. Custom (usage), Accustom (Verb)637. Cut638. Cymbal639. Daily (Adjective)640. Dainty641. Damage642. Damnable, Damnation, and Damned643. Damsel644. Dance645. Dancing646. Danger, Dangerous647. Dare, Daring, Durst648. Dark, Darken, Darkly, Darkness649. Dart650. Dash651. Daughter, Daughter-in-law652. Dawn653. Day654. Daybreak655. Dayspring656. Day-star657. Dazzling658. Deacon659. Dead660. Dead, half Dead661. Deadly662. Deadness663. Deaf664. Deal665. Deal, great Deal666. Deal with, have Dealings with667. Dear668. Dearly669. Dearth670. Death, Death-stroke (see also Die)671. Debate (AV)672. Debt673. Debtor674. Decay675. Decease676. Deceit, Deceitful, Deceitfully, Deceitfulness, Deceive, Deceivableness677. Deceiver678. Decently679. Decide, Decision680. Deck (Verb)681. Declare, Declaration682. Decrease (Verb)683. Decree (Noun and Verb)684. Dedicate, Dedication685. Deed, Deeds686. Deem687. Deep (Noun and Adjective), Deepness, Deeply, Depth688. Defame689. Defect690. Defence691. Defend692. Defer693. Defile, Defilement694. Define695. Defraud696. Degree697. Delay698. Delicacies699. Delicately (live)700. Deliciously701. Delight in702. Deliver, Deliverance, Deliverer703. Delude, Delusion704. Demand705. Demeanor706. Demon, Demoniac707. Demonstration708. Den709. Deny710. Depart711. Departing, Departure712. Depose713. Deposit714. Depth715. Deputy716. Deride717. Descend718. Descent719. Describe720. Desert (Noun and Adjective)721. Desire (Noun and Verb), Desirous722. Desolate (Verb and Adjective), Desolation723. Despair724. Despise, Despiser725. Despite, Despiteful, Despitefully (use)726. Destitute (be, etc.)727. Destroy, Destroyer, Destruction, Destructive728. Determine, Determinate729. Device730. Devil, Devlish731. Devised (cunningly)732. Devotion733. Devour734. Devout735. Diadem736. Die, Dead (to be, become), Dying737. Differ, Differing, Different, Difference738. Difficulty739. Dig, Dig down740. Dignity, Dignities741. Diligence, Diligent, Diligently742. Diminishing743. Dine, Dinner744. Dip, Dipped, Dippeth745. Direct746. Disallow747. Disannul, Disannulling748. Disbelieve749. Discern, Discerner, Discernment750. Discharged751. Disciple752. Discipline753. Discourage (-d)754. Discourse755. Discover756. Discreet, Discreetly757. Disease, Diseased (be)758. Disfigure759. Dish760. Dishonesty761. Dishonor762. Dismiss (-ed)763. Disobedience, Disobedient764. Disorderly765. Disparagement766. Dispensation767. Disperse, Dispersion768. Displeased769. Disposed (to be)770. Disposition771. Disputation772. Dispute, Disputer, Disputing773. Disrepute774. Dissemble775. Dissension776. Dissimulation, Dissemble777. Dissolve778. Distinction (diastole)779. Distraction (without)780. Distress, Distressed781. Distribute, Distribution782. District783. Ditch784. Divers785. Diversity, Diversities786. Divide, Divider, Dividing787. Divination788. Divine789. Divinity790. Division791. Divorce, Divorcement792. Doctor793. Doctrine794. Do, Done795. Doer796. Dog797. Doing798. Dominion (have … over)799. Doomed800. Door801. Dote802. Double803. Double-minded804. Double-tongued805. Doubt (be in, make to), Doubtful, Doubting806. Doubt (no), Doubtless807. Dove, Turtle-dove808. Down809. Drag810. Dragon811. Drank812. Draught813. Drave and Drove814. Draw (away, back, nigh, on, out, up)815. Dream (Noun and Verb), Dreamer816. Dressed817. Dresser818. Dried819. Drift820. Drink (-eth, -er, -ing), Drank821. Drive, Driven, Drave, Drove822. Drop (Noun)823. Dropsy824. Drown825. Drunk, (-en, be), Drunkard, Drunkenness826. Dry827. Due828. Dull829. Dumb830. Dung831. Dunghill832. Dure833. During834. Durst835. Dust836. Duty837. Dwell, Dwellers, Dwelling (place)838. Dying839. Dysentery840. Each, Each man, Each one841. Each other842. Eagle843. Early844. Earnest, Earnestness, Earnestly845. Earnest (Noun)846. Ear (of corn)847. Ear (of the body)848. Earth849. Earthen, Earthly, Earthy850. Earthquake851. Ease, Eased852. Easily853. East854. Easter855. Easy, Easier, Easily856. Eat, Eat with, Eating857. Edge, Edged858. Edification, Edify, Edifying859. Effect (of none)860. Effectual861. Effeminate862. Effulgence863. Egg864. Eight, Eighteen, Eighth865. Either866. Elder, Eldest867. Elect, Elected, Election868. Elements869. Eleven, Eleventh870. Eloquent871. Else872. Elsewhere873. Embark874. Embolden875. Embrace876. Emerald877. Emperor878. Empty879. Emulation, AV880. Enable881. Enact882. Enclose883. Encounter884. Encourage, Encouragement885. Endeavor886. End, Ending887. Endless888. Endue889. Endure, Enduring890. Enemy891. Engrafted892. Engrave893. Enjoin894. Enjoy895. Enlarge896. Enlighten897. Enmity898. Enough899. Enquire900. Enrich901. Enroll, Enrollment902. Ensample903. Enslaved904. Ensnare905. Ensue906. Entangle907. Enter, Entering, Entrance908. Entertain909. Entice, Enticing910. Entire911. Entreat (to deal with, to treat)912. Entreat, to request913. Envy, Envying914. Ephphatha915. Epileptic916. Epistle917. Equal, Equality918. Ere919. Err920. Error921. Escape922. Eschew923. Especially924. Espoused925. Establish926. Estate, State927. Esteem928. Eternal929. Eunuch930. Evangelist931. Even (Adjective)932. Even (Adverb, etc.), Even as, Even so933. Even (Noun), Evening, Eventide934. Ever, for Ever, Evermore935. Everlasting936. Every, Everyone (man), Everything937. Everywhere, Every quarter, Every side938. Every whit939. Evidence940. Evident, Evidently941. Evil, Evil-doer942. Evil speaking943. Exact, Exactly944. Exact (Verb)945. Exalt, Exalted946. Examination, Examine947. Example948. Exceed, Exceeding, Exceedingly949. Excel, Excellency, Excellent950. Except, Excepted951. Excess952. Exchange953. Exchangers954. Exclude955. Excuse956. Excute957. Executioner958. Exercise959. Exhort, Exhortation960. Exist961. Exorcist962. Expect, Expectation963. Expedient964. Expelled965. Experience (without), Experiment966. Expert967. Expire968. Explain969. Expound970. Express971. Expressly972. Extort, Extortion, Extortioner973. Eye974. Eye-salve975. Eye-service976. Eye (with one)977. Eyewitness978. Fable979. Face980. Faction, Factious981. Fade (away)982. Fail983. Fain984. Faint985. Fainthearted986. Fair987. Faith988. Faithful, Faithfully, Faithless989. Faithfulness990. Faith (of little)991. Fall, Fallen, Falling, Fell992. False, Falsehood, Falsely993. Fame994. Family995. Famine996. Fan997. Far998. Fare, Farewell999. Farm1000. Farther side1001. Farthing1002. Fashion1003. Fasten1004. Fast, Fasting1005. Fast (to make)1006. Father1007. Father-in-law1008. Fatherless1009. Fathom1010. Fatling, Fatted1011. Fatness1012. Fault, Faultless1013. Favor, Favored1014. Fear, Fearful, Fearfulness1015. Feast1016. Feeble1017. Feed, Fed1018. Feel, Feeling, Felt1019. Feet1020. Feign, Feigned1021. Fell1022. Fellow1023. Fellowship1024. Felt1025. Female1026. Fervent, Fervently1027. Fetch1028. Fetter1029. Fever (to be sick of)1030. Few1031. Fickleness1032. Fidelity1033. Field, Cornfield1034. Fierce, Fierceness1035. Fiery1036. Fifteen, Fifteenth1037. Fifth1038. Fifty1039. Fig1040. Fight1041. Fighting1042. Fig tree1043. Figure1044. Fill, Fill up1045. Filth1046. Filthiness, Filthy (to make)1047. Final, Finally1048. Find, Found1049. Fine1050. Finger1051. Finish1052. Fire1053. Firkin1054. Firm1055. First1056. First-begotten, Firstborn1057. Firstfruit(s)1058. Fish1059. Fish (Verb), Fisher, Fisherman1060. Fit (Adjective and Verb), Fitly, Fitting1061. Five, Five times1062. Fix1063. Flame, Flaming1064. Flattery (-ing)1065. Flax1066. Flee, Fled1067. Flesh1068. Fleshly, Fleshly1069. Flight1070. Flock1071. Flood1072. Floor1073. Flour1074. Flourish1075. Flow1076. Flower1077. Flute-players1078. Flux1079. Fly1080. Foal1081. Foam1082. Foe1083. Fold1084. Fold up1085. Folk1086. Follow, Follow after1087. Folly1088. Food1089. Fool, Foolish, Foolishly, Foolishness1090. Foot, Feet1091. Footstool1092. For and Forasmuch1093. Forbade1094. Forbear, Forbearance1095. Forbid, Forbade1096. Force1097. Forefather1098. Foregoing1099. Forehead1100. Foreign, Foreigner1101. Foreknow, Foreknowledge1102. Foreordain1103. Forepart1104. Forerunner1105. Foresail1106. Foresee, Foreseen1107. Foreshew1108. Foreship1109. Foretell1110. Forewarn1111. Forfeit1112. Forget, Forgetful1113. Forgive, Forgave, Forgiveness1114. Formed1115. Former1116. Form (Noun)1117. Fornication, Fornicator1118. Forsake1119. Forsomuch1120. Forswear1121. Forth1122. Forthwith1123. Forty1124. Forward (be), Forwardness1125. Foster-brother1126. Foul1127. Foundation (to lay), Founded1128. Fountain1129. Fourfold1130. Fourfooted1131. Fourscore1132. Foursquare1133. Four (-th), Fourteen (-th), Four Hundred1134. Fowl1135. Fox1136. Fragments1137. Frame (Verb)1138. Frankincense1139. Frankly1140. Fraud1141. Free, Freedom, Freely, Freeman, Freedman, Freewoman1142. Freight1143. Frequent1144. Fresh1145. Friend (make one’s)1146. Friendship1147. Fro and From1148. Frog1149. Froward1150. Fruit (bear), Fruitful, Unfruitful1151. Frustrate1152. Fulfill, Fulfilling, Fulfillment1153. Full1154. Fuller1155. Fullgrown1156. Fullness1157. Fully1158. Furlong1159. Furnace1160. Furnish1161. Further1162. Furtherance1163. Furthermore1164. Gain (Noun and Verb)1165. Gainsay, Gainsayer, Gainsaying1166. Gall1167. Games1168. Gangrene1169. Garden1170. Gardener1171. Garland1172. Garment1173. Garner1174. Garnish1175. Garrison1176. Gate1177. Gather, Gathering1178. Gay1179. Gaze1180. Gazingstock1181. Gear1182. Gender1183. Genealogy1184. General (assembly)1185. Generation1186. Gentiles1187. Gentle, Gentleness, Gently1188. Get, Got, Gotten1189. Ghost1190. Ghost (give up the)1191. Gift, Giving1192. Gird, Girded, Girt (about, up)1193. Girdle1194. Give1195. Giver1196. Glad (be, make), Gladly1197. Gladness1198. Glass, Glassy1199. Glistering1200. Glorify1201. Glory, Glorious1202. Glory (to boast), Glorying1203. Glutton1204. Gluttonous1205. Gnash, Gnashing1206. Gnat1207. Gnaw1208. Goad1209. Goal1210. Goat1211. Goatskin1212. God1213. Goddess1214. Godhead1215. Godliness, Godly1216. God-speed1217. Godward1218. God (without)1219. Gold, Golden1220. Gold ring1221. Good, Goodly, Goodness1222. Goodman1223. Goods1224. Gorgeous, Gorgeously1225. Gospel (Noun and Verb: to preach)1226. Got and Gotten1227. Government1228. Governor1229. Go (went), Go onward, etc.1230. Grace1231. Gracious1232. Graff, Graft (RV)1233. Grain1234. Grandchildren1235. Grandmother1236. Grant1237. Grape1238. Grass1239. Gratulation1240. Grave (Adjective)1241. Grave-clothes1242. Graven1243. Grave (Noun)1244. Gravity1245. Great1246. Greater1247. Greatest1248. Greatly1249. Greatness1250. Greedily1251. Greediness1252. Greedy1253. Green1254. Greet, Greeting1255. Grief, Grieve1256. Grievous, Grievously1257. Grind1258. Groan, Groaning1259. Gross (to wax)1260. Ground, Grounded1261. Grow1262. Grudge1263. Grudgingly1264. Guardian1265. Guard (Noun and Verb)1266. Guest1267. Guest-chamber1268. Guide (Noun and Verb)1269. Guile1270. Guileless (without Guile)1271. Guiltless1272. Guilty (Adjective)1273. Gulf1274. Gush out1275. Ha1276. Habitation1277. Hades1278. Hail (Noun)1279. Hail (Verb)1280. Hair1281. Hale (Verb)1282. Half1283. Half dead1284. Half-shekel1285. Hall1286. Hallelujah1287. Hallow1288. Halt1289. Hand1290. Hand (at hand)1291. Handed down1292. Handkerchief1293. Handle1294. Hand (lead by the)1295. Handmaid and Handmaiden1296. Hands (lay hands on)1297. Hands (made by, not made with)1298. Hand (take in)1299. Hand (with one’s own)1300. Handwriting1301. Hang1302. Haply (if, lest)1303. Happen1304. Happy, Happier1305. Hard, Harden, Hardening, Hardness1306. Hardly1307. Hardship (to suffer)1308. Harlot1309. Harm1310. Harmless1311. Harp1312. Harper1313. Harvest1314. Haste, with Haste, Hastily1315. Hate, Hateful, Hater, Hatred1316. Haughty1317. Have1318. Haven1319. Havoc1320. Hay1321. Hazard1322. He1323. Head1324. Headlong (to cast to fall)1325. Headstrong (RV), Heady (AV)1326. Head (to wound in the)1327. Heal, Healing1328. Health (to be in)1329. Heap (to)1330. Hearer1331. Hear, Hearing1332. Hearken1333. Heart (hardness of)1334. Heart, Heartily1335. Heart (knowing the)1336. Heat1337. Heathen1338. Heaven, Heavenly (-ies)1339. Heavy, Heaviness1340. Hedge1341. Heed (to give, to