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Chapter-I Recruitment, Training, Confirmation And Re-Employment
Chapter-II Rules Governing Promotion Of Subordinate Staff
Chapter-III Rules Regulating Seniority Of Non-gazetted And Gazetted Railway Servants
Chapter-IV Scales Of Pay Applicable To Principal Categories Of Non-gazetted Staff
Chapter-V Percentage Of Posts Fixed For Various Categories
Chapter-VI Pay, Increments And Efficiency Bars
Chapter-VII Compensatory And Other Allowances
Chapter-VIII Dearness Allowance
Chapter-IX Running Allowance Rules
Chapter-X Arrears Claims And Recoveries Of Over Payments
Chapter-XI Advances
Chapter-XII Change In Name
Chapter-XIII Absorption Of Medically Incapacitated Staff In Alternative Employment
Chapter-XIV Forwarding Of Application From Serving Railway Servants For Posts Outside Railways
Chapter-XV Terms And Conditions Applicable To Railway Servants & Substitutes In Temporary Services
Chapter-XVI Holidays & Special Casual Leave


Chapter-XVII Railway quarters and recovery of rent(Rule No.1701 to 1725)
Chapter-XVIII Attachment of pay and allowances for debt(Rule No.1801 to 1809)
Chapter-XIX Apprentices(Rule No.1901 to 1915)
Chapter-XX Casual labour(Rule No.2001 to 2007)
Chapter-XXI Use of staff car(Rule No.2101 to 2113)
Chapter-XXII Staff Welfare(Rule No.2201 to 2241)
Chapter-XXIII Co-operative Societies
Chapter-XXIV Grants-in-aid
Chapter-XXV Rules For Recognition Of Service Associations Of Railway Servants
Chapter-XXVI Staff Councils And Negotiating Machinery



Chapter-I General (Rule No.101 to 124)
Chapter-II General Conditions Of Service (Rule No.201 to 244)
Chapter-III Termination Of Service (Rule No.301 to 304)
Chapter-IV Extension / Re-employment (Rule No.401 to 404)
Chapter-V Leave Rules (Rules No.501 to 557)
Chapter-VI Medical Attendance Rules (Rule No.601 to 643)
Chapter-VII Law Suits Against Railway Servants (Rule No.701 to 705)
Chapter-VIII Staff Benefit Fund (Rule No.801 to 812)
Chapter-IX Provident Fund Rules (Rule No.901 to 946)
Chapter-X State Railway Gratuity Rules (Rule No.1001 to 1012)
Chapter-XI Joining Time Rules (Rule No.1101 to 1115)
Chapter-XII Compensation For Injuries And Losses etc (Rule No.1201 to 1207)


Chapter-XIII Railway Fundamental Rules – Pay And Increments
Chapter-XIV Dearness And Other Compensatory Allowance
Chapter-XV Overtime And Running Allowances For Group ‘C’ And Group ‘D’ Railway Servants
Chapter-XVI Travelling Allowances
Chapter-XVII House Rent And Compensatory Allowances
Chapter-XVIII Retirement
Chapter-XIX Confidential Report
Chapter-XX Foreign Service And Deputation


The Railway Claims Tribunal Act, 1987
Chapter-I Preliminary (Section 1 to 2)
Chapter-II Establishment Of Railway Claims Tribunal And Benches Thereof (Section 3 to 12)
Chapter-III Jurisdiction, Powers And Authority Of Claims Tribunal (Section 13 to 15)
Chapter-IV Procedure (Section 16 to 22)
Chapter-V Appeal (Section 23)
Chapter-VI Miscellaneous (Section 24 to 30)

