Encyclopedia of Foreign Laws


Encyclopedia of Foreign Laws is a set of collections of foreign statutes and at the same time, it studies the background of a particular enactment and consequence of such enactment within the domestic field or neighborhood. 

  • Advocatetanmoy Law Index - A prima facie case Access to justice Actionable nuisance Administrative Law Adverse possession Agriculture Market Alternative Dispute Resolution Amendment of Pleading Appeal First Application of Mind Arbitration Article 227 of the Indian Constitution Biotechnology Breakdown of a marriage Blocking of…
  • Common Law Library - We now come to a period of steady growth in the common law covering just over a century and a quarter (1272-1399). The reign of Edward I is marked by one of the greatest outbursts of reforming legislation in English history until the nineteenth century. The first Statute of Westminster (1275) made numerous changes in procedure, many of them designed to protect the subject against the King’s officers, for the evidence collected by the commission of inquiry set up in the previous year had revealed a good deal of oppression.
  • Equity Law Library - The establishment of the court of chancery in England made it necessary to give a name to the more ordinary branch of law that is the province of the common or ordinary courts: it is termed, the Common Law and in opposition to it, the extraordinary branch devolved on the court of chancery is termed Equity; the name being derived from the nature of the jurisdiction, directed less by precise rules, than secundum aequum et bonum(naturally just and good), or according to what the judge in conscience thinks right. Thus equity, in its proper sense, comprehends every matter of law that by the common law is left without remedy; and supposing the boundaries of the common law to be ascertained, there can no longer remain any difficulty about the powers of a court of equity.
  • Law of Australia -
  • Law of Austria -
  • Law of Bangladesh -
  • Law of Cuba -
  • Law of Egypt -
  • Law of England - Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England-1765 Halsbury’s Laws of England-Being A Complete Statement of the Whole Law of England-1907 House of Lords (Decisions) Judicial Committee of Privy Council (Decisions) Supreme Court of UK (Decisions)  Acts of the English Parliament (1267…
  • Law of France -
  • Law of Germany -
  • Law of Italy - Italian Laws
  • Law of Mayanmar -
  • Law of Nepal -
  • Law of New Zealand -
  • Law of North Korea -
  • Law of Pakistan -
  • Law of Palestine -
  • Law of Spain -
  • Law of Sri Lanka -
  • Law of Thailand -
  • Law of the People’s Republic of China -
  • Law of UAE -
  • Law of Ukraine -
  • Sitemap-Law Library - Alcoholic Beverage Control Abandoned Property Arts and Cultural Affairs Alternative County Government Agriculture & Markets Banking Business Corporation Benevolent Orders Canal Cannabis Cooperative Corporations County Economic Development Law Correction Criminal Procedure Civil Practice Law & Rules Civil Rights Civil Service Debtor & Creditor Domestic Relations Education Eminent Domain Procedure Elder Election Employers' Liability Energy Environmental Conservation Estates, Powers & Trusts Executive Financial Services Law General Associations General Business General Construction General City General Municipal General Obligations Highway Insurance Judiciary Labor Legislative Local Finance Lien Limited Liability Company Law Multiple Dwelling Municipal Housing Authorities Municipal Home Rule Mental Hygiene Military Multiple Residence Navigation Not-for-Profit Corporation Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Public Authorities Public Buildings Public Housing Public Health Public Lands Public Officers Public Service Penal Personal Property Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law New York State Printing and Public Documents Partnership Private Housing Finance Rapid Transit Religious Corporations Rural Electric Cooperative Real Property Actions & Proceedings Real Property Real Property Tax Railroad Retirement & Social Security State Administrative Procedure Act Second Class Cities Statute of Local Governments Social Services State Finance State State Technology Soil & Water Conservation Districts TAX Tax Transportation Corporations Transportation Town Uniform Commercial Code Vehicle & Traffic Volunteer Ambulance Workers' Benefit Village Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Workers' Compensation
  • The Study of Jurisprudence - It is not only the common interest of mankind that crimes should not be committed, but that crimes of every kind should be less frequent, in proportion to the evil they produce to society. Therefore, the means made use of by the legislature to prevent crimes, should be more powerful, in proportion as they are destructive of the public safety and happiness, and as the inducements to commit them are stronger. Therefore there ought to be a fixed proportion between crimes and punishments.


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