take)1342. Heel1343. He himself1344. Heifer1345. Height1346. Heir1347. Hell1348. Helm1349. Helmet1350. Helper, Fellow-helper1351. Help, Holpen1352. Hem1353. Hen1354. Hence1355. Henceforth (from, and negatives), Henceforward1356. Her and Herself1357. Herb1358. Herd1359. Here1360. Hereafter1361. Hereby1362. Herein1363. Hereof1364. Heresy1365. Heretical1366. Here (to be, be present)1367. Heretofore1368. Hereunto1369. Herewith1370. Heritage1371. He that1372. Hew, Hew down, Hewn1373. Hide, Hid, Hidden1374. Higher1375. Highest1376. High (from on, Most), Highly1377. Highly1378. High-minded1379. Highway, Highwayside1380. Hill1381. Him and Himself1382. Hinder, Hindrance1383. Hinder (part)1384. Hired house1385. Hired servant, Hireling1386. Hire, Hired1387. His, His own1388. Hither1389. Hitherto1390. Hoise up, Hoist up1391. Hold (down, fast, forth, on, to, up), Held, Holden, (take) Hold1392. Hold (Noun)1393. Hole1394. Holiness, Holy, Holily1395. Holyday1396. Holy Ghost1397. Home, at Home (to be; workers)1398. Honest, Honestly, Honesty1399. Honey1400. Honeycomb1401. Honorable, without Honor1402. Honor (Noun and Verb)1403. Hook1404. Hope (Noun and Verb), Hope (for)1405. Horn1406. Horse1407. Horsemen1408. Hosanna1409. Hospitality1410. Host (of angels, etc.)1411. Host (of guests)1412. Hot1413. Hour1414. House1415. House (goodman of the House)1416. Household1417. Householder1418. Household-servant1419. House (master of the House)1420. Housetop1421. How and Howbeit1422. How great1423. Howl1424. Humble (Adjective and Verb)1425. Humbleness of mind, Humility1426. Humiliation1427. Hundred, Hundredfold1428. Hunger (Noun and Verb), Hungered, Hungry1429. Hurt (Noun and Verb), Hurtful1430. Husband1431. Husbandman1432. Husbandry1433. Husks1434. Hymn (Noun and Verb)1435. Hypocrisy1436. Hypocrite1437. Hyssop1438. I1439. Idle1440. Idle tales1441. Idol1442. Idolater1443. Idolatry1444. Idolatry (wholly given to)1445. Idols (full of)1446. Idols (offered to, sacrificed to)1447. Idol’s temple1448. If1449. Ignorance, Ignorant, Ignorantly1450. Ill1451. Illuminated1452. Image1453. Imagination1454. Imagine1455. Imitate, Imitator1456. Immediately1457. Immortal, Immortality1458. Immutable, Immutability1459. Impart1460. Impediment1461. Impenitent1462. Implacable1463. Implanted1464. Implead1465. Importunity1466. Imposed1467. Impossible1468. Impostors1469. Impotent1470. Imprison, Improsonment1471. Impulse1472. Impute1473. In1474. Inasmuch as1475. Incense (burn)1476. Inclose1477. Incontinency, Incontinent1478. Incorruptible and Incorruption1479. Increase (Noun)1480. Increase (Verb)1481. Incredible1482. Indebted (to be)1483. Indeed1484. Indignation1485. Indulgence1486. Inexcusable1487. Infallible1488. Infant1489. Inferior1490. Infidel1491. Infirmity1492. Inflicted1493. Inform1494. Inhabitants, Inhabiters1495. Inherit, Inheritance1496. Iniquity1497. Injure, Injurious, Injury1498. Ink1499. Inn1500. Inner1501. Innocent1502. Innumerable1503. Inordinate1504. Inquire, Inquiry (make)1505. Inscription1506. Inside1507. Insolent1508. Insomuch that, or as1509. Inspiration of God, Inspired of God1510. Instant, be Instant, Instantly1511. Instruct, Instruction, Instructor1512. Instruments1513. Insurrection1514. Intend1515. Intent1516. Intercessions1517. Interest1518. Interposed1519. Interpret, Interpretation, Interpreter1520. Interrogation1521. Into1522. Intreat, Intreaty1523. Intrude1524. Intrust1525. Inventors1526. Invisible1527. Inward (man, part), Inwardly1528. Irksome1529. Iron1530. Island, Isle1531. Issue1532. It1533. Itching1534. Itself1535. Ivory1536. Jacinth1537. Jailer1538. Jangling1539. Jasper1540. Jealous, Jealousy1541. Jeopardy1542. Jesting1543. Jesus1544. Jewels1545. Jew(-s) (live as do the), Jewess, Jewish, Jewry, Jews’ religion1546. Join1547. Joint1548. Joint-heir1549. Jot1550. Journey (Noun and Verb), Journeyings1551. Joy (Noun and Verb), Joyfulness, Joyfully, Joyous1552. Judge (Noun and Verb)1553. Judgment1554. Judgment (Hall of), Judgment Hall1555. Judgment Seat1556. Juridiction1557. Justice1558. Justification, Justifier, Justify1559. Just, Justly1560. Keeper1561. Keep, Keeping (Noun)1562. Key1563. Kick1564. Kid1565. Kill1566. Kind (Adjective), Kind (be), Kindly, Kindness1567. Kindle1568. Kind (Noun)1569. Kindred1570. King1571. Kingdom1572. Kin, Kinsfolk, Kinsman, Kinswoman1573. Kinsfolk and Kinsman1574. Kiss (Noun and Verb)1575. Knee1576. Kneel1577. Knit Together1578. Knock1579. Know, Known, Knowledge, Unknown1580. Laborer, fellow Laborer1581. Labor (Noun and Verb)1582. Lack, Lacking1583. Lad1584. Lade, Laden1585. Lading1586. Lady1587. Laid1588. Lake1589. Lama1590. Lamb1591. Lame1592. Lament1593. Lamp1594. Lampstand1595. Land1596. Lane1597. Language1598. Lantern1599. Large1600. Lascivious, Lasciviousness1601. Last1602. Latchet1603. Late1604. Lately1605. Later1606. Latin1607. Latter1608. Laud1609. Laugh, Laugh to Scorn1610. Laughter1611. Launch1612. Law1613. Lawful, Lawfully1614. Lawgiver1615. Lawless, Lawlessness1616. Lawyer1617. Lay1618. Laying1619. Laying on1620. Lay wait1621. Lay waste1622. Leaders1623. Lead, Led1624. Leaf1625. Lean1626. Leap1627. Learining (Noun)1628. Learn, Learned (be)1629. Least1630. Leathern1631. Leave, Left1632. Leaven (Noun and Verb)1633. Led1634. Lee1635. Left (Adjective)1636. Left (Verb)1637. Leg1638. Legion1639. Leisure (to have)1640. Lend, Lender1641. Length1642. Length (at)1643. Leopard1644. Leper1645. Leprosy1646. Less1647. Lest1648. Let1649. Let (alone, go)1650. Let down1651. Let out1652. Letter1653. Level1654. Lewd1655. Liar1656. Liberal, Liberality, Liberally1657. Liberty1658. Licence1659. Lick1660. Lie (Falsehood: Noun and Verb)1661. Lie in wait1662. Lie (to lie down, on, upon)1663. Life, Living, Lifetime, Life-giving1664. Lift1665. Light, Lighten (as to weight)1666. Lightning1667. Light, Noun, and Verb (bring to, give), Lighten1668. Light of (make), Lightly1669. Light (to light upon)1670. Like (did not)1671. Like, Like (as to, unto), (be) Like, (make) Like, Like (things), Liken1672. Likeminded1673. Likeness, Likeness of (in