The Railways Act, 1989

The Railway Protection Force Act, 1957
Section-1 Short Title, Extent And Commencement
Section-2 Definitions
Section-3 Constitution Of Force
Section-4 Appointment And Powers Of Superior Officers
Section-5 Classes And Ranks Among Members Of The Force
Section-6 Appointment Of Members Of The Force
Section-7 Certificates To Members Of The Force
Section-8 Superintendence And Administration Of The Force
Section-9 Dismissal, removal etc Of Members Of The Force
Section-10 Officers And Members Of The Force Deemed To Be Railway Servants
Section-11 Duties Of Members Of The Force
Section-12 Powers To Arrest Without Warrant
Section-13 Power To Search Without Warrant
Section-14 Procedure To Be Followed After Arrest
Section-15 Officers And Members Of The Force Are To Be Considered Always On Duty And Liable To Be Employed In Any Part Of The Railways
Section-15A Restrictions Respecting Right To Form Associations, etc
Section-16 Responsibilities Of Members Of The Force During Suspension
Section-16A Surrender Of Certificates, Arms, etc By Persons Ceasing To Be Members Of The Force
Section-17 Penalties For Neglect Of Duty etc
Section-18 Application Of Act 22 Of 1922 To Members Of The Force
Section-19 Certain Acts Not To Apply To Members Of The Force
Section-20 Protection Of Acts Of Members Of The Force
Section-21 Powers To Make Rules


The Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993
I Preliminary (Pension Rules No.1 to 5)
II General Conditions (Pension Rules No.6 to 19)
III Qualifying Service (Pension Rules No.20 to 48)
IV Emoluments And Average Emoluments (Pension Rule No.49 to 50)
V Classes Of Pensions And Conditions Governing Their Grant (Rule No.51 to 65)
VI Regulation Of Amounts Of Pension (Pension Rule No.66 to 75)
VII Determination And Authorization Of Amounts Of Pension And Gratuity (Pension Rule No.76 to 88)
VIII Authority Competent To Sanction Amounts Of Pension And Gratuity (Pension Rule No.89 to 91)
IX Family Pension And Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity In Respect Of Railway Servant Dying While In Service (Rule No.92 to 99)
X Sanction Of Family Pension And Residuary Gratuity In Respect Of Deceased Pensioners (Pension Rule No.100 to 101)
XI Payment Of Pension (Rule No.102 to 105)
XII Miscellaneous (Pension Rule No.106 to 108)

The Railway Services (Conduct) Rules, 1966
Conduct Rule No.1 Short Title
Conduct Rule No.2 Definitions
Conduct Rule No.3 General
Conduct Rule No.3A Promptness And Courtesy
Conduct Rule No.3B Observance Of Government’s Policy
Conduct Rule No.3C Prohibition Of Sexual Harassment Of Working Women
Conduct Rule No.4 Employment Of Near Relatives Of Railway Servants In Company Or Firm Enjoying Government Patronage
Conduct Rule No.5 Taking Part In Politics And Elections
Conduct Rule No.6 Joining Of Associations Or Unions By Railway Servants
Conduct Rule No.7 Demonstration
Conduct Rule No.8 Connection With Press Or Media
Conduct Rule No.9 Criticism Of Government
Conduct Rule No.10 Evidence Before Committee Or Any Other Authority
Conduct Rule No.11 Communication Of Official Information
Conduct Rule No.12 Subscription
Conduct Rule No.13 Gifts
Conduct Rule No.13A Dowry
Conduct Rule No.14 Public Demonstration In Honour Of Railway Servants
Conduct Rule No.15 Private Trade Or Employment
Conduct Rule No.15A Sub-letting And Vacation Of Government Accommodation
Conduct Rule No.16 Investment, Lending And Borrowing
Conduct Rule No.17 Insolvency And Habitual Indebtedness
Conduct Rule No.18 Movable, Immovable And Valuable Property
Conduct Rule No.18A Restriction In Relation To Acquisition And Disposal Of Immovable Property Outside India And Transaction With Foreigner, etc
Conduct Rule No.19 Vindication Of Acts And Character Of Railway Servant
Conduct Rule No.20 Canvassing Of Non-Official Or Other Influence
Conduct Rule No.21 Restriction Regarding Marriage
Conduct Rule No.22 Consumption Of Intoxicating Drinks And Drugs
Conduct Rule No.22A Prohibition Regarding Employment Of Children Below 14 Years Of Age
Conduct Rule No.23 Interpretation
Conduct Rule No.24 Delegation Of Powers
Conduct Rule No.25 Repeal And Savings
Conduct Rule No.26 Obligation To Abide By All Administrative Instructions

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Railways Act 1993 [UK]

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