We [Meaning of]

Akhanda Bharat

We[ Plural] pronoun of the first person – I as singular

Old High German wir we

Sanskrit vayam – aham -abam-vayam

भगवद्गीता १.३६

पापमेवाश्रयेदस्मान् हत्वैतानाततायिनः ।
तस्मान्नार्हा वयं हन्तुं धार्तराष्ट्रान् स्वबान्धवान् ।
स्वजनं हि कथं हत्वा सुखिनः स्याम माधव ॥३६॥

We –

  1. a sense of collection where the speaker  is also included
  2. group emotions
  3. collective identity having the capacity to change


  1. On this short ground, we are of the view that the order of the Tribunal granting relief to the assessee is legal and valid and does not call for our interference. On this conclusion, we decline to examine the correctness of other reasons on which the Tribunal had found in favour of the assessee which means that we should not be understood to express our concurrence with any of them.
  2. In the context with which we are concerned, we can legitimately draw upon the “noscitur a sociis” principle. This expression simply means that “the meaning of a word is to be judged by the company it keeps.
  3. we are inclined to the view that the word “execution” in Section 15(1) embraces all the appropriate means by which a decree is enforced.
  4. “we, Union Bank of India do hereby undertake to pay the amount due and payable under this guarantee” and stated that “we” means the issuing branch is defendant which is the Saharanpur Branch.
  5. On that day in the afternoon I and Mallikarjunan were called by General Manager Venkatakrishnan. Mr. Venkatakrishnan told us that we had to go to the chamber of Managing Director Margabanthu and report to him about all the treasury transactions. Then we, means, I , Mallikarjunan [PW 17] and Venkatakrishnan [A 2] went to Mr Margabanthu’s office [A 1] and Venkatkrishnan informed him the day’s transactions.

We the people of India – it means the following 

॥ अथ संज्ञान सूक्तम् ॥

सं गच्छध्वं सं वदध्वं सं वो मनांसि जानताम् ।
देवा भागं यथा पूर्वे संजानाना उपासते ॥

समानो मन्त्रः समितिः समानी
समानं मनः सह चित्तमेषाम् ।
समानं मन्त्रमभिमन्त्रये वः
समानेन वो हविषा जुहोमि ॥

समानी व आकूतिः समाना हृदयानि वः ।
समानमस्तु वो मनो यथा वः सुसहासति ॥

ऋग्वेद मंडल १०: १९१:२-३-४


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