the)1674. Likewise1675. Lily1676. Limit1677. Line1678. Lineage1679. Linen, Linen cloth, fine Linen1680. Linger1681. Lion1682. Lip1683. List (Verb)1684. Little1685. Little (no little)1686. Live1687. Live long1688. Lively1689. Living1690. Living creatures1691. Lo!1692. Loaf1693. Locust1694. Lodge, Lodging1695. Loft1696. Loins1697. Long (Adjective and Adverb)1698. Longer1699. Longsuffering (Noun and Verb)1700. Long (Verb), Long (after, for), Longing1701. Look1702. Look (for), Looking (after, for)1703. Look (to)1704. Loose1705. Lord, Lordship1706. Lose, (suffer) Loss, Lost1707. Loss1708. Lot, Lots1709. Loud1710. Love feasts1711. Lovely1712. Love (Noun and Verb)1713. Lover1714. Lower (Adjective, and Verb, to make), Lowest1715. Lower (Verb, to let down)1716. Lowliness, Lowly1717. Lowring (to be)1718. Low (to bring, to make), Low (estate, degree)1719. Lucre (filthy)1720. Lukewarm1721. Lump1722. Lunatic1723. Lust (Noun and Verb)1724. Lying (Falsehood)1725. Lying (in wait)1726. Made (be)1727. Mad, Madness1728. Magistrate1729. Magnificence1730. Magnify1731. Maid, Maiden, Maidservant1732. Maimed1733. Mainsail1734. Maintain1735. Majesty1736. Make1737. Maker1738. Male1739. Malefactor1740. Malice, Maliciousness, Malicious1741. Malignity1742. Mammon1743. Man-child1744. Manger1745. Manifest (Adjective and Verb)1746. Manifestation1747. Manifold1748. Mankind1749. Manna1750. Manner1751. Man (see also Men)1752. Manservant1753. Mansions1754. Manslayers1755. Man’s, of Man, Mankind (see also Men)1756. Mantle1757. Many1758. Maran-atha1759. Marble1760. Mariners1761. Market, Market-place1762. Mark (Noun)1763. Mark (Verb)1764. Marred1765. Marriage (give in), Marry1766. Marrow1767. Martyr1768. Marvel (Noun and Verb), Marvellous1769. Masterbuilder1770. Master (Noun and Verb)1771. Matter, Matters1772. May, Mayest, Might1773. Me1774. Meal1775. Mean (Adjective)1776. Meaning1777. Means (by all, by any, etc.)1778. Mean (Verb)1779. Meanwhile1780. Measure (Noun and Verb)1781. Meat1782. Meddler1783. Mediator1784. Meditate1785. Meek, Meekness1786. Meet (Adjective and Verb)1787. Meet (Verb), Meet with, Met1788. Melody (Verb)1789. Melt1790. Member1791. Memorial1792. Memory (keep in)1793. Men1794. Mend1795. Men-pleasers1796. Menservants1797. Men-stealers1798. Mention (Noun and Verb)1799. Merchandise (Noun, and Verb, to make)1800. Merchant1801. Merciful (Adjective, and Verb, to be), Mercy (Noun, and Verb, to have, etc.)1802. Mercy Seat1803. Merry (to be, to make)1804. Mess1805. Message1806. Messenger1807. Mete1808. Mid1809. Midday1810. Middle1811. Midnight1812. Midst1813. Might (Noun), Mighty, Mightily, Mightier1814. Mile1815. Milk1816. Mill1817. Millstone1818. Minded1819. Mindful of (to be)1820. Mind (Noun and Verb)1821. Mine, Mine own (self)1822. Mingle1823. Ministering, Ministration, Ministry1824. Minister (Noun and Verb)1825. Ministrel1826. Mint1827. Miracle1828. Mire1829. Mirror1830. Mischief1831. Miserable, Miserably, Misery1832. Mist1833. Mite1834. Mixed (with)1835. Mixture1836. Mock, Mocker, Mocking1837. Moderation1838. Modest1839. Moisture1840. Moment1841. Money1842. Money-changer, changer of Money1843. Money (love of)1844. Month, Months1845. Moon1846. Moor1847. More1848. Moreover1849. Morning (in the, early in the)1850. Morrow1851. Morsel1852. Mortal, Mortality1853. Mortify1854. Most1855. Mote1856. Moth1857. Moth-eaten1858. Mother1859. Mother-in-law1860. Motion1861. Mount, Mountain1862. Mourn, Mourning1863. Mouth1864. Move, Moved, Mover, Moving, Unmovable1865. Mow1866. Much1867. Much (as)1868. Multiply1869. Multitude1870. Murder1871. Murderer1872. Murmurer1873. Murmur, Murmuring1874. Music1875. Musician1876. Musing1877. Must1878. Mustard1879. Mutual1880. Muzzle1881. My (mine)1882. Myrrh1883. Myself1884. Mystery1885. Nail (Noun and Verb)1886. Naked (Adjective and Verb), Nakedness1887. Name1888. Namely1889. Napkin1890. Narrative1891. Narrow1892. Nation1893. Natural, Naturally1894. Nature1895. Naughtiness1896. Nay1897. Near (Adverb), Near (come, draw), Nearer1898. Necessary1899. Necessity (-ties)1900. Neck1901. Needle1902. Need, Needs, Needful1903. Neglecting1904. Neglect, Negligent1905. Neighbor1906. Neighborhood1907. Neither1908. Neither at any time1909. Nephews1910. Nest1911. Net1912. Never1913. Nevertheless1914. New1915. Newborn1916. Newness1917. Next1918. Next day1919. Nigh1920. Night and a day (a)1921. Night (by, in the)1922. Nine1923. Ninety1924. Ninth1925. No1926. Noble1927. Nobleman1928. Noise1929. Noisome1930. No longer, No more1931. No man, No one, Neither any man1932. None1933. Noon1934. Nor1935. North1936. North East, North West1937. Not1938. Notable, of Note• Notes on Anti and Huper• Notes on Apo and Ek• Notes on De• Notes on En• Notes on Kai1939. Note (Verb)1940. Nothing1941. Notice before1942. Notwithstanding1943. Nought (for, bring to, come to, set at)1944. Nourishment ministered1945. Nourish, Nourishment1946. Novice1947. Now1948. No wise (in), Anywise (in)1949. Number1950. Nurse1951. Nurture1952. Oath1953. Obedience, Obedient, Obey1954. Objects1955. Object (Verb)1956. Observation, Observe1957. Obtain, Obtaining1958. Occasion1959. Occupation1960. Occupy1961. Odor1962. Of1963. Off1964. Offence1965. Offend1966. Offender1967. Offer, Offering1968. Office1969. Officer1970. Offscouring1971. Offspring1972. Oft, Often, Oftener, Oftentimes, Oft-times1973. Oil1974. Ointment1975. Old1976. Oldness1977. Old wives’1978. Olives (Olive berries), Olive tree1979. Omitted1980. Omnipotent1981. On1982. Once (at; for all)1983. One1984. One another or One … another, One … the other1985. Only1986. Only Begotten1987. Onset1988. Onward1989. Openly1990. Open, opening1991. Operation1992. Opportunity (lack)1993. Oppose1994. Oppositions1995. Oppress1996. Or1997. Oracle1998. Oration1999. Orator2000. Ordain2001. Orderly2002. Order (Noun and Verb)2003. Ordinance2004. Other2005. Other side and Other way2006. Otherwise2007. Ought (Pronoun)2008. Ought (Verb)2009. Our, Ours2010. Our own2011. Ourselves2012. Outer2013. Outgo2014. Out, Out of2015. Outrun2016. Outside2017. Outward, Outwardly2018. Oven2019. Overboard2020. Overcharge2021. Overcome2022. Overflow, Overflowing2023. Overlay2024. Overlook2025. Overmuch2026. Over, Over against2027. Over-ripe2028. Overseer2029. Overshadow2030. Oversight (exercise, take)2031. Overtake2032. Overthrow (Noun and Verb)2033. Over (to be, to have)2034. Owe2035. Own (Adjective)2036. Owner2037. Owneth2038. Ox2039. Painfulness2040. Pain (Noun and Verb)2041. Pair2042. Palace2043. Pale2044. Palm (of the hand)2045. Palm (palm tree)2046. Palsy (sick of)2047. Pangs2048. Paper2049. Paps2050. Parable2051. Paradise2052. Parcel2053. Parchment2054. Parents2055. Partake, Partaker2056. Partial, Partiality2057. Particular and Particularly2058. Parting2059. Partition2060. Partly2061. Partner2062. Part (Noun, a portion; Verb, to give or divide, partake)2063. Part (Verb, to separate)2064. Pass, come to Pass2065. Passing over2066. Passion2067. Passover2068. Past2069. Pastor2070. Pasture2071. Path2072. Patience, Patient, Patiently2073. Patriarch2074. Pattern2075. Pavement2076. Pay (Verb), Payment2077. Peace (hold one’s)2078. Peacemaker2079. Peace, Peaceable, Peaceably2080. Pearl2081. Peculiar2082. Pen2083. Pence, Penny, Pennyworth2084. Pentecost2085. Penury2086. People2087. Peradventure2088. Perceive2089. Perdition2090. Perfect (Adjective and Verb), Perfectly2091. Perfection, Perfecting (Noun), Perfectness2092. Perform, Performance2093. Perhaps2094. Peril2095. Perish2096. Perjured person2097. Permission2098. Permit2099. Pernicious2100. Perplex, Perplexity2101. Persecute, Persecution2102. Persecutor2103. Perserverance2104. Person2105. Persons (respect of)2106. Persuade2107. Persuasion2108. Persuasive, Persuasivness2109. Pertain to2110. Perverse, Pervert2111. Pestilence, Pestilent fellow2112. Petition2113. Pharisees2114. Philosopher2115. Philosophy2116. Phylactery2117. Physician2118. Piece2119. Pierce2120. Piety (to shew)2121. Pigeon2122. Pilgrim2123. Pillar2124. Pillow2125. Pine away2126. Pinnacle2127. Pipe (Noun and Verb)2128. Pipers2129. Pit2130. Pitcher2131. Pitch (Verb)2132. Pitiable (most)2133. Pitiful, Pity2134. Place (Noun, Verb, Adverb)2135. Plague2136. Plain (Adverb), Plainly, Plainness2137. Plain (Noun)2138. Plait2139. Plaiting (of the hair)2140. Plank2141. Plant (Noun, Verb, Adjective)2142. Platter2143. Play2144. Plead2145. Please, Pleasing (Noun), Well-Pleasing, Pleasure2146. Pleasure2147. Plenteous2148. Plentifully2149. Plot2150. Plough, Plow2151. Pluck (out)2152. Poet2153. Point, Points2154. Poison2155. Pollute2156. Pollution2157. Pomp2158. Ponder2159. Pool2160. Poor2161. Porch2162. Porter2163. Portion2164. Possessor2165. Possess, Possession2166. Possible2167. Pot2168. Potentate2169. Potter2170. Pound2171. Pour2172. Poverty2173. Powder2174. Powerful, Powerfully2175. Power (Noun, and Verb, to have, bring under)2176. Practice2177. Practices2178. Praetorium and Praetorian Guard2179. Praise2180. Prate2181. Pray, Prayer2182. Preacher2183. Preach, Preaching2184. Precede2185. Precept2186. Precious, Preciousness2187. Predestinate2188. Preeminence (to have the)2189. Prefer, Preferring2190. Prejudice2191. Premeditate2192. Preparation, Prepare, Prepared2193. Presbytery2194. Presence2195. Presently2196. Present (to be)2197. Present (Verb)2198. Preserve2199. Press (Noun)2200. Press (Verb)2201. Presumptuous2202. Pretense2203. Prevail2204. Prevent2205. Price2206. Prick (Noun)2207. Prick (Verb)2208. Pride2209. Priest2210. Priesthood, Priest’s Office2211. Prince2212. Principal2213. Principality2214. Principles2215. Print2216. Prisoner2217. Prison Keeper2218. Prison, Prison-house2219. Private, Privately2220. Privily2221. Privy2222. Prize2223. Probation2224. Proceed2225. Proclaim2226. Proconsul2227. Profane (Adjective and Verb)2228. Profess, Profession2229. Profit (Noun and Verb), Profitable, Profiting2230. Progress2231. Prolong2232. Promise (Noun and Verb)2233. Pronounce2234. Proof2235. Proper2236. Prophecy, Prophesy, Prophesying2237. Prophet2238. Prophetess2239. Propitiation2240. Proportion2241. Proselyte2242. Prosper2243. Protest2244. Proud2245. Prove2246. Proverb2247. Provide, Providence, Provision2248. Province2249. Proving2250. Provocation, Provoke2251. Prudence, Prudent2252. Psalm2253. Publican2254. Public, Publicly2255. Publish2256. Puff (up)2257. Pull (down)2258. Punish2259. Punishment2260. Purchase2261. Pure, Pureness, Purity2262. Purge2263. Purification, Purity, Purifying2264. Purloin2265. Purple2266. Purple (seller of)2267. Purpose (Noun and Verb)2268. Purse2269. Pursue2270. Put2271. Putting2272. Quake2273. Quarrel2274. Quarter2275. Quaternion2276. Queen2277. Quench, Unquenchable2278. Question (Noun and Verb), Questioning2279. Quick2280. Quicken2281. Quickly2282. Quicksands2283. Quiet, Quietness2284. Quit2285. Rabbi2286. Rabble2287. Rabboni2288. Raca2289. Race (contest)2290. Race (kindred)2291. Rage, Raging2292. Rail, Railer, Railing2293. Raiment2294. Rainbow2295. Rain (Noun and Verb)2296. Raise (up)2297. Ran2298. Ranks2299. Ransom2300. Rash, Rashly2301. Rather2302. Raven2303. Ravening2304. Reach2305. Readiness2306. Read, Reading2307. Ready2308. Reap2309. Reap down2310. Reaper2311. Rear up2312. Reasonable2313. Reason (by reason of)2314. Reasoning2315. Reason (Noun)2316. Reason (Verb)2317. Rebuke (Verb and Noun)2318. Receipt2319. Receive, Receiving2320. Reckon, Reckoning2321. Recline2322. Recommend2323. Recompence, Recompense2324. Reconcile, Reconciliation2325. Reconciliation (make)2326. Record2327. Recover2328. Red2329. Redeem, Redemption2330. Redound2331. Reed2332. Refined2333. Reflecting2334. Reformation2335. Refrain2336. Refresh, Refreshing2337. Refuge2338. Refuse (Verb)2339. Regard2340. Regeneration2341. Region2342. Regret2343. Regular2344. Rehearse2345. Reign (Verb and Noun)2346. Reins2347. Reject2348. Rejoice2349. Release2350. Relief2351. Relieve2352. Religion2353. Religious2354. Remain2355. Remember, Remembrance, Reminded2356. Remission, Remit2357. Remnant2358. Remove, Removing2359. Render2360. Rend, Rent (Verb and Noun)2361. Renew, Renewing (Verb and Noun)2362. Renounce2363. Repay2364. Repent, Repentance2365. Repetitions (use vain)2366. Reply2367. Report (Noun and Verb)2368. Reproach (Noun and Verb), Reproachfully2369. Reprobate2370. Reproof, Reprove2371. Reputation, Repute2372. Request (Noun and Verb)2373. Require2374. Requite2375. Rescue2376. Resemble2377. Reserve2378. Residue2379. Resist2380. Resolve2381. Resort2382. Respect (Noun and Verb)2383. Restitution2384. Restless2385. Rest (Noun and Verb)2386. Restoration2387. Restore2388. Restrain2389. Rest (the)2390. Resurrection2391. Retain2392. Return2393. Reveal2394. Revelation2395. Revel, Reveling2396. Revenge and Revenger2397. Reverence (Noun and Verb)2398. Reverent2399. Revile, Reviling, Reviler2400. Revive2401. Rewarder2402. Reward (Noun and Verb)2403. Rich, Riches, Richly, Rich man2404. Rid2405. Ride2406. Righteousness2407. Righteous, Righteously2408. Right (not wrong–Noun and Adjective), Rightly2409. Right (opp. to left), Right hand, Right side2410. Ring2411. Ringleader2412. Riot, Rioting, Riotous, Riotously2413. Ripe (to be fully)2414. Rise, Rising2415. River2416. Roar, Roaring2417. Rob2418. Robber2419. Robbery2420. Robe2421. Rock2422. Rocky2423. Rod2424. Roll (Noun and Verb)2425. Roman2426. Roof2427. Room2428. Root2429. Rope2430. Rose2431. Rough2432. Round, Round about2433. Rouse2434. Row (Verb)2435. Royal2436. Rub2437. Rudder2438. Rude2439. Rudiments2440. Rue2441. Ruin2442. Rule (Noun and Verb)2443. Ruler2444. Rumor2445. Run, Ran2446. Rush, Rushing2447. Rust (Noun and Verb)2448. Sabachthani2449. Sabaoth2450. Sabbath2451. Sackcloth2452. Sacred2453. Sacrifice (Noun and Verb)2454. Sacrilege2455. Sad2456. Sadducees2457. Safe, Safely, Safety2458. Sailing2459. Sail (Noun)2460. Sailors2461. Sail (Verb)2462. Saint(s)2463. Sake (for the)2464. Salt (Noun, Adjective and Verb), Saltness2465. Salutation and Salute2466. Salvation2467. Same2468. Sanctification, Sanctify2469. Sanctuary2470. Sand2471. Sandal2472. Sapphire2473. Sardius, Sardine (AV)2474. Sardonyx2475. Satan2476. Satisfy2477. Satisfying2478. Save (Preposition)2479. Save, Saving2480. Saving (Preposition)2481. Savior2482. Savor (Noun and Verb)2483. Saw asunder2484. Say2485. Saying2486. Scale2487. Scarce, Scarcely2488. Scarlet2489. Scatter2490. Sceptre2491. Schism2492. School2493. Schoolmaster2494. Science2495. Scoff2496. Scoffers2497. Scorch, Scorching2498. Scorn2499. Scorpion2500. Scourge (Noun and Verb)2501. Scourging (-s)2502. Scribe (-s)2503. Scrip2504. Scripture2505. Scroll2506. Sea2507. Seal (Noun and Verb)2508. Seam (without)2509. Search2510. Seared2511. Season (Noun)2512. Season (Verb)2513. Seat (Noun and Verb)2514. Second, Secondarily, Secondly2515. Secret, Secretly2516. Sect2517. Secure (Verb)2518. Security2519. Sedition2520. Seducers2521. Seduce, Seducing2522. Seed2523. Seeing, Seeing that (conjunction)2524. Seek2525. Seem2526. Seemly, RV2527. See, Seeing2528. Seize2529. Self-condemned2530. Self-control (without)2531. Selfsame2532. Self, Selves2533. Self-willed2534. Sell2535. Seller2536. Senate2537. Send2538. Senseless2539. Senses2540. Sensual2541. Sentence2542. Separate2543. Separations2544. Sepulchre2545. Sergeant (-s)2546. Serpent2547. Servant2548. Serve2549. Service, Serving2550. Set2551. Setter forth2552. Settle2553. Seven2554. Seventh2555. Seven times2556. Seventy2557. Seventy times2558. Sever2559. Several2560. Severally2561. Severity2562. Sew2563. Shadowing2564. Shadow (Noun)2565. Shake2566. Shall2567. Shambles2568. Shamefastness (AV, Shamefacedness)2569. Shamefully (entreat)2570. Shame (Noun, and Verb)2571. Shape2572. Sharers2573. Sharp, Sharper, Sharply, Sharpness2574. Shave2575. She2576. Shear, Shearer, Shorn2577. Sheath2578. Shed2579. Sheep2580. Sheepfold2581. Sheep Gate, Sheep Market2582. Sheepskin2583. Sheet2584. Shekel, half Shekel2585. Shepherd2586. Shepherd (chief)2587. Shew before2588. Shewbread2589. Shewing2590. Shew (show)2591. Shield2592. Shine, Shining2593. Shipmaster2594. Shipmen2595. Ship (owner of the)2596. Ship, Shipping2597. Shipwreck2598. Shivers2599. Shod2600. Shoe2601. Shoot forth2602. Shore2603. Short (Adjective and Adverb)2604. Short (come, cut), Shorten2605. Shortly2606. Should2607. Shoulder2608. Shout (Noun and Verb)2609. Shower2610. Show (make a)2611. Show (Noun)2612. Show (Verb)2613. Shrank and Shrink2614. Shrine2615. Shudder2616. Shun2617. Shut, Shut up2618. Sickle2619. Sick, Sickly, Sickness2620. Side2621. Sift2622. Sigh2623. Sight2624. Sight of (in the)2625. Sign2626. Signification2627. Signify2628. Signs (to make)2629. Silence2630. Silent2631. Silk2632. Silly2633. Silver2634. Silversmith2635. Similitude2636. Simple2637. Simplicity2638. Since2639. Sincere, Sincerely, Sincerity2640. Sinful2641. Single2642. Singleness2643. Sing, Singing2644. Sink2645. Sinner2646. Sin (Noun and Verb)2647. Sir(-s)2648. Sister2649. Sit2650. Six2651. Sixth2652. Sixty, Sixtyfold2653. Skin2654. Skull2655. Sky2656. Slack (Verb), Slackness2657. Slain beasts2658. Slandered2659. Slanderously2660. Slaughter2661. Slave2662. Slay, Slain, Slew2663. Sleep2664. Sleight2665. Slip2666. Slothful2667. Slow2668. Slowly (sailed)2669. Sluggish2670. Slumber (Noun)2671. Slumber (Verb)2672. Small2673. Smell2674. Smelling2675. Smite2676. Smoke (Noun and Verb)2677. Smooth2678. Snare2679. Snatch2680. Snow2681. So2682. Soberness, Sobriety2683. Sober, Soberly, Soberminded2684. Soft2685. Softly2686. Sojourn, Sojourner, Sojourning2687. Soldier2688. Solid2689. Solitary2690. Some, Someone, Something, Somewhat2691. Sometimes2692. Somewhere2693. Son2694. Song2695. Soon2696. Soon (as soon as)2697. Sooner2698. Soothsaying2699. Sop2700. Sorcerer2701. Sorcery2702. Sore (Noun, Adjective, Adverb), Sorer2703. Sorrow (Noun and Verb), Sorrowful2704. Sorry2705. Sort2706. Sought2707. Soul2708. Sound (Adjective), be Sound2709. Soundness2710. Sound (Noun and Verb)2711. South, South wind2712. Southwest2713. Sow (Noun)2714. Sow (Verb), Sower2715. Space2716. Spare, Sparingly2717. Sparrow2718. Speak2719. Speaker (chief)2720. Speaking (evil, much)2721. Spear2722. Spearman2723. Special2724. Specially2725. Spectacle2726. Speech2727. Speechless2728. Speed, Speedily2729. Spend, Spent2730. Spew (AV, Spue)2731. Spice(s)2732. Spikenard2733. Spill2734. Spin2735. Spirit2736. Spiritual2737. Spit2738. Spitefully (entreat)2739. Spittle2740. Spoil (Noun and Verb), Spoiling2741. Sponge2742. Sporting2743. Spot (Noun and Verb)2744. Spread2745. Spring (Noun and Verb)2746. Sprinkle, Sprinkling2747. Spue2748. Spy (Noun and Verb)2749. Stablish2750. Staff, Staves2751. Stagger2752. Stair2753. Stall2754. Stanch2755. Stand (Noun and Verb), Standing, Stood2756. Star2757. State2758. Stature2759. Staves2760. Stay2761. Steadfast2762. Steal2763. Stedfast, Stedfastly, Stedfastness2764. Steep2765. Steersman2766. Step (Noun and Verb)2767. Stern2768. Steward, Stewardship2769. Stick2770. Stick fast2771. Stiffnecked2772. Still (Adverb)2773. Still (Verb)2774. Sting2775. Stink2776. Stir, Stir up (Noun and Verb)2777. Stock2778. Stocks2779. Stomach2780. Stone (Noun, Verb, and Adjective)2781. Stony2782. Stoop2783. Stop2784. Storehouse, Storechamber2785. Store (Verb)2786. Storm2787. Story2788. Straight2789. Straight course2790. Straightway2791. Strain out2792. Strait (Adjective)2793. Strait (be in a), Straitened2794. Straitest2795. Straitly2796. Strake2797. Strange2798. Stranger2799. Strangled2800. Strawed2801. Stream2802. Street2803. Strength, Strengthen2804. Stretch2805. Stricken (in years)2806. Strict2807. Strife2808. Strike2809. Striker2810. String2811. Strip2812. Stripe2813. Strive2814. Strivings2815. Strolling2816. Strongholds2817. Strong, Stronger2818. Stubble2819. Stuck2820. Study2821. Stuff2822. Stumble2823. Stumbling, Stumbling Block, Stumbling-Stone2824. Stupor2825. Subdue2826. Subject, Subjection (Verb, Adjective, Noun)2827. Submit2828. Suborn2829. Substance2830. Subtilly2831. Subtilty2832. Subvert, Subverting2833. Succeed2834. Succor2835. Succorer2836. Such2837. Such as2838. Suck (give suck), Suckling2839. Sudden, Suddenly2840. Sue2841. Suffer2842. Suffering2843. Suffice, Sufficient2844. Sufficiency2845. Suit2846. Summer2847. Sum (Noun), Sum up2848. Sumptuous, Sumptuously2849. Sun2850. Sunder (asunder)2851. Sundry2852. Sup2853. Superfluity2854. Superfluous2855. Superscription2856. Superstition2857. Superstitious2858. Supper2859. Supplication2860. Supply (Noun and Verb)2861. Support2862. Suppose2863. Supreme2864. Sure2865. Surely2866. Surety2867. Surety (Noun)2868. Surfeiting2869. Surge2870. Surmise2871. Surname2872. Surpass2873. Suspense2874. Sustenance2875. Swaddling clothes2876. Swallow (Verb)2877. Swear, Sworn2878. Sweat2879. Sweep2880. Sweet2881. Sweet smelling2882. Swelling2883. Swell, Swollen2884. Swerve2885. Swift, Swiftly2886. Swim2887. Swine2888. Sword2889. Sycamine2890. Sycamore2891. Synagogue2892. Synagogue (put out of the)2893. Synagogue (ruler of the)2894. Syrophoenician2895. Tabernacle2896. Table2897. Table (at the)2898. Tablet2899. Tackling2900. Tail2901. Take2902. Talent2903. Tales2904. Talitha2905. Talkers (vain)2906. Talking (vain, foolish)2907. Talk (Noun and Verb)2908. Tame2909. Tanner2910. Tares2911. Tare (Verb)2912. Tarry2913. Taste2914. Tattler2915. Taught (Adjective)2916. Taxed, Taxing2917. Teach2918. Teacher, false Teachers2919. Teaching (Noun)2920. Tears2921. Tear, Torn2922. Tedious (to be)2923. Teeth2924. Tell2925. Temperance, Temperate2926. Temper together2927. Tempest2928. Tempestuous2929. Temple2930. Temple Keeper2931. Temporal2932. Tempt2933. Temptation2934. Tempter2935. Ten2936. Tend2937. Tender2938. Tender-hearted2939. Tenth2940. Tent-makers2941. Tents2942. Terrestrial2943. Terrible2944. Terrify2945. Terror2946. Testament2947. Testator2948. Testify2949. Testimony2950. Tetrarch2951. Than2952. Thank, Thanks (Noun and Verb), Thankful, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving, Thankworthy2953. That (Conjunction, etc.)2954. That (demonstrative Pronoun)2955. Theater2956. Thee2957. Theft2958. Their, Theirs2959. Them, Themselves2960. Then2961. Thenceforth2962. Thence (from)2963. Thereabout2964. Thereat2965. Thereby2966. Therefore2967. Therein, Thereinto, Thereof, Thereon, Thereout, Thereto, Thereunto, Thereupon, Therewith2968. There, Thither2969. These2970. They, They themselves2971. Thick2972. Thief, Thieves2973. Thigh2974. Thine2975. Things(s)2976. Think2977. Third, Thirdly2978. Thirst (Noun and Verb), Thirsty (to be), Athrist2979. Thirty, Thirtyfold2980. This, These2981. Thistle2982. Thither, Thitherward2983. Thong2984. Thorn, Thorns (of)2985. Thoroughly (thoroughly)2986. Those2987. Thou2988. Though2989. Thought (Noun)2990. Thought (to take)2991. Thought (Verb)2992. Thousand (-s)2993. Threaten2994. Threatening2995. Three2996. Three Hundred2997. Threescore2998. Three Thousand2999. Thresh3000. Threshing floor3001. Threw3002. Thrice3003. Throat (Noun), to take by the (Verb)3004. Throne3005. Throng (Verb)3006. Through and Throughout3007. Throughly3008. Throw3009. Thrust3010. Thunder, Thundering3011. Thus3012. Thyine (wood)3013. Thy, Thine, Thine own, Thyself3014. Tidings3015. Tie3016. Tiles, Tiling3017. Till (Conjunction)3018. Till (Verb)3019. Time3020. Tinkling3021. Tip3022. Tithes (Noun)3023. Tithe (Verb)3024. Title3025. To3026. Today, this day3027. Together3028. Toil (Verb and Noun)3029. Token3030. Tolerable3031. Toll3032. Tomb3033. Tomorrow3034. Tongue (-s)3035. Tooth, Teeth3036. Top3037. Topaz3038. Torch3039. Torment (Noun and Verb)3040. Tormentor3041. Torture (Verb)3042. Toss3043. Touching (Preposition)3044. Touch (Verb)3045. Toward3046. Towel3047. Tower3048. Town3049. Town Clerk3050. Trace3051. Trade (Noun and Verb)3052. Tradition3053. Train3054. Traitor3055. Trample3056. Trance3057. Tranquil3058. Transfer3059. Transfigure3060. Transform3061. Transgressor3062. Transgress, Transgression3063. Translate, Translation3064. Transparent3065. Trap3066. Travail (Noun and Verb)3067. Travel3068. Travel (companions in), and Travel with3069. Treading out the corn3070. Tread, Trode, Trodden3071. Treasure (Noun and Verb)3072. Treasurer3073. Treasury3074. Treated3075. Treatise3076. Tree3077. Tremble, Trembling3078. Trench3079. Trespass (Noun and Verb)3080. Trial3081. Tribe (-s)3082. Tribulation3083. Tribute3084. Trim3085. Triumph3086. Trode3087. Trouble (Noun and Verb)3088. Trow3089. Truce breakers3090. True, Truly, Truth3091. Trumpeter3092. Trump, Trumpet3093. Trust (Noun and Verb)3094. Truth3095. Try, Tried3096. Tumult3097. Turn3098. Turning3099. Turtledove3100. Tutor3101. Twain, Two3102. Twelfth3103. Twelve3104. Twenty3105. Twice3106. Twinkling3107. Two3108. Two-edged3109. Twofold more3110. Two Hundred3111. Two Thousand3112. Unapproachable3113. Unawares3114. Unbelief3115. Unbeliever3116. Unbelieving3117. Unblameable, Unblameably3118. Unceasing3119. Uncertain, Uncertainly, Uncertainty3120. Unchangeable3121. Uncircumcised and Uncircumcision3122. Unclean3123. Unclothed3124. Uncomely3125. Uncondemned3126. Uncorruptible3127. Uncover3128. Uncovered3129. Unction3130. Undefiled3131. Undergird3132. Understanding3133. Understand, Understood3134. Under, Underneath3135. Undone (leave)3136. Undressed3137. Unequally3138. Unfaithful3139. Unfeigned3140. Unfruitful3141. Ungodliness, Ungodly3142. Unholy3143. United3144. Unity3145. Unjust3146. Unknown3147. Unlade3148. Unlawful3149. Unlearned3150. Unleavened3151. Unless3152. Unlifted3153. Unloose3154. Unmarried3155. Unmerciful3156. Unmixed3157. Unmovable3158. Unprepared3159. Unprofitable, Unprofitableness3160. Unquenchable3161. Unreasonable3162. Unrebukeable3163. Unrighteous3164. Unrighteousness3165. Unripe, Untimely3166. Unruly3167. Unsearchable3168. Unseemliness, Unseemly3169. Unsettle3170. Unskillful3171. Unspeakable3172. Unspotted3173. Unstable, Unsteadfast3174. Untaken Away3175. Unthankful3176. Until and Unto3177. Untimely3178. Untoward3179. Unveiled3180. Unwashed3181. Unwilling3182. Unwise3183. Unworthily, Unworthy3184. Up3185. Upbraid3186. Uphold3187. Upon3188. Upper3189. Uppermost3190. Upright3191. Uprightness3192. Uproar (Noun)3193. Uproar (Verbs)3194. Upside down3195. Urge3196. Us3197. Use (Noun), Useful3198. Use (Verb)3199. Using3200. Usurp3201. Usury3202. Utmost part3203. Utter3204. Utterance3205. Utterly3206. Uttermost3207. Vagabond3208. Vail3209. Vainglory, Vainglorious3210. Vain, in Vain, Vainly3211. Valiant3212. Valley3213. Value3214. Vanish, Vanishing3215. Vanity3216. Vapor3217. Variableness, Variation3218. Variance3219. Vauntings3220. Vaunt (oneself)3221. Vehement3222. Vehemently3223. Veil3224. Vengeance3225. Venomous3226. Verily3227. Verity3228. Very3229. Vessel3230. Vesture3231. Vex3232. Vial3233. Victory, Victorious3234. Victuals3235. Vigilant3236. Vile3237. Village3238. Villany3239. Vinedresser3240. Vinegar3241. Vine, Vintage3242. Vineyard3243. Violence, Violent, Violently3244. Viper3245. Virgin3246. Virginity3247. Virtue3248. Visible3249. Vision3250. Visit3251. Visitation3252. Vocation3253. Voice3254. Void3255. Volume3256. Voluntary3257. Vomit3258. Vote3259. Vouchsafe3260. Vow3261. Voyage3262. Wag3263. Wages3264. Wail, Wailing3265. Wait3266. Wake3267. Walk3268. Wall3269. Wallet3270. Wallow (Verb and Noun)3271. Wander3272. Want (Noun and Verb)3273. Wantonness, Wanton, Wantonly3274. Ward3275. Ware of3276. Warfare3277. Warm (Verb)3278. Warn3279. War (Verb and Noun)3280. Wash3281. Washing3282. Waste (Noun and Verb)3283. Was, Wast, Were, Wert3284. Watch (Noun and Verb), Watchers, Watchful, Watchings3285. Water (Noun and Verb) Watering, Waterless3286. Waterpot3287. Wave3288. Waver, Wavering3289. Wax3290. Way3291. We3292. Weak, Weakened, Weaker, Weakness3293. Wealth3294. Weapons3295. Weariness3296. Wear, Wearing3297. Weary3298. Weather3299. Wedding3300. Week3301. Weep, Weeping3302. Weigh, Weight, Weighty, Weightier3303. Welcome3304. Well (Adverb)3305. Well-beloved3306. Well (do), Well-doing3307. Well-nigh3308. Well (Noun)3309. Well pleased3310. Well-pleasing3311. Went3312. West3313. Wet3314. Whale3315. What3316. Whatsoever3317. Wheat3318. Wheel3319. When3320. Wherefore3321. Wheteher3322. Which3323. While, Whiles, Whilst3324. Whisperer, Whispering3325. Whit3326. White (Adjective and Verb)3327. Whither, Whithersoever3328. Whole (made), Wholly, Wholesome3329. Whore, Whoremonger3330. Whoso, Whosoever3331. Who, Whom, Whose3332. Why3333. Wicked3334. Wickedness3335. Wide3336. Widow3337. Wife’s mother3338. Wife, Wives3339. Wild3340. Wilderness3341. Wiles3342. Wilfully, Willfully3343. Willing (Adjective and Verb)3344. Willingly3345. Willing mind3346. Will, Would3347. Win3348. Wind (Noun)3349. Window3350. Wind (Verb)3351. Wine3352. Winebibber3353. Winebibbings3354. Wine (given To)3355. Winepress, Wine-vat3356. Wineskins3357. Wing3358. Wink at3359. Winter (Noun and Verb)3360. Wipe3361. Wisdom3362. Wise (in No)3363. Wise (on This)3364. Wise, Wiser, Wisely3365. Wish3366. Wist3367. Witchcraft3368. With3369. Withal3370. Withdraw3371. Wither (away)3372. Withhold3373. Within3374. Without3375. Withstand3376. Witness (Noun and Verb)3377. Wit (to)3378. Woe3379. Wolf3380. Woman3381. Womb3382. Wonderful (thing, Work)3383. Wonder (Noun and Verb)3384. Wont3385. Wood3386. Wool3387. Word3388. Worker, Workfellow, fellow Workers, Workman3389. Working3390. Workmanship3391. Work (Noun and Verb), Wrought3392. World3393. Worldly3394. World rulers3395. Worm3396. Wormwood3397. Worse3398. Worshiper3399. Worship (Verb and Noun), Worshiping3400. Worthy deeds3401. Worthy, Worthily3402. Wot3403. Would3404. Wound (Noun and Verb)3405. Wound (wrapped)3406. Woven3407. Wranglings3408. Wrap3409. Wrath3410. Wrest3411. Wrestle, Wrestling3412. Wretched3413. Wrinkle3414. Write, Wrote, Written3415. Writing3416. Writing tablet (AV, Writing table)3417. Wrongfully3418. Wrong (Noun and Verb), Wrongdoer, Wrongdoing3419. Wroth (be)3420. Wrought3421. Year3422. Yea, Yes3423. Yes3424. Yesterday3425. Yet3426. Ye, You, Yourselves, Your own selves3427. Yield3428. Yokefellow3429. Yoke, Yoked3430. Yonder3431. You3432. Younger3433. Young, Young (children, daughter, man, men, woman, women)3434. Your, Yours3435. Youth3436. Youthful3437. Zeal3438. Zealous3439. (ἀντί, 4733440. (ὑπέρ, 5228)3441. (ἀπό, 575) 3442. (ἐκ, 1537)3443. (δέ, 1161)3444. (ἐν, 1722)3445. (καί, 2532